Masturbation Monday: Sweet Revenge

If you haven’t read Wicked Game, then please take a moment to do so. This is Part Two, where Lucas gets revenge on Trey for tying him up outside while he’d been napping on the deck. Instead of Lucas’s revenge being a dish best served cold, he heats it up with melted chocolate, turning Trey into his favorite dessert.

Sweet Revenge Quote
By the time he was through cleaning off my nipples I was a mess.

The first thing I smelled was chocolate. My eyes flew open when something hot dripped onto my bare skin. I struggled, but my arms and ankles had been restrained. A blindfold covered my eyes. At first, I thought candle wax, but Lucas knew that was a hard limit and would never breach it. The smell of chocolate came to me again.

“Getting your revenge, Lucas,” I struggled a little against the bondage. Lucas wasn’t as good at tying knots but he must have been practicing. He’d tied my wrist ropes to the ankle ropes and when I moved one the other moved as well.

“Yes, but instead of it being served cold, I decided to make it hot and sweet,” drops of warmth hit my nipples. I felt Lucas moving around me from the shift in the air. I shifted again, but with the way I was tied it made things difficult. I heard Lucas laughing softly and turned my head in his direction.

“What’s the plan, lover? Going to make me your Chocolate Bunny for Easter or something like that?” I smiled in his direction, then licked my lips in a way I knew got him hard. I wondered if I could talk him into letting me go, “Let me free and we can cover each other in chocolate and suck it off.”

Another splatter of chocolate hit my stomach. I wondered when the licking and sucking would start, but I waited. Lucas had very little self-control when it came to getting off. He would untie me and beg me to bend him over and pummel him before he tasted the first dollop of chocolate. I was sure of it.

Although, I was quite turned on from what he was doing. I loved the taste of chocolate, it was one of my vices. The smell was intoxicating. I wanted to taste him with a touch of dark chocolate on my tongue. Instead, he painted almost my entire cock in warm, wet chocolate.

“Lucas, please. I’m sorry, please don’t leave me like this.”

I squirmed against the bonds as he used a soft rubber spatula to coat every inch. A low moan escaped my lips. Every now and then Lucas would top me. I was the dominant in our relationship, but if I got stressed and snapped at him one too many times, he would take control and show me who the boss really was between us. I enjoyed it. Previous partners would throw in the towel and leave instead of forcing me to communicate.

I couldn’t figure out where Lucas was now. He had dripped chocolate on each nipple, splattered it along my abs, and coated my cock like a chocolate covered banana minus the head. I could hear him moving around. It sounded like he was setting something up.

I heard clicking and felt cool air hit my heated skin. A fan set on high and rotating. He was going to let the chocolate harden. I hadn’t expected him to go this far.

“Lucas, please. I’m sorry, please don’t leave me like this,” I wiggled my hips at him to show him exactly what I meant. The length of my cock was hard and now the chocolate was hardening around it. When the fan hit my nipples, it wasn’t all that bad. But when it hit my balls, it tickled, which drove me a little mad with desire and tortured me all at the same time.

“No worries, Lucas. I have plans for you while the chocolate hardens,” he reached out and touched my lips, chocolate coating his fingers. I opened my mouth and when I reached to lick them with my tongue he pulled just out of reach.

“Please,” I begged and when I felt his fingers against my tongue I licked them like I would his cock. Lucas inserted his fingers into my mouth and I sucked them clean, wiggling my tongue around and in between the digits. I groaned in protest when he removed his fingers from my mouth, but then I felt the bed shift and his cock was pressed against my lips.

By the time he was through cleaning off my nipples I was a mess.

“I’ll accept your apologies in a more carnal way, Lucas.” I couldn’t get passed the head of his cock, he wouldn’t move any closer, so I flicked my tongue back and forth. Lucas stiffened and I knew how much he liked that. I changed my speed going fast, then slow and back again, keeping him just on the edge. When I thought he’d grown bored, I swirled it around the head then shoved my tongue into his most sensitive spot. The grumble in his throat thrilled me and I felt the pulse in my own cock speed up.

With a pop from my sucking lips, Lucas pulled away. I hoped he’d shift so that I could suck his entire length but he left the bed instead. The fan shut off with a click and I heard him putting it back where it belonged. The bed shifted, but this time he was on the other side of me and his mouth attacked my nipple with wild abandon.

It felt like being licked by a big cat and then he started sucking. Lucas’s tongue swirled around, cleaning off all the chocolate. I bit my bottom lip trying not to give him the satisfaction of making me cry out. I could feel my cock throbbing in its chocolate encasement. I wanted his mouth sucking it clean. Instead, he switched to my other nipple. Instead of licking, he bit down, cracking the chocolate shell and then cleaned off the mess.

By the time he was through cleaning off my nipples I was a mess. Panting and swearing were all I was capable of. I lost track of everything and felt the strain in my wrists and ankles from all the struggling I’d done. Sometimes having sensitive nipples was both a curse and a blessing.

Lucas worked his way down my body, cleaning up the splattered chocolate with licks, bites, and swirls of his delectable tongue. As he continued, I felt him shift himself so he was in between my spread legs. Finally, his mouth would be exactly where I wanted it, no where I needed it.

Instead he decided to tease me even more and sucked each of my balls until I was begging him to suck my cock.

“Say the magic word, Lucas and I just might,” The words were spoken softly, his voice deep and filled with desire. I was still trying to catch my breath, so when I spoke it sounded like I had just run a mile.

“Please, Lucas. Please, my sweet lover. Suck my fucking cock before I die of desire.” I waited and caught my breath, regaining control. Until his tongue and teeth started working on the chocolate shell. He was gentle, so tender, in order to not hurt me. My heart pounded and my cock flooded hardening so much more that it broke the shell.

Lucas ate the pieces from what I could tell and licked the entire length of the underside of my cock. Lifting it, he changed position again, so that he could lick the top clean. When that was done, I felt him slide his lips down, down all the way, until it hit the back of his throat. Swallowing, I lifted my hips to face-fuck him the way he liked. I could tell he’d opened his mouth wide, letting saliva drip down and lubricate my length. Not stopping, I increased my speed as much as I could, which wasn’t much. I couldn’t grab him and that irked me.

Lucas tormented me even more by humming. The vibrations pulsed down the length of my cock and I lost control. I fucked his throat harder and faster than ever before in this position. My mouth opened and I groaned in pleasure while exploding down his throat. My entire body tightened and then relaxed as my cock spasmed against his tongue.

I hadn’t realized my head was up until it fell back against the bed. I felt Lucas move as he pulled himself off my length. Instead of releasing me, Lucas’s cock pressed against my parted lips and he did to me what I normally did to him. When the last of his pent-up desire spilled down my throat, he untied me and then cuddled me.

“Thank you, Lucas. I’m glad I could be your dessert.” He grunted softly in reply and pressed his length closer to me. I kissed him on the top of his head and held him for as long as he would let me.

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