Sizzling Nibbles: Desperate

Sizzling Nibbles

I couldn’t stop thinking. The images kept cycling through my mind. I wasn’t someone who would be considered to have some form of hyperactive disorder but I certainly felt like it all of a sudden. “Is it hot in here?” I rolled down the window. The big behemoth the guy I was seeing had was a classic all right. A long ass, heavy, gas-guzzling monster with power-nothing.

“You’re hot?” I could feel his eyes peek from the road at me. Not that it mattered. It was the middle of the night and the roads were empty of traffic in this area. I could hear the confusion in his voice as well. I was never, ever hot. Not even after hot and sweaty (well, sweaty for him) sex.

“Yeah. I feel like I’m on fire.” I couldn’t explain to him why, though. The images in my mind were completely inappropriate. All I could think about was sex. I wanted to rip off my clothes and fuck until I couldn’t move. I wanted it hard and fast without thought. I wanted it slow and tender, with touches and soft kisses. I needed to be sated.

I saw a spot on the road that pulled off, then down and ended. It was deep enough that no one would really notice a car parked there. I’d been passed the area enough times. With the late night traffic would be light and those out probably would think someone was sleeping off a night of drinking. “Pull down there.” I pointed. He listened.

Once the car was parked, I reached down and pushed my seat back. I lifted my skirt and took off one leg of my panties. “Get over here.” I couldn’t see his face in the dark, but I could see him turning pale in my mind. He’d be afraid that we’d get caught. “Quicker the better. We’ll just have a quickie and get outta here.”

That made the decision for him. I was never this wild. I was so hot. All I kept seeing in my mind were bodies entwined together. It was like some god or goddess of orgies visited my brain and left the television tuned into the porn channel. All kinds of scenarios flitted through my head. Women sucking cocks, men sucking cocks, either gender being bent over and taken. Some couples were slow and loving, others were fucking as if it were the last day on Earth and they were going to end it in pleasure.

As soon as he got over between my legs, I slid down to the edge of the seat and put my feet up on the dashboard. After a little fumbling, he finally got inside. I didn’t bother kissing him or anything, I simply rocked my hips against him. I wanted this to be quick, hard, a little rough even. I needed to get off.

“Please, fast and hard!” I dug my nails into his sides and he complied after a few moments of hesitation.

“I’ve never done it like this before.” He grabbed my hips and held me. I could tell he planted his feet against the floor of the monster. Once he was set, he started pounding away. “I can’t believe how soaked you are.” After that, there was no more talking.

I let myself go and forgot where I was, but not what I was doing. I fully concentrated on getting fucked. His cock wasn’t the biggest and he wasn’t the best lover, but if I could just get the right angle, I’d be seeing stars.

With a slight adjustment, I was on my way. I said dirty things in his ear about how I was a naughty whore and I needed fucked good and hard. I egged him to go faster, to pound me harder until I started moaning incoherently. There they were, the stars, the burst of the ultimate pleasure cascading through me. I came back shortly after catching my breath.

He slowly climbed back to his side of the car and rubbed his face with his hands. “Hot damn. What got into you anyway?” I couldn’t speak yet, so I simply let the question go for now. Once I felt the images go away, I stuck my foot back through the leg of my panties. I fixed my skirt and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

“Thanks, I needed that. No idea why I needed it right freaking now, but I feel better.” I rolled the window back up. I could feel his eyes staring at me and I simply waited for him to put his pants back on, start the car, and take me home.

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