Masturbation Monday: Exquisite Torture – Part One

Well, if you’d like to see the inspirational prompt for this post, please make sure to stop by the Masturbation Monday page because it’s a video and it is quite enticing. Please enjoy this male/male story of a scene between Sebastian and Vaughn.

Being trapped an blind was the worst thing to happen, and yet I trusted Sebastian. From the Archives: Exquisite Torture
Being trapped an blind was the worst thing to happen, and yet I trusted Sebastian.

Struggling against the cuffs was futile, but I did it anyway. There wasn’t any stopping it. Adrenaline ran through my body at increasing volumes, upping my heart rate exponentially. I hated the blindfold, but I was pushing my limits and that meant being unable to see anything. Trust… not one of my best features.

It had taken a long time to trust Sebastian to tie me up, over a year really. And now here I was, unable to move other than writhe, with the way my wrists were cuffed to a table behind my back. Everything was dark, I couldn’t even get a sliver of light, and every now and then a chill would run down my spine that I was in danger.

There was no danger, none at all, but it didn’t convince the animal-side of my brain. I’d been trained in other ways. Ways to prevent myself from becoming trapped like an animal. I was not prey. I was the predator. The one who hunted down with wicked ambition and ripped the throat out of my target.

I won’t beg. I will not beg. I will NOT BEG.

Being trapped and blind was the worst thing to happen, and yet I trusted Sebastian. I knew he was there. I could hear him. The occasional shift of air when he moved, the soft intake of breath. I especially knew he was there when he would wrap his hand or mouth around my rigid length and take me to the edge, only to back off moments before release.

My moans of pleasure and pain at being tormented in such a way echoed off the walls of our little dungeon. A secret room in our home, a room that no one knew about. Not our families, not our friends. No one would believe it anyway. My need to be tied down and taken. My need for domination.

Sebastian ran a rough hand down my chest, got up close and personal. He grabbed the knot of the blindfold and forced his mouth on mine. He kissed me hard. Teeth-scraping, tongues-lashing, groan-inducing hard. It wasn’t enough and he knew it.

Teeth grazed along my jaw, my neck, as he traced his way down to my nipples. Sucking on them until they stood out. I panted, my chest heaving, the smell of sweat and sex and the beer we’d been sipping before we decided to play. I wanted to hear his voice. I needed to hear all the dirty things he wanted to do to me. I wanted the chance to protest. Sebastian denied me that and it was driving me mad with need.

When he added the nipple clamps, I cried out. I was sticky with pre-ejaculate and sweat, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Sebastian licked the head of my member and I lifted my hips, hoping he would glide his tongue down and around me. Disappointment flared when he withdrew and walked a few steps away. My nipples throbbed, still adjusting to being clamped.

I won’t beg. I will not beg. I will NOT BEG.

If you’ve enjoyed Part One of Exquisite Torture, please stop by next Monday to see what happens next. Will Vaughn beg? Will Sebastian give in and allow him release? Find out in Part Two!

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