Adventures in Writing: Pornography vs. Erotica

Adventures in Writing

Pornography vs. Erotica – an erotica author’s thoughts

More often than not, people will tell you that all erotica is pornography. That there isn’t a definitive difference between the two. It’s black and white. Not true, though. It’s more than black and white; and it’s more than shades of gray.

Yes, I purposefully spelled gray with an a. 

Pornography is just two people inserting tab a into slot b, both in film and writing. There’s no plot, there’s no character story, they are cardboard cutouts predestined to fuck. It doesn’t matter if there’s a delivery person knocking on the door, a plumber in the kitchen, or a babysitter about to be taken by the parents. Without some form of growth, some form of emotional connection (actual emotion, not just that blissful feeling after you spew juices all over your hand or toy) then it’s pornography.

There’s nothing wrong with pornography (unless the people in the films are being mistreated and forced to do things against their will or that cause harm). So don’t get up on a soap box, please. I’m not disparaging porn. I watch porn. I use it for research. Honestly, my boy toy or my imagination can do things that porn is unable to (they get me off). If I’m having trouble picturing something, or I’m not quite sure something will work, I start searching in an incognito window.

If you’re looking for films where the actors are enjoying what they’re doing, try Frolic Me. Yes, I am pimping them out (for free) because the films that I’ve seen there are truly a pleasure to watch. There’s something about them that sucks you in and you feel how much fun they’re having.

Disappointment in Reading

I get a little disappointed when I read something that’s basically fluff between sex scenes. If all you can write are sex scenes, regardless of how hot and steamy they get me, it’s not a bad thing. It really isn’t – it means you have room to grow. There has to be a reason behind the sex.

While writing about characters who just want to fuck (for instance, Known Stranger/Renewed Connection started out that way), writing about characters who truly connect on an emotional level, an intellectual level, truly get people hot and bothered.

I’ve heard people say “I don’t want to read all that, just get to the good stuff.” Well, to me, it’s all good stuff. Knowing that a character decides to take her personal pleasure into her own hands, even if she tosses out the consequences of getting caught, is enjoyable not just to read, but to also write. (Referring to Chloe in the Supervisor Sexcapades Saga.)

If all you want is to watch or read about cardboard cutouts fucking, then so be it. I will not stop you. I might even write some stuff that is suitable for you, such as Ms. Fix-It: Josie and the Boys – there is background there, but mostly Josie just wants to get fucked. You might also like Masturbation Monday: Birthday Surprise – there’s character background there, too, but it’s mostly fucking.

What I’m saying is that you won’t really find straight porn or straight erotica here, but shades of both in every short story. If you want more romance in your erotica, then try the Fix-It Fast Series. They are all short, but mostly they’re about love, second chances, and acceptance. Everyone’s needs are different, and while I won’t be writing any little people erotica (someone keeps asking me to write ‘midget porn’ – their words, not mine) I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

Final Thoughts

I like having characters with emotions, flaws, baggage, quirks, pet peeves, that will work towards a goal, fight for what they want, and enjoy a raunchy romp. That’s why I’m trying to get better at this writing thing, trying to push more romance into my stories, trying to write longer, more complex characters. I want to draw you in, make you feel what they’re feeling and other than watching someone shoot their load all over someone, straight pornography doesn’t really offer that.

What are your thoughts when it comes to writing or reading erotica, porn, and/or romance?

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