Sizzling Nibbles: Indiscriminate Hookup

Sizzling Nibbles is a new category for the random short stories that I come up with on the spur of the moment. As usual, this is naughty, steamy, and erotic. Enjoy!

Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty
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Bent over the foot of the bed with my pants and panties around my ankles, I waited. I didn’t have much time, and I wanted to feel the length of him inside me. I tried raising my hips and ass in the air a little higher, but to no avail. I wiggled my ass back and forth to get his attention, even though I already had it. I could feel the way his eyes further undressed me.

When I heard the zipper of his pants opening and the heavy thud of denim hitting the floor, I knew he would be inside me any moment. Instead, he played with his cock first. I could hear the telltale sound of his hand stroking roughly and I wondered if I would get off today.

Warm fingers slid along my backside as he spread me open. The thick head of him pressed against me. He sunk his fingertips into my skin and pushed. Regardless of how often we did this, my hole was always wet and tight. It was a little painful when he pushed inside, but it went away quickly as my juices coated his cock as he slid deep inside me.

With the first, hardest, thrust taken care of, instead of pulling back and giving me what I wanted, he shifted his hips against me. Slight movements, back and forth and circular motions, stretched me to give him more room to work with. Sometimes it didn’t matter how drenched you got, you had to have a little more room. Who knew where the lube was and there hadn’t been time to find it.

My eyes fluttered shut. The way his hips moved made it feel like little electric sparks were hitting the ends of my nerves. I lost focus as the sensations took over. I felt heat spreading through my center. Climaxing was so close and so far away at the same time. The gentleness of his movements made me want to beg and plead for more. I couldn’t speak. Thought had fled my mind and those little starbursts behind my eyelids teased me.

I wasn’t prepared to hear his voice whispering in my ear or feel the heat of his upper body against mine. The scent of his skin and the warmth of his breath on my skin pushed me closer to the edge. I understood nothing he said, but it didn’t matter.

I felt him pull back slowly, and he grabbed my hips harder than earlier.  I would most likely have finger-sized bruises on my skin later. It didn’t matter. My fingers fisted the coverlet tight. Even soaked he was big. Long and thick, his cock could be rough even when gentle. Regardless, I would be sore for a while after. It was worth it.

When he thrust forward, I tried to lift my hips to meet him in the middle.  It didn’t work though. Trapped between the bed and his powerful grip caused a vulnerable feeling to cascade from my neck to the base of my spine. A soft moan escaped his lips, the heat of his body increased. “God baby, you’re so tight.”

As he slowly worked himself in and out of my tight hole, I moaned. The length of his cock touched every part of me. “Faster.” The single word was all I could think. He grabbed my hips tighter and lifted me slightly. Now my feet just barely touched the floor. I couldn’t help but brace myself. It was automatic.

As he pulled out of me, I clenched harder on the coverlet. He’d have to fix the sheet beneath after I left, but I couldn’t stop myself. The next forward thrust came quick and hard, followed by rapid fire, short ones. He pummeled into me and a long, low moan turned into a pleasure-filled scream.

The pounding wasn’t slowing down. His strokes got shorter and faster. Every couple of strokes he would adjust my hips, causing his thrust to reach deeper into me. My moans broke up, punctuated by the quickness and strength of his momentum.

“Such a good girl, screaming for me. Let’s see how loud you get.” Wrapping my hair around his hand, he pulled. As my back arched, his cock changed angle and a tidal wave crashed down over me. My arms contracted into my chest as the scream let loose from my throat. Honeyed heat spread through my entire body as the climax reached its crescendo and then drizzled down, leaving me relaxed.

After a few moments remembering how to breathe, I stood back up. Bending over with care, I pulled up my panties and my pants. Making sure my clothing was straight, I ran my fingers through my hair. Turning around, I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

“I’ve got to get back to work. See you tomorrow.”

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