Sizzling Nibbles: Climactic Countdown

Hey there! Here’s a random scene I really hope you enjoy. A nice, super steamy quickie to get you a little sticky in all the right ways!

“Come on hot guy, we’re running out of time and I want you to fuck me.”

Time was short and the countdown clock flickered in my head, seconds ticking down fast. He yanked his hoodie and t-shirt over his head as I unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. Ten seconds gone, but hot damn his nipples are pierced and the tattoos I want to trace with my tongue are expansive.

Maybe some other time, if we exchange numbers.

Our height difference is just right. I lick my way down and pull the waistband of his jockeys down to taunt his tip with my tongue. In response, he bucks his hips forward.

“Fuck, I’d love for you to suck it but we don’t have a lot of time.” He pulls me back up to him and kisses me with such intensity that I feel it zip down the nerves to my nether lips.

Sinking my nails into his ass makes him moan, breaking our kiss. We don’t have to be quiet. The other guys are at lunch.

His fingers glide against my vulva and a shudder runs through him. “You’re already wet. Can I slide my fingers inside you?”

“Yes, please.” Hopping onto a desk covered in furniture padding, I tilt my hips up so I can watch him finger-fuck me.

“Damn, why are you so tight? Do you want me to stop?” He looks worried, like he might hurt me.

“No, keep going. It’s been awhile.” Inevitably I blushed. It crept up my skin, and I knew my face was bright red within moments. Now I wanted to hide from embarrassment.

“Okay, how’s this?” He added a finger and changed the angle and I had to grip the furniture padding to keep from melting into a puddle on the floor of the trailer.

“I think you like that.” As he moves closer, the heat of his body suffuses mine. I’m always cold. I suck in heat like an energy vampire.

“Come on hot guy, we’re running out of time and I want you to fuck me.”

Reaching up, I tap his nipple piercing. He sucks air between his clenched teeth. Sensitive as fuck. Sexy as hell.

“Yes, ma’am. And feel free to play with my nipples more. You can pull on the rings, too, just not too rough.” He opened a condom and before he could change motions, I pulled it from the wrapper. Rolling on a condom is enjoyable for me. Once it was on, I reached between his legs and cupped his balls, squeezing lightly.

“Oh yeah, let’s fuck.” The other reason I chose this position was to watch is cock slide in and out of me as he fucked me. He pushed into me, taking his time, sucking in his breath every time I twitched. I was sensitive in another way.

“Sorry, it’s been awhile.”

I couldn’t stop apologizing and it was eating at me inside. The clock counting down in my head flashed urgently. I couldn’t be sure of how close it was to our actual time window anymore.

“It’s okay, I just don’t want to hurt you and I don’t know how loud we can be and I’ve lost track of time.” We both heave a happy sigh when he’s all the way in.

Instead of pulling back out, he grinds against me with quick, short strokes. It’s not what I want but I’ll take what I can get. But then he shifts me just a bit and rolls his hips into mine and every single stroke brings shocks up my nerves, waking up my inner sex goddess.

“Oh, fuck that’s the spot, don’t stop.” I dig my nails into his skin again wherever I can. His biceps, his back, his ass. I mark his skin with half-moon marks so he won’t forget me. At least for a couple of days.

“Harder, dig them in harder.” He commands and I obey. It’s the least I can do and then I lose my mind in orgasm as he pinches my nipples.

After some heaving and panting to catch our breath, we laugh and can’t look at each other. Everything was so fast, so good, super-hot and now it’s a little awkward. Do we exchange numbers? I have no idea, it’s been awhile.

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