Sizzling Nibbles: Stuffed while Stuck in the Dryer

Sizzling Nibbles: Stuffed while Stuck in the Dryer

Stuffed while Stuck in the Dryer features Ethan and Annie from Desperately Seeking a Glory Hole. Now, I said I wasn’t doing a part two, and this isn’t a part two. However, it is going to twist you all up – hopefully in a good way. Enjoy!

“Tomorrow is the day.” I didn’t bother to contain the giggle of excitement that bubbled up through me. A whole day without the kids. They’d be in school and we would be home. All alone. All day long.

Not that we were doing anything exciting. Every three months we both took a day or two off work prior to a long weekend thanks to a holiday in order to do home and property maintenance. I’d be working on the washer and dryer, lawn mower, and whatever else Annie added to the list. We’d be moving furniture for the deep clean before the season changed. And while it was hard work, it was so much better doing it together and when we didn’t have to worry about the day jobs.

Other than dinner parties or birthday parties, it was also one of the few times we used the amazing speaker setup to crank up the volume. Singing and dancing while we worked made us laugh and it made the work less like actual work, too. I stopped telling people what we did on these days because they didn’t believe that anyone could get this giddy about maintaining their home.

They thought it was code for a sexfest or something.

Annie did a little dance with me about tomorrow and then went back to folding clothes. Grabbing the stack of towels I had just finished, I danced up the stairs to put them away singing, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love you tomorrow….”

As expected, Annie chimed in with a very dramatic, ‘it’s only a day away’ and we finished with fake audience cheers.

Some days I wondered how I got so damn lucky. Annie stayed with me through all my fumbling idiototic mistakes. I’d learned my lessons the hard way, watching her walk out the door to stay with her family for a few weeks. She said if I didn’t fix my toxic ways, it would be the end of us. I didn’t want that. I wanted her and the kids. So, I buckled down and did the work.

I wasn’t alone, though.

Annie did the work she felt she needed to in order to communicate her needs to me. Between personal therapy, couples therapy, and journaling, we’ve come back better and stronger.

The best thing is our sex life improved ten-fold. Maybe more. If something sparked our sexual curiosity, we’d either chat about it or attempt a surprise.

When I found a collage of celebrity photos and Annie partially hidden by a pillow and blanket fort to create a glory hole experience, it was exciting. I hoped there might be a surprise today during our maintenance mayhem.

I got up with the kids the next day and made their breakfast while they got ready for school. Before taking them, I took a breakfast tray up to the bedroom with a feast for Annie. Once I set the tray down, I woke her up by sliding under the blankets, kissing and nibbling up her legs as I shifted higher.

The sounds she made as I pleasured her made me want to forget the world outside existed.

She was just about to get off when my reminder to take the kids to school sounded on my phone. Stopping, I nipped her on the hip bone and escaped the bed before she could grab me.

“Sorry babe, I’ll finish that later on tonight, I gotta take the kids to school.” The look on her face told me I’d be paying for it later. Grabbing the breakfast tray, I trapped her in bed with her favorite breakfast and hot coffee. While it wouldn’t get me out of the hot water I just put myself into, it might lower the heat to a simmer from a boil.

It was all part of the new games we played with each other. Edging and touching and kissing. Romancing each other every day instead of just when we wanted sex or some expensive new thing we’d have to figure out how to pay for. Annie might look like she was about to murder me as I left the room, but I knew she was anticipating what I might have in store for her tonight.


Waking up to Ethan’s face between my thighs wasn’t new, but it was definitely a favorite thing. I downed the coffee and started eating the beautiful breakfast he brought me while listening to him herd the kids out the door. I couldn’t help but squirm, imagining him finishing me off, fucking me hard until I screamed. Finally I heard the garage door open and the car back out. I let a few more fantasies roll through my mind.

The torture thinking about it lasted about thirty seconds. Maybe forty. As soon as I heard him drive off, I moved the breakfast tray aside, opened the drawer in my nightstand and gave myself a little loving with my favorite toy. Not enough to get the big climax, but just enough to take the edge off, while keeping that extra-sensitivity hanging around to tease me through the day. Now, to get up and start The List of Things.


The bedrooms were done. Summer sheets and blankets were swapped out for something a little thicker now that the nights were getting longer and chillier.

Despite the steady breeze coming through the open windows, I was hot as fuck. Taking a few moments between chores, I decided to wash my face. I needed to change the bathroom curtains on the window and shower and–


With the music up high, I hadn’t heard Ethan calling me until the gap between songs. It sounded haunted, like he wasn’t quite all here. Shaking off the confusion, I bounded down the stairs to find my husband to see if I was hearing things.


“Ethan, where are you?” He wasn’t in the living room, or the game room right off there. Heading into the kitchen, I heard it clearer, this time. I slid to a halt and danced my way to the laundry room. That’s where I found Ethan, bent over inside the dryer, his knees propped up by folded blanket to avoid the hard tile floor.

“Well hello there, hot stuff. What’s going on?” I reached down and ran my fingers up the back of his thigh.

“I think… no, I’m pretty sure I’m stuck. Honestly, I have no idea what the hell I did, but I can’t get my sleeve loose. I think I need scissors. Can you help?”

“You’re stuck in there? Are you sure you’re stuck or are you just messing with me and wearing some kind of crazy clown mask?” The way Ethan’s shorts currently framed his ass gave me a reason to fan myself. Over the past couple of years we’d both changed our eating and exercising habits. Ethan’s body looked better now than when we met and I couldn’t help but touch him as often as possible.

“I swear, I’m really stuck. I’ve been calling you and calling you but I don’t think you could hear me over the music. I’m glad I grabbed the blanket to put under my knees or I’d have some serious issues. Just being in this position is probably going to render me useless for a little while.”

“I’m sure I can help you… out of these shorts.”

I ran my fingers along the elastic band and felt Ethan’s body stiffen, then relax, at my touch. When I started pulling them off, he wiggled to help me, unsure of what I was planning. “Am I helping you out of there at all? Are you still stuck?”

“I promise, there is no way of escaping what the heck I did to get myself in this mess. I think the collar of my shirt is caught on something, too. When I try to move forward to get a better look at my sleeve, the shirt chokes me instead.” Ethan sounded irked about being stuck, but I thought perhaps I could help him.

Once I was done tormenting him.

“Remember how you left me on the verge of orgasm this morning, dear husband? I think this might be a good time for me to pay you back.” His shorts were down around his knees now. His jockeys made me drool. I ran my hand between his thighs, cupping him to see what he would say or do. I wondered if he’d use his safe word.

Instead, he started grinding himself against me. I could feel his cock straining against the jockey shorts, begging to be let out. Complying, I pulled them down gently, making sure to grip him so his cock didn’t swing up and hit the dryer. I had plans for it tonight and wanted to make sure he was going to be in full working condition.

“Damn your ass is sexy as fuck.” I spanked him lightly on one cheek, then the other.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

It was time to try something we’d been researching like crazy. And with him stuck in the dryer, my fantasy couldn’t get any better than this reality. Stuck porn was something I’d accidentally fallen into recently and couldn’t seem to get enough of, even though they tended to be some kind of step-family situation which was not my thing, they did it for me.

Running upstairs, I immediately went to our hidden toy box in our bedroom closet. Grabbing lube, one of the smaller, longer dildos, I got ready to make Ethan my stuck porn fantasy come true. In reverse.

Changing into the strap-on harness took a little longer than I thought, so when I got back downstairs, Ethan was antsy and wiggling back and forth probably trying to get free from the dryer.

I smacked him on each ass cheek again, this time a little harder.

“Oh no you don’t… I’ve got you right where I want you, mister.” I lubed up the dildo and then let the lube drip onto his backside.

“What are you doing back there? Is that water? Why are you getting me wet?” Ethan didn’t sound concerned about my plans, just confused.

“Hmm, if you figure it out, I’ll get you out of there sooner.” Drip, drip, drip went the lube, coating his crack. I waited to see if he came up with an answer.

“Holy shit are you about to fuck me up the ass?” Now he sounded excited and… a little breathless with anticipation.

“Yes. Yes, I am.” I lubed the dildo up some more, then started working him with my fingers. The way he pushed against my hand told me everything. Ethan was definitely into what I had decided to do with him as payback from this morning.

And I was going to use him until he begged me to get him off… and then make him wait until tonight.

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