Masturbation Monday: Hush

Welcome to the first Masturbation Monday post for the New Year! This is a New Year’s Eve “Fling” story and I hope that you find it to be fun, sexy, and that it gets you in a steamy mood.

We clung to each other for a few moments and when we couldn’t take waiting, moved with each other.
We clung to each other for a few moments and when we couldn’t take waiting, moved with each other.

As I sat scrolling through photos from the party going on downstairs, a guy burst into my bedroom, closed the door, then locked it. He appeared flustered and out of breath. I would’ve been scared, but I knew who it was, but not why he’d needed to seek refuge. He turned and slid down to the floor, then placed his hands on his face.

“Um, hi.” I smiled at Rick as he sat blocking my only exit. “Is everything alright?” For a few moments, he just stared at me. “Rick, are you okay? Should I call 911?” I waved my hand back and forth.

“No, no. I’m good now. Sorry for the intrusion. PTA moms are really scary.” He just sat there, looking a little shell-shocked. I could definitely relate. The PTA moms were a little crazy, with the exception of my neighbor. And, like high school, I couldn’t invite one or two people from the clique and not the rest of it, because some people forget we’re not in high school.

“Sorry. I understand.” I couldn’t help but look him up and down. His long legs stretched in front of him, jeans ending in work boots. The t-shirt he wore clung to him, showing off muscles that told me he enjoyed the gym.

“Are you checking me out right now?”

I flushed, feeling a little stupid about being so open. I snapped my eyes back to his face only to want to rip his clothes off when dimples peeked out from the smile that spread across his face. I looked back down at my phone, wishing I could escape from my own home.

“Well, I guess that means I’m finally over my ex. You’re probably the first guy I’ve checked out since I got married.” Another face-flush greeted my already over-heated cheeks.

“Paige, aren’t you an introvert? Why the hell did you throw a raging party?” He pulled one knee up to his chest and he looked as though he’d completely settled in for a nice long chat. The way he wrapped his fingers around his knee made me notice the fact that he wasn’t married and just how long his fingers fit with his long frame.

Shrugging, I wasn’t sure how to answer his question, “I wanted to celebrate, but I didn’t want to go out, and I thought maybe a handful of people would be nice. And then they wanted to bring their plus one, which was fine. But then it kind of got out of control because one person would say I couldn’t invite this person without inviting that person. Cue the party downstairs.” I bit my lower lip. Rick was gorgeous. He was tan and his hair looked dark. In the sunshine, you could see all the varying shades of brown. He hadn’t shaved in a couple of days and the scruff made me want to rub my hands against his cheeks.

Rick smiled and I could feel his eyes appraising me. “Your ex-husband must be blind or stupid.” Rick stood and messed up his hair by running his fingers through it. I didn’t want to back downstairs yet and I didn’t want to be alone up here either.

“Wait, will you stay with me?”

I stood, too. I was right in front of him. I had given my twin girls the master suite after the divorce. I felt they suited the larger space better. They could have their own space while still sharing a bedroom and bathroom. My bedroom had been the upstairs office and it was larger than the room the girls were in, which is why I turned it into my room. “I don’t want to be alone, but I’m not ready to go down there just yet.”

Every time Rick and I had been in the same space, whether it was for a school function or random encounter, my heart sped up fast enough that I was afraid it would burst. It wasn’t any different now. Before I realized it, my hand was on his chest, his hands were around my waist, then up my back as he pulled me close. Rick’s lips hovered just above mine. He’d stopped. For a moment, I worried he didn’t want to kiss me.

Lifting myself up, I pressed my lips against his. They were soft and the scruff on his cheeks was just the right amount of scratchy. I moaned, something I hadn’t done when my husband kissed me in years. Rick took advantage and kissed me deep, slipping his tongue inside.

Within moments, we were stripping off each other’s clothes. When Rick stood naked before me, I touched him. I ran my hands down his abdominal muscles, his thighs. I moved around him and squeezed his ass, which made him laugh. He turned and gently pulled me onto the bed with him. As we kissed, we explored each other. Rick’s fingers felt rough against my soft skin. I remembered he worked a lot with his hands. He built the sets for the plays and that made me recall his construction business.

All thought left my head when he pinched my nipples lightly between those rough fingers, “Rick, oh fuck, that’s perfect.” I wanted to give back, so I grabbed his length and stroked him. I wrapped my hand around him tight enough to have a good grip, but loose enough so he would slide through easily. Up and down, over the head when I reached the top, I used the pad of my thumb to massage the cleft. Rick growled in pleasure and kissed my neck.

Seeking with his fingers, he found me wet and I felt him slide them up inside. His thumb hit my clit at the same time mine hit the underside of the head of his cock. We both squirmed against one another and he breathed my name in my ear, “Paige…”

I knew what he was asking.

“Yes, now. Right now.” Rick lifted me and impaled me with one swift move. I cried out in both pain and pleasure. He was thicker than my ex and it had been a while. We clung to each other for a few moments and when we couldn’t take waiting, moved with each other.

We kissed and moaned together, eagerly seeking mutual bliss. Rick’s calloused fingers dug into my hips and he plunged into me over and over again. My breasts bobbed up and down in his face. I grabbed his shoulders to hold on as I squeezed and spasmed around his cock. Rick reached up with one hand and pulled my face against his shoulder, “Hush, woman. You’re loud as hell and I love it, but hot damn, your party guests might hear us.”

I had forgotten all about the party. And, for a few moments, I didn’t care that there were a ton of drunk adults acting like teenagers sneaking out to a parent-free party downstairs. I rode Rick hard and fast, wanting to get him off. I wanted to hush him. “You are so fucking sexy.”

Rick started thrusting harder and deeper into me and I watched as his eyes closed, his mouth fell open. His hands tightened on my hips and I swear his cock thickened before he went animal-crazy as he exploded inside me. I had one hand on his mouth and the other holding onto his shoulder as I came all over again. We panted between laughing and kissing. I touched his face, enjoying the feeling his scruff made against my hand.

After a few moments, we got up and dressed to rejoin the party. Luckily, we could sneak down the back stairs and join the party since everyone was now in the living room shouting. It was the countdown. Rick and I entered and started counting down with everyone else. When the clock struck midnight, Rick pulled me close to kiss me again. I couldn’t help but kiss him back, hoping for a repeat of earlier when my guests wandered out the door.

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