Masturbation Monday: Flipping the Switch – Part Five

Welcome back for Flipping the Switch – Part Five! Grant gives in and let his Kitten do whatever she wants to him and he doesn’t want her to stop.

“You’re so beautiful, Mistress,” When I stopped, his head fell back to expose his neck and his chest rose and fell as he tried to remember how to breathe. “Please don’t stop. Please, I’ll do whatever you want.”

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I ran my tongue up along his sack, the length of his cock, pausing to tease the head and lick the mess from his belly. I crawled up his body, kissing and licking my way to his throat. When I reached my destination, I grazed my teeth against his skin. He was shaking beneath me, this alpha male of mine.

“Do I look this wonderful and amazing to you when you’re punishing me, my love?” The words I hadn’t meant to utter escaped as I whispered them against his ear. I nibbled his earlobe and then slid back down his body to press him against my opening.

“So beautiful,” he said, the words coming out soft and sweet as he exhaled.

The feeling of the head of his cock against me made my insides feel like melting butter. I lifted his length and inserted him slow and steady, inch by aching inch, regardless of my mind screaming to thrust myself down as fast and hard as I could.

My moans joined with Grants as we sang out our mutual pleasure as I tortured us both by moving slow, oh so slow, down until our hips met. Feeling him shift beneath me, I yanked the chain lightly that connected the nipple clamps. He froze, the pain engulfing him.

“No. You’ll not be moving. You are my slave and I will use you like a dildo. Stay still and do not come.” I punctuated my last command by touching his nipples lightly. I knew I would have to let them go, but not yet.

“Tell me you understand, slave.” I slapped my hand on his chest to get his attention focused.

“Yes, Mistress. I understand. I am your slave, your dildo, and I will not come until you give me permission.” Poor Grant, how he struggled to get out all those words. I knew he was feeling his nerve-endings shrieking with pain and pleasure throughout his body because I had been there. Many times.

I could feel the pulse of his heart in his cock. I clenched my lower muscles around him and he forgot how to breathe all over again. I leaned forward and started riding him in earnest. I started out slow because regardless of the fact that I was in charge here, I knew if I didn’t pay attention I would give in and beg to be taken.

Riding him on my own, without his fingers digging into my hips, gripping me tight and lifting me made things a little difficult, but I managed to make us both sweat and gasp and shudder while I tried to get a good rhythm on my own. I had my hands on his chest to help me bounce up and down, my nails digging into his flesh as I let my head fall back to be swept away by the intense pleasure pulsating through my body.

“Oh God, OhGodOhGod,” I lost all sense of myself as one of the best orgasms ever ripped through me. I felt shredded and pieced back together as a new person. As I came back down, I realized just how much fun and powerful it was to be in control. I reached forward and started loosening one of the nipple clamps.

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