Sizzling Nibbles: Devilry and Debauchery

Sizzling Nibbles

Good Evening, My Lovelies

I had an idea thanks to Spooky Season and rewatching the favorite show, Supernatural. I hope you enjoy this first part of a demon possession story.

The gate opened. Everyone scrambled to escape. The frenzy and the chaos carried me along until I found a moment to break off into a completely different direction. Scrambling to be free, to be topside again, to find a fresh suit and breathe sulfur-free air once again.

The first meatsuit I found was sick and dying, but the cute nurse taking care of it was ripe for the taking. And take I did. Quietly at first, lingering in the shadows of her mind, observing.

Her day consisted of caring for the old and sick, sending them to the next life. I spooked her by letting her glimpse the reapers. Enough for her to see them, but not enough for them to notice me.

Then the nights she would go home and take care of her family. It wasn’t long before I was bored. Bored to tears. But when you’re a demon running from the chaos of Hell, and have a bounty on your soul, you hide.

Observing her life was almost as bad as being tortured. I’d rather be stuck in a devil’s trap with a hunter some days. Once I felt safe, I decided it was time for a nap to regain my strength. I tucked myself into the deepest part of her psyche and slept.

A surge of adrenaline stirs me. I have no idea what’s happening, if it’s fight or flight. All I know is that something exciting must be happening for it to have interrupted my slumber. Stretching, I tap into her vision. She’s kissing and hugging the kids and husband as they pack up the car. Interesting. I feel her controlling the excitement surging through her. She doesn’t want them to know she’s grateful for them to be leaving. A whole week alone.

Alone? Not with me around sweetheart…

The tiny jolt I feel when she hears me inside her mind excites me. Oh, the joys of tormenting humans! I have so missed this. I wonder what kind of crazy things I can subject her to in this day and age.

Once the family is gone, I flip the switch. I take over quickly and completely. I have no idea what Age it is and no idea the last time I was above ground, but I know it’s been more than a century. Taking a moment, I rifle through her mind to learn everything I can about the world of today. So much has changed and I cannot wait to explore this world of decadence.

I stretch and all kinds of cracking sounds happen. “Dang, that hurt.” I do it again, hoping to feel something more.

Yeah, I have a spa appointment to help relax the tension in my body in a couple of hours.

Blinking, I look in a nearby mirror and address the meatsuit I’ve confiscated. “Did you just willingly speak to me?”

Yeah, I’ve no idea what or who you are, but I’ve felt you since you came into me.

“I’m a demon from Hell and you should be scared as to what I’m going to do with your flesh, human.”

Why would you want to hurt me? I haven’t done anything to cause you pain. I didn’t even tell anyone about you.

“That’s because they’d have put you in some kind of crazy ward if you had breathed a word.”

Nah, it would’ve been therapy and medication most likely…

“Whatever. Enjoy the ride.” Cackling in glee, I head to the master bedroom and go through the closet.

“Don’t you have anything sexy to wear? This crap is all soccer mom banana republic boring trash.” I catch myself and pause, “I just pulled that from your own mind of insults, by the way.” Tossing clothing and hangers on the floor, I grumble under my breath about missing the good ole days.

Wait… please go to my spa appointment. I’ve been looking forward to it for months.

“What does such an appointment entail?”

Pulling on skinny jeans and an old concert t-shirt, as I roll my eyes at the lack of sexy clothing for the second time, I wait for an answer.

I have a full body massage scheduled and his hands are the absolute best in the county.

“Well why didn’t you say so? I could go for some adult time…” flashing a wicked smile in the mirror as I apply makeup, fluff up my locks and grab some tall black boots from the back of the closet.

Staring at the contraption in the carriage house, I’m completely confused.

It’s called a garage now and that’s a car. Uh, any chance you’ll let me drive? My husband will kill me if I wreck his baby.

“At least the car is sexy.” I run my fingers down the side along the glossy black paint and hop into the driver’s seat. “Beautiful. I’ve heard tales of classic cars. Is this one of those?”

Yes, and I’m not joking.

Her fear saturates every pore. “Fine fine, I’ll pull back enough for you to drive.”

Before long, we’re parking the car. I run her fingers over the steering wheel feeling the power contained within the steel contraption as I take control again. “I’d love to really let her fly.”

Maybe later… if you let me drive her.

“Sure sure, where are we heading?” I look at the long building with signs in windows and over doors and head to the one she gets excited about. “Man, what kind of magic does this spa work if you’re this excited about it?”

The best kind. Kai works every damn knot out of my body and I feel like jello when he’s done.

Hand on the door, I pause and riffle through her mind looking for whatever the hell jello is. “Jiggily?”

Yes, the best kind of jiggily. Go to the desk and tell them my name. Then we’ll go change and soak our feet. Drink the fruit water, you might like it.

At first, I’m irked about following instructions from the soul of the suit I’m wearing. Instead of tossing her into a torment in the back corner of our shared mind, I decide letting her enjoy this frolic may be the last thing she does.

I can always go on a murder spree later. The thought of feeling hot blood spilling and spraying elicited a surge of euphoria at a level—

What are you thinking of right now? This explosive raw emotion is intense.

“Shut up, I can’t talk to you right now,” I whisper so low I can barely hear the words myself.

The hot steamy water enveloped my feet and I sighed in absolute bliss. I’d never experienced this before.

Oh yeah, that’s the spot.

The fruity flavors in the water made my mouth happy. I didn’t think it could get any better… and then I met Kai. Strong, young, and sexy. His hands were exactly how the soul described them. The best. And then, he upped the happiness level when he slid his hands so far up my thighs… but not enough. It was a tease of extreme proportions.

Kai went from light to deep penetrating touches. Every single muscle worked until it felt… jiggily. He teased out every moan and groan by pinching and pulling the knots and tension from the meatsuit. Except the one spot that really need a good rubbing, the one he isn’t technically allowed to touch. I tried, easing my thighs open, resettling my hips, a whisper of a yessss when he slid his hands up almost too high again.

Only to be denied. Again and again. It was almost enough to make me want to slit his throat, but I didn’t. I couldn’t move. There wasn’t a muscle in this suit that wasn’t relaxed beyond reason.

“Okay, ma’am, that’s all for today. I’m stepping out to give you some time to recover. We’ll have a glass of water waiting for you.” The door opened and then I heard it shut. I still couldn’t move. The frustration built.

Wiggle your toes and fingers, it’ll help.

Soul’s voice sounded dreamy like how I felt. I let the frustration and anger build, then used that to wiggle my fingers and toes.

Shortly after, I was dressed and in full blown sexual frustration. I needed a drink.

“What’s the closest place to get a drink?” I was talking to the soul, but talking out loud was also beneficial when someone put a flyer in my hands. “Well, that was easy.”

I walked into some ramshackle of a bar a few blocks away. The smell reminded me of ye olden days and new things I couldn’t put a name to, but man, it felt like everyone might know my name.

The bartender was cute. Soooo cute. The soul made this little flutter and I almost swatted her away, but I agreed. He looked so tasty. I could just eat him all up.

“Nice place you got here.” I gave my best sexy smile to the cutie and winked. He leaned on the bar and I caught a hint of something sweet and smokey wafting from him and felt my insides melt a little.

“We’re not open yet, but uh… you’re cute, so you can stay.” He patted the bar and winked, “Hop on up, I’ll fix you something delicious.”

“I am already delicious.” I gave him a look that should’ve sizzled him from the tips of his messy hair to his toes. The way he squirmed a little told me I hit the right nerve and his hands were on my belt in seconds, my jeans were yanked down before I could blink.

He pulled them down and lifted my legs up, then slid his head in between my thighs and lowered them to his shoulders. “Omg you smell divine.”

“More like deviance, but don’t let that stop you hot stuff.”

To be continued, my lovelies. Yes, I know, It’s a tease, but that’s what you love, right?

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