Masturbation Monday: Exquisite Torture – Part Two

Good evening! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day and if not, I hope Exquisite Torture – Part Two will help make it all that much better. If you haven’t read Part One, please go there first.

Being trapped an blind was the worst thing to happen, and yet I trusted Sebastian. From the Archives: Exquisite Torture
Being trapped an blind was the worst thing to happen, and yet I trusted Sebastian.

Drawers opened and shut. The cabinet squeaked. I winced. I was supposed to oil the hinges yesterday, but my time had run short. Something soft and fluffy touched me, tickling my more sensitive areas. I twitched. Clamping my mouth shut tight would hopefully prevent any laughter from escaping. Sebastian was punishing me for the hinges, I knew right away, because I hated tickling. It wasn’t a hard line for me, but sometimes I wanted to add it there.

The feather drew down my thigh, slow and light, almost tender. It didn’t tickle and I felt something different. Something new. The feather had never enticed me before, but the way he traced along the lines of strained muscles made me loosen back up.

Catching my breath, I focused on other things. The way he smelled of shampoo and soap. The light scent of sandalwood and something I couldn’t identify wafted from the candle warmer.  Shifting caused the chains on my cuffs to rattle. My ass ached and not in the way I wanted. Sebastian pressed himself between my legs, rubbed his rigid hard-on along my thighs. The feather slid down my spine when his arms caged me. I wanted to wrap my arms around him. My shoulders ached and my fingers twitched, wanting to run like his body, feeling the hair on his chest and legs.

Sebastian, my bear, my Dom. Master of my physical form. The man who pulled me out of hell and helped me find heaven. Taught me that I was worthy of him, of his lips on mine, of his time and even his most precious commodity; his heart.


“Master.” The word escaped me came out rough. The harshest sand paper you’ve ever heard. It had been pulled out of me when I felt his cock dribble over my skin, then he spread the sticky liquid around. He rubbed the head of him up and down my own length, coating it as well.

“Say it.” The words were like a caress. Whispered against my lips, barely heard over our panting, over our heart beats as they raced.

I clenched my teeth again. Sebastian didn’t give up though. He released one nipple from its clamp and my mouth dropped open as feeling rushed into the sensitized nerve-endings. Air and groans of pain laced with desire raced out of my lungs, up my throat, and out my mouth.

“Please,” I whispered, once I regained myself. “Please.” Louder, stronger before he could request a repeat.

“Good slave.” Sebastian petted me with his hands, kissed the silk binding over my eyes. He touched the tip of his tongue to my nipple and I felt as though my balls might empty out and spray him all over. They didn’t. I was a good slave. I wouldn’t spew my seed unless he allowed it.

Sebastian removed the other clamp. Instead of letting me linger in pain and need, he wrapped his lips around the nipple and sucked, circled with his tongue, and moaned against the tortured flesh. I writhed on the table, held in place by the cuffs attached to the table I sat upon. Convulsing with the way lust lanced through my body as though struck.

Feeling as though I couldn’t go any further, I bent my head to Sebastian’s shoulder, whimpers and twitches fighting for dominance of my responses. “Please.”

Will Vaughn beg? Will Sebastian give in and allow him release? Find out in Part Three!

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