Sizzling Nibbles: Given to the Boss’s Husband

This is part three of Sizzling Nibbles: Punished by the Boss. Due to some behind the scenes support, I’ve continued writing this story. I certainly hope that you enjoy how it’s unfolding.

Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty

“Hey baby, what are you doing here?” Morgan pretended to be all shy and innocent, even though her fingers disappeared into her, then slid back out, only to start all over again.

I stood frozen in between them, eyes fixated on a stupid, probably outdated, poster about something that didn’t register. Inside, I was freaking out. Trapped. I couldn’t get past him, not with how small the office was. It felt claustrophobic in here now that he took up most of the space.

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“I got done a little earlier than I expected, so I came to pick you up. When you didn’t answer my texts, I thought I’d come in and see what you were doing.”

Morgan’s eyes pierced me with something I’d never seen before. It was as though she’d purposefully gotten us caught. The big man behind me had taken a step forward, the heat from his body enveloped me. I took a shaky breath and ran my fingers through my hair.

“I should get going,” I cleared my throat and went to move, but her husband stepped closer. His chest pressed against my shoulders.

“Aw, c’mon. Stay.”

I felt the heat of his breath on the back of my neck and wasn’t sure what to do. Morgan’s husband shifted from side to side, something hard pressing against my ass as he moved. I felt a huge hand slip around me and his hand pressed against my chest. His other arm followed suit from the other direction, but his hand landed on my stomach. Lips touched the back of my neck and my breathing escalated. I felt like my heart might rip itself out of my chest. And my cock wanted to be wrapped in his fist.

Never in my life had I been attracted to men. I watched porn with two guys and a girl occasionally, but nothing homosexual. Nothing where the guys were touching or sucking. So why the fuck did I want to feel this guy’s huge cock slipping passed my lips?

“Oh, I think he likes me touching him, love. What should I do now?”

Giggles erupted from Morgan as she played with herself, sloppy sloshing sounds as she spread herself wide and finger-fucked herself harder, deeper than before. “You should see the face on him, Xavier. Like a deer caught, knowing its cornered, but still looking for an exit.”

Xavier took a deep breath, I could hear it as he smelled the back of my neck. The hand he’d placed on my stomach slid lower. As my heart pounded faster in my chest, blood flowed south.

Morgan bit her lower lip while she watched. My pants grew tighter as my cock stood out against the barrier of my jeans. “Lower, baby. Move your hand lower.” Her voice was breathy as she issued commands.

I wasn’t prepared for his huge hand to engulf my cock. I wasn’t able to stop myself from groaning in delight. He moved his hand down and back up, making sure to touch every inch. I panted, leaned against his rock-hard chest for support as he moved back down and cupped my balls.

“Oh, I think he likes me touching him, love. What should I do now?” Xavier’s voice had deepened, a slight growl enticing me to give in and enjoy what was happening. I pushed my hips out, thrusting into his hand.

“Shove your hand down his pants.” Morgan spoke with absolute authority. At this point, if she told me to bend over and take her husband’s giant cock up my ass, I would.

Using the hand that held me steady against him, Xavier unbuttoned my pants. Instead of shifting his hand back, he slid it up under my shirt.

“Oh, fuck…” I gasped as Xavier’s hand slithered down my waistband and wrapped his fingers around me. The head of my cock peeked out, drops of glistening pearls appearing and then vanishing as he wiped them away.

“Milk that trouser snake, baby boy. That’s it. You know what momma likes.” Morgan was pinching her nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit as high-speed while her husband played with me. Her mouth fell open and she sang out as the climax rumbled through her quaking body. Thick, shiny liquid pooled at her opening as her pussy clenched, trying to grab something that wasn’t there.

While he moved his hand up and down my length, Xavier rubbed my chest, his rough fingertips grazed against my nipples. I hadn’t noticed I was clenching my teeth until then, my jaw ached. Lips pressed against my neck, hot air engulfed me as he exhaled. Swallowing hard, I felt like I might explode again, covering his hand in sticky semen, but he didn’t move fast enough, wasn’t squeezing me hard enough.

As he ground his hips against my backside, he matched the rhythm of his stroking. Wet warmth slid along my neck and I realized Xavier had just licked me.

“I licked him. That makes him mine, right?” The short laugh that followed sent chills down my spine and heat shot up through my cock in spurts.

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