Sizzling Nibbles: Taken by the Boss’s Husband

This is the end of the Boss Series. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. I’m almost sure that Jacob has and perhaps we’ll revisit these three again in the future.

Sizzling Nibbles

“What do you think, Jacob? My husband licked you and says you’re all his.” Morgan continued to caress her clit with lazy circles, her hips twitched when she hit the right nerve. I couldn’t think. Staring at her hand, her glistening honey hole, her husband hadn’t let go of my cock. Xavier continued rubbing himself against my ass.

“I …,” swallowing hard, I felt heat fill my cock again as thoughts of being bent over and taken entered my head again. “I want to be taken by him.”

Punished by the Boss | Rewarded by the Boss | Given to the Boss’s Husband

Morgan’s eyes widened at my confession. She stopped touching herself long enough to clap her hands together and bounce like a teenager with a sugar high. “Yes, let’s do that.” She opened a drawer at her desk and tossed a bottle of lube at Xavier.

I actually jumped at how quickly he’d snatched the bottle out of the air. Upon hearing him unzip his pants and the soft thud they made as they hit the floor, I panicked. I’d watched porn with guys before, but never really bisexual porn. I had no idea what was going to happen. I’d felt the length and thickness of him through his jeans.

“Breathe Jacob, It’ll be okay. I’ll be gentle.” My pants joined his on the floor moments later. The sound of him squeezing the lube bottle echoed off the walls to my ears it was so loud. Morgan was in front of me, papers were pushed aside from the desk she used for sorting. She climbed up on it and grabbed me by my forearms, pulling me towards her.

“Bend over Jacob and take what my husband has to offer like a good boy.” She bit my lower lip and when I gasped at what I hoped were his fingers probing my behind, she shoved her tongue in my mouth.

“God damn you’re tight. You’re a virgin back here, aren’t you boy?” Xavier sounded quite proud about being my first.

I didn’t say anything, though, too busy sucking on Morgan’s tongue to reply. I grabbed her by the tits and she moaned as I squeezed hard. I continued increasing the pressure on her mounds until she squealed and mumbled a complaint against my mouth.

Everything in my vision when white when Xavier did something behind me, something I’d never experienced before. Pressure and stroking and holy fuck my cock felt like it was going to start shooting off like fireworks. I leaned over, offering him more of my back door, moaning as if I were dying from the pleasure.

“I think he likes that, babe.” When I could see again, Morgan had turned, her wet pussy at the end of the desk. Xavier grabbed me by the neck and shoved my face into her creamy warmth.

Working my mouth and tongue against her delicious snatch, Xavier pulled his fingers out of me. For a few moments I felt empty and then he started pushing the head of his cock inside. I sunk my fingers hard into Morgan’s thighs, squeezing hard enough that I might leave bruises behind, but I didn’t care. I was freaked the fuck out.

“Oh fuck, suck on that pussy, Jacob.” Morgan’s lustful voice urged me on and I complied. I sucked on her clit hard, flicked my tongue against it fast. She tweaked her nipples, pinching and rolling them between her fingers.

“Do you think he could fuck me while you’re fucking him, babe?” Morgan’s voice went up and down as she spoke and I knew she was close to soaking my face again. It hadn’t registered right away what she’d asked him until she pulled me up by my hair.

Her pussy clenched onto my hard cock and I rode her like an wild stallion.

“Let’s find out.” Xavier shifted us forward and my sight went white again. I’d never experienced so much pleasure before now.

Morgan spread her legs wide as if she were going to be receiving both of us and used her hand to guide me into her soaking snatch. Behind me, Xavier pumped in short, quick bursts. He was thick and so hard I thought he might break me if I moved wrong.

Grabbing me by the back of the neck this time, Morgan pulled me down and pushed my face into her breasts. I complied quickly taking a nipple into my mouth. Bent over like this, every time Xavier bumped forward, I moved inside her. She writhed on the desk beneath me like a fish out of water. Circling her hips up to meet us, I could feel her cunt clamping down on me when the orgasm shuddered through her sexy body.

I placed my hands on her hips and started fucking her with no regards to Xavier behind me. I wanted to empty myself into her. I wanted to shoot my load so hard she would taste it in the back of her throat. For a few moments, I had been in control.

Strong hands gripped my hips the way I held Morgan’s and Xavier started fucking me the same way I was fucking his wife; by pounding into my as if this were the last time I’d get a piece of ass. Morgan moaned at the wild rhythm happening between the three of us and her eyes closed. Her pussy clenched onto my hard cock and I rode her like an unbroken stallion.

The three of us were covered in sweat and soon, Morgan and I were both filled with sticky semen. I had collapsed on top of her when I erupted. Xavier held me down and rammed my ass like a bull in heat until he loaded me up with his hot juices. I laid there, panting and dripping stickiness.

Morgan petted my head as if I were a favorite pet until my breathing and heart rate were back to normal. My ass felt sore as fuck but the rest of me had to be worth a billion bucks.

“That was fucking fun.” Xavier leaned his bare ass against Morgan’s desk, his pants still around his ankles. “Can we do that again sometime? Maybe somewhere comfortable?”

I coughed to cover up a laugh. I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to do this again or if I wanted to do it all the fucking time.

“It depends on how well of a job Jacob does, love.” Morgan cooed and squeezed me to her, pressing my face back into her breasts. She about smothered me until I protested and lifted myself up. I had a feeling I was going to be walking funny for a couple of days. Good thing it’s Friday.

“I should get going.” I bent down carefully and pulled up my jockeys and jeans. It took me a couple of tries to button them. The zipper was easy and the belt was somewhere in between. “Have a good night.”

“Good night sweet ass,” Xavier called as I left the office. I could hear them laughing and talking before the door shut all the way.

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