Mischa Eliot
romance with a twist

Writing is a Journey:

Writing is like any other relationship; it requires dedication, time, and effort. You have to nurture it, pay attention, and sometimes wrestle with it to find your voice and validate your feelings. I’ve experienced both the exhilaration of words flowing effortlessly and the frustration of creative droughts. Writing is hard, but it’s a challenge I embrace wholeheartedly.

My Writing Past:

I began my writing journey at a young age, seeking an outlet for self-expression. From crafting fantasy tales based on an RPG character to sharing real-life stories as a single parent, I’ve poured my emotions onto the page when they became too overwhelming to contain. I don’t have a degree in writing, but I’ve taught myself through experience and perseverance. I’m imperfect, often needing self-care and improvement, but I learn and grow every day.

My Writing Present:

Writing erotica and erotic romance is my passionate pursuit. I aim to promote a sex-positive life and to normalize pleasure-seeking. Embrace consensual sex-positive experiences and feel free to explore your desires, touch and be touched. Reading erotica offers a safe space to explore sexual adventures, whether you’re single or partnered. Through my writing, I hope to stimulate your desires and help you understand and accept your personal needs.

About Mischa Eliot:

Mischa Eliot is an author dedicated to consensual, sex-positive erotica and erotic romance. Her work can be found in Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More (Passion Works Press) and Big Book of Submission, Volume 2 (Cleis Press). She/Her. Ally.