Sizzling Nibbles: Desperately Seeking a Glory Hole

Sizzling Nibbles

After a negative experience feeling like I’m just a walking glory hole, and not allowing someone to use me in that way, this positive story tickled my brain. I hope you enjoy Desperately Seeking a Glory Hole.

Man seeking glory hole experience with woman in private home. Contact details below.

-ChadsList ltd.

“Oooh mah gah, look at this, Beck,” barely containing my eye roll, I hand over the phone so she can see.

“What is up with guys these days? They either want marriage and kids or shit like this.” Beck thrusts the phone back at me and I almost fumble the expensive piece of equipment.

Instantly, regret fills me. She was having issues with her partner and the neighborhood gossip mentioned cheating. Unsubstantiated, but still there in the wind waiting to find truth.

“I dunno, it’s insane.” We stop at the corner and look both ways, pausing for those extra moments of freedom before returning home.

“Same time tomorrow?” Beck looks at me, a tired look on her face. I love the routine we’ve created and I wish I could do more to help whatever situation she’s dealing with. It’s not my business until she tells me and eventually, she will.

“You know it.” She heads left and I head right to our respective homes. To our families. The one hour of freedom we receive during the evening over and done.

I take one more deep breath, then throw open the door.

I’m greeted by utter chaos. The husband chases the children, hoping to wear them out, but really he’s just working them up. Lucky for me, it’s his night to bathe them and read to them while I take care of some last minute things around the house.

“Hey babe, did you have a good walk?” Ethan kisses me in a way that makes me shiver to my toes, then grabs both kids before they can run passed us again. “Bath time!”

“It was good, I think the fresh air helps me sleep better at night.” I lock the door as I answer him, then work my way around the room checking window locks and closing blinds.

Checking my phone, I find the glory hole ad still open, and my brain starts ticking.

An hour later, I wait in bed while Ethan reads the kids their bedtime stories. I can’t stop thinking about the ad online earlier. Why this guy was seeking someone to just lay there and take him like a… fleshlight?

Why not just buy a fleshlight or one of those fancy stroking toys? I wondered what it would be like to just.. lay there and take it without any real input. Would I even enjoy it? I was always rambunctious with Ethan. Even after two kids and several years of marriage and some missteps, our sex life never wavered.

Curiosity killed me and I couldn’t resist picking up my phone, this time for research.

To shut my mind up, I did some searching about the appeal of human glory holes. I really wasn’t expecting the things I found. And now my mind is whirling like a dervish and I can’t help myself. I hear the kids begging for one more story and I know my dear husband will give in easily. Which gives me about fifteen minutes to set something up.

Grabbing the magazine I was reading with the centerfold photoshoot of the celebrity my husband has the hots for, like three spots of his celebrity five are taken by her, an idea takes shape. Once the pillow and blanket fort are built, I strip off all myclothes and figure out next steps.

I situate the magazine so all he sees are photos of his favorite celebrity. Sexy as fuck in some kind of outfit that would get shredded if she gave Ethan half a chance.

Looking at my progress leaves me feeling like something is missing. Finding my journal and favorite pen, I create a sign.

Ethan’s Celebrity
Glory Hole

Placing the sign proves difficult because it keeps falling. I find a safety pin and stick it to the blanket. The kids are finally settling down and I know Ethan will be in here any second.

Carefully, I slide in so my top half is completely obscured. Taking a deep breath, hoping this is a turn on, I spread my legs, pulling my knees back to expose myself.

The air kicks in and the feeling of the icy air hitting my hot, damp flesh sends goosebumps up and over me. I can’t contain the shiver and for a few precious seconds I think my precarious glory fort is going to come crashing down.

The bedroom door opens, then softly closes.

Ethan is humming to himself some jaunty tune that’s probably been stuck in his head all day. The humming turns into lyrics quietly sung. From the few words I catch, it sounds like he’s singing some sexy pop song. Of course, it’s his favorite celebrity, the one whose image he’ll be fucking tonight. If all goes well.

I know the moment he sees me. It’s after he strips off his clothes and tosses them in the hamper. After he turns around to make some kind of smutty remark to me like he does every night when he’s naked, only to see the glory hole experience I’ve created. I hope him going speechless is a good thing.


Blood rushed so fast from my brain to my cock I thought I might pass out and seeing stars didn’t help. Shaking my head to remove the obvious hallucination from my sight yielded a surprise. It wasn’t a hallucination. My wife, the love of my life, was creating yet another sexy fantasy for us to play out.

Annie was obscured by some pillow and blanket fort she’d built while I was reading to the kids. I loved it when she surprised me with something like this. It meant the night was going to be a late one but definitely worth it. A sexy photo montage of my favorite celebrity wearing next to nothing sat there almost posing the same way she was – knees back, spread open, the only difference was Annie being naked. And on her back. And wet. I could smell her arousal filling the room. I wondered how long she’d been waiting like this, but I didn’t want to ruin the fantasy she’d so lovingly created.

“Hot damn, I am the luckiest guy in the world to get such a hot babe to come home with me tonight. I hope my wife doesn’t catch us, she’d want to join in and I want you all to myself.” It baffled me trying to think of where Annie got this idea, but I wasn’t going to complain.

I was going to use her like the glory hole she was pretending to be.

And now you, dear reader, get to finish the story in your naughty mind. I hope you enjoy this twist ending. There won’t be a second part. And yes, I turned comments off. It fills my inner sadist with pure joy knowing you’re going to possibly suffer figuring out how this one turns out.

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