Sizzling Nibbles: Rewarded by the Boss

If you haven’t yet read Punished by the Boss, do that first, especially if you enjoy spanking. If you have, please enjoy part two which surprised me just as much while I was writing it as I’m sure you’ll get when reading it.

Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty

“Jake, stop by and see Morgan before you leave.”

I froze, but I kept my game-face on. “She say why?”

“Nope, just told me to send you to her before you clock out.”

“Okay. I’ll head over now. Thanks, Larry.”

I felt the eyes of the guys on my back as I headed for the boss’s office. I hadn’t told anyone about the punishment I’d received a few months back. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about it. In the dreams that I recalled, I got to fuck her on the desk, but only after being spanked. I whacked off all the time, thinking about her mouth wrapped around my length and spraying her chest with jizz.

I listened to the time clock as it beeped over and over again while the others clocked out. No longer in their view, I stood and waited until the beeps stopped. I counted to fifty and then moved forward. Morgan’s door was propped open.

After knocking on the door and stepping over the threshold, I waited for acknowledgement.

I’d learned early on that you had to wait until she was finished with her task. If you interrupted her, she’d make you do extra work like cleaning her office, filing after hours, and she’d be standing there staring at you with strict eyes the entire time.

“Close the door, Jacob,” Morgan turned in her chair as she spoke. I walked further in and turned away as I closed the door. I could hear Morgan moving on the other side of the small office. Taking a deep breath, I prepared to turn around.

“I think you’ve been doing an excellent job over the past two months. I have sent an email asking for you to be considered for a small raise.”

My head shot up and I looked over at her just as I closed the door. What I found caused my cock to harden so fast it hurt. Morgan had pushed her chair between the two desks, her skirt was pushed up over her hips, her ass just over the edge of the chair.

“I think you’ve earned a little reward. Eat me.” Morgan stared at me, her eyes sharp and full of determination.

Standing there, hesitation caused me to freeze. I’ve never been ordered by a woman like this before. I reached down and adjusted myself, trying to find a comfortable position for my cock.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself, Jacob. Perhaps you need another punishment session instead?” The raised eyebrow on Morgan’s forehead felt like a slap in the face.

“No, ma’am.” I could smell the juices that shone on her pussy lips. I took a few steps forward, then lowered myself to my knees.

Bending down, Morgan pushed me back by the shoulder.

“Remove your fucking hat, Jacob.” Instead of waiting for me, she grabbed the hat and tossed it aside. I hadn’t gotten my hair cut recently, so I’d been wearing the hat to hide what a mess it was.

“My apologies, ma’am.” I bent over her again, breathing deeply. She smelled sweet and salty… and good. Settling in, I ran my tongue along her outer lips, tracing them with a tickling touch. Morgan didn’t respond, so I continued teasing her with light licks, moving closer to the center of her with every pass.

Delving deeper as I reached the center of her, I licked every drop of sweet honey. Wrapping my hands around her thighs, I pulled her tighter to me, thrusting as deep as I could. I wanted her to respond and the silence was killing me. Due the angle she was at, I couldn’t really look up.

It was unexpected when she grabbed me by the hair with both hands and thrust her hips up against my face. I held tighter, trying to keep her still, but she was strong for such a petite woman.

Locking my lips around her clit, I sucked it hard, eliciting a low moan from Morgan. Adrenaline surged through me and my cock stood painfully against my jeans once again. Another moan, louder this time, as I flicked my tongue against the swollen nub, echoed off the walls of the small office.

“Ooh, fuck, harder,” Morgan plead. She was shaking hard in my hands, almost vibrating. I swirled my tongue around dove back into her center. I wanted to lick her until she soaked my face.

Nails sunk in just above my left shoulder. I grunted with pain and Morgan twitched hard in my grasp. She had enjoyed the sound, so I started humming as I wrapped my lips around her clit again. Being brave, I let one thigh go to sink my fingers deep into her clenching cunt.

Morgan sang out loud and clear as she sucked my fingers as deep as she could into her honey-filled hole. With a sucking sound, I pulled my fingers out as she panted. Her hair was a mess, eyes glazed over with satisfaction.

I smiled and licked my fingers clean one at a time.

“You performed very well, Jacob.” Morgan gasped as she continued to catch her breath.

“Thank you, ma’am.” I finished cleaning off my fingers and stood. The bulge at the front of my jeans stood out, pointing at her face.

Before I could turn to leave, my pants were around my ankles and slurping noises rose as she engulfed my length. “Oh, fuck.” I almost came when she started sucking hard and fast.

Morgan looked up at me, glasses slightly askew on her face. Bright red lipstick stained the base of my cock, and probably the length of it, but I didn’t give a fuck. The way she wiggled her tongue against my length made me want to grab her hair and face fuck her.

With a squishy sound, she withdrew my dick from her mouth. “Jacob. I want you to grab me by the hair. I want you to face fuck me like I’m a naughty slut.”

My jaw almost hit the floor, but any thought went out of my head when she resumed sucking my cock. I’d met no one so fucking demanding, but I had no problem doing what she wanted.

Sinking my hands into her hair, I held her by the scalp, pressing her face hard against me. I heard her gag a little and waited a few more moments before letting her come up for air. She set her jaw and I thrust into her mouth.

She had one hand on my thigh and when I purposefully searched for the other one; I found it between her legs.

“You are a naughty fucking slut and I love it.”

I wanted her to climax while I face-fucked her. Resuming my rhythm, I reached down into her blouse to pinch a nipple. I started out light and short, increasing my speed and how long I pinched as I sunk myself into her throat.

Morgan started moaning around me and sweat broke out in different areas. I groaned, knowing if she kept it up, I would shoot any second. I pinched her nipple hard with a little twist this time and the muffled scream that accompanied it tipped me over the edge into oblivion.

When I pulled out, Morgan sucked the head of my cock back in and swirled her tongue around while I filled her pretty little mouth. Foamy white drops slipped through the corners of her mouth and caused me to empty myself completely.

I’d experienced nothing this pornographic in my life. I wondered if Morgan did this with other coworkers. I realized I knew nothing about her. Was she with someone? Married maybe? I’d never noticed a ring. I freaked out thinking she might have some big hulking husband at home who would beat my ass into a bloody pulp.

Fear chilled my reserve, and I backed away a little to pull up my pants. “I should get going.” I fixed my belt, wondering how she’d had my pants off so damn quick.

“Yeah, okay…” Morgan had lifted one foot to balance on the edge of the chair she was sitting in, one hand tracing her lower lips. They were bare and soft. Glistening with her juices. My cock wanted to pound itself into that pussy and it hurt getting hard again so soon.

“You, um, married or anything?” I looked at the stupid work-related posters on the walls of the little office.

Morgan’s sharp laugh brought me back to look at her face.

“Why? You want to bang my husband if I am?” She had unbuttoned her blouse and shoved the bra up. Slim, long fingers with manicured nails flicked her nipples until they were rosy red.

“N-no, I…” her laughter interrupted me. She looked behind me, over my shoulder.

“Hey honey. I see you caught me being a naughty slut.”

I turned slowly, my fear coming to life behind me. He was built like a freight train. Broad shoulders and thick muscled arms. One of his thighs was the thickness of both mine and he had to be a foot taller.

“Why yes, I did.” The smile that lit up his face, the glint of mischievousness in his eyes scared me more than how much bigger he was than me.

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