Sizzling Nibbles: Punished by the Boss

Imagine a place of business that, instead of writing you up or docking you for mistakes, gave you a different kind of punishment instead.

Would you make mistakes more often or would you aim to get the rewards? Please enjoy Punished by the Boss a Sizzling Nibble featuring Jacob and his boss, Morgan.

Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty

I ran my hand down my face and sighed. The day was finally over. It had been one hell of a fucking shit storm all day long. Standing after the slowest computer in the universe shut down, I grabbed my travel mug and keys. My day was just about to get better.

“Jacob, please come to my office before you leave.” The radio bleeped and I jumped. When I heard my supervisor’s voice I grumbled under my breath. There was no getting out of seeing her before I left. I had to walk right passed her office.

I picked up the radio, “Yes ma’am,” I replied. Taking deep breaths didn’t help to alleviate my tension and now that I had to see her before I left made things worse. I wonder which fuck-up I’d be written up for this time. Too bad she was hot, in a mean teacher sort of way. The kind you eye-fucked when she wasn’t looking and fantasized about while masturbating late at night.

I knocked on the door and pushed it open, “You wanted to see me, Morgan?” She gestured for me to enter and I walked in. I went to sit in the chair at the unused desk next to hers, but she stopped me.

I let my eyes run up and down her lithe figure quickly.

Morgan always wore her dark hair up in a tight bun or ponytail. Earlier she’d had it up, but now it was down around her shoulders. The skirt she wore was an appropriate length and her blouse was buttoned to the top. Even though she could’ve worn jeans like the rest of us, she always dressed as if she worked in a high-paying office. I thought her eyes might be blue or gray, but it depended on the lighting. She had that firm but soft looking figure you just wanted to snuggle with and rub your face between her breasts.

“Don’t bother sitting down.” She stood and I leaned against the desk instead. The office she has is a small, but tidy, space. There were neat stacks of papers all over her desk and I knew we were behind and short-staffed. My fucking up today was really bad.

“Morgan, please. I’m sorry about today. It’s been a shit-fest.” The word was out of my mouth before I could take it back. It was too late to apologize and now she was holding her hand up, mouth open as she had been about to speak. Instead, her lips pursed together with a bit of a scowl. “I promise; I’ll do better from now on. Please don’t write me up. I can’t afford to lose this job.”

“Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make this up to me, Jacob?”

The lilt in her voice made me pause. I couldn’t imagine what was going through her mind. We hadn’t worked closely together. We rarely communicated anything.

“Yes, I’ll do anything, I swear.” I swallowed hard and I knew that if I could hear my nervousness, so could she. My hands started getting clammy and it felt like someone had turned on the heat all of a sudden. I tried to wipe my hands on my jeans without her noticing, but there wasn’t much Morgan didn’t notice. I couldn’t believe I was intimidated by someone half a foot shorter than me, but hell if she weren’t a firecracker.

“Look, you took product from a high-valued customer who paid for us to overnight it and you somehow sent it with another customer’s shipment. We can’t have this sort of thing happening, especially when that was the last case. On top of that, the customer that you shipped it to, they didn’t even order it.” Her voice didn’t get any higher, it got lower and she spoke slower. I got a little more nervous. I felt my forehead break out in sweat as my heart started racing faster in my chest.

“Will you take the punishment I’m going to give you, Jacob? I know you’ll never make a mistake like this again if you do.” She crossed her arms and cocked a hip. Those deep blue-gray eyes stared at me through her glasses and I wanted whatever she was going to dish out. She looked so fucking hot that I would get down on my knees and wash the floor with my tongue if Morgan so desired.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll do whatever you say.” I stood up straight and put my arms at my sides. It was difficult not keeping my hands in fists or wiping them on my jeans again. I had this odd urge to do anything she required of me to return to her good graces.

“Good. Turn around and drop your pants and underwear.” Morgan unbuckled the belt from her skirt and started pulling it out.

“Ma’am?” This had to be the craziest thing in the world ever. Did she plan on spanking me as my punishment? What the fuck was this? High school?

“You promised you would do whatever it took, Jacob. Turn around and drop your pants and underwear. Then spread your legs and bend over the desk.” She smacked the folded belt against her hand. I jumped a little at the thwack it made. I was turned on and scared all at the same time. What if someone found out about this? I’d be the laughingstock of the entire company.

“M-morgan,” my voice shook. I couldn’t control it. The stern look, the way her eyebrows drew down and her lips sneered at me freaked me out a little. I turned and did as she requested.

I bared my ass to my boss and bent over the desk.

‘I expect in the future you’ll double-check what labels you’re putting on product before it’s shipped.” Thwack.

Frozen in place, the pain radiated. She hit hard. My daddy didn’t hit me that hard growing up when I fucked up. I hadn’t been able to prevent the grunt of pain that came out of my mouth.

Thwack. “I expect that you’ll ask for help if something goes wrong instead of trying to cover it up.” Thwack thwack.

“Yes, ma’am,” I cried out. My ass was on fire. I’d never been spanked by a woman before. My momma always had my father do it. I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was right now. I was so turned on I could see drops on the head as it stood loud and proud.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

There was no way to hold back and I cried out as she covered the same places she’d smacked moments ago. “Please, ma’am, I promise. I’ll ask for help. I’ll verify my labels are right.” I didn’t think I could take any more spankings.

Morgan was right behind me. I could feel her breathing on the back of my neck. Her hand caressed my striped ass gently, easing away the pain. “Good boy, Jacob. Maybe next time you find yourself in my office after hours it will be for a reward instead of a punishment.” Her hand dipped between my spread legs and rolled my balls around. I groaned in pleasure as her other hand reached around to stroke my cock.

“Good night, Jacob. I’ll see you here first thing tomorrow morning. Be early. If you’re late, I’ll punish you again.” Morgan grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the door, belt dangling from her hand as a reminder of what might come if I showed up late tomorrow.

I had no desire to be on the other end of her belt again. I put my clothing back together and headed out the door, a little slow and sure I would be sitting tenderly for a few days. I wondered what kind of reward she was offering and my cock pulsed in my jeans, regardless of how on fire my ass cheeks were right now.

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