Masturbation Monday: Secret Domme

You can thank GeekNGrind for his amazing photo that broke my hiatus for freebies this week. I hope you enjoy a little Secret Female Domination  in your life.

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I asked for something fun and enticing. Shower grope? C’mon, you can do better than that. Give me something better or I’ll punish you.

The phone thumps onto the mattress as I shove a pillow over my face to catch whatever moans I can’t contain. I think it’s over, but as I catch my breath I see the video still playing. I hear the sounds of stroking and perhaps a little groan from the person not shown on screen. My toy, happily buzzing away inside me, gets me right back into that blissed out state. I shove the pillow back over my head and fear he’s definitely going to hear me this time.

This time when I’m done, I know I’m done. I turn the toy off and extract it from my overworked cunt. I’m a little sweaty but I don’t care. My hands shake as I wipe the toy down and put it away. Flopping back down onto my bed, I tilt my head to listen. From what I can tell, he’s still sound asleep. My roommate has no idea what I really do for money. When we met for the interview, I told him I’m a writer and no, you can’t read my work, no I won’t give you my penname, and if you keep asking, I’ll find a new roommate. It kept him from questioning me.

You see, I do multiple things. Tonight, while getting off to my slave’s video, I was also making a video. I don’t even really need a roommate, it’s just nice to have someone help with the chores around the house. Maybe have dinner with, or even watch a movie when we haven’t made plans. Instead of going about my usual edit and upload routine, I make sure my phone is charging and send a quick text to my slave. I also have several digital slaves that prefer a long-distance Domme. They pay me well.

Good boy. Mistress is quite pleased with this video. Send a fun and enticing photo tomorrow morning.

I check my alarm, then set the phone on the night stand and turn out the lights. It doesn’t take long before I’m dreaming. Smutty dreams roll around in my head and I squirm in my sheets. I dream about the cock in the video. About having the slave bound and teasing him until he can’t take it any longer. Until he begs for release – but I don’t give it. Just like I didn’t let him have it when he made the video.


Groaning, I hit the snooze button, but I know I can’t go back into the amazing dreams. I need to take notes. Breathing deep, I let it out and then sit up in bed. I grab the covers and shake them out from my tossing and turning all night. And once I’m happy, I turn on the soft light lamp, fluff the pillows behind me, and pick up my phone to turn off the alarm. A message is waiting from the slave.

Opening it, has me biting my lip and wriggling. I adore shower shots. I asked for something fun and enticing though. Even though shower photos are so much fun, it’s not good enough today. I need something unique. Something I haven’t seen before.

I asked for something fun and enticing. Shower grope? C’mon, you can do better than that. Give me something better or I’ll punish you.

As I wait, I open up a blank document and type down all the things I can remember from my dreams. Bondage. Spanking. Teasing. Pre-cum dribbling down the side of a very nice cock. The way he grovels. Maybe I should start writing smutty stories. I’m already hot and wet just writing down these few tidbits that I remember. Closing my eyes, I consider pulling out the toy and taking care of my needs, but then my message notification buzzes. The slave says he’ll do better and apologizes for sending such a boring shot. I send a quick reply.

Not boring, dear, but I want something that will make me giggle with excitement.

I shimmy a bit and squeal quietly. Hopping out of bed I slide my robe on. I know my roommate is around somewhere. Possibly still sleeping, or maybe in the shower. There isn’t any sound of water running when I get close to the bathroom, so I walk on in.

Imagine my surprise when I see my roommate positioned naked against the mirror, his cock touching the reflected cock. He hasn’t noticed me yet and I cannot help myself. I take a quick snap of him posing just as my phone dings with a message from my slave.

He turns at the ding and we both freeze. “You’re my Domme?”

“You’re my slave?”

“Were you just taking a photo of me while I was taking a photo of my cock?” At the beginning he sounded quite angry, but by the end of his question he sounded much more intrigued and a bit interested.

“Uh, yeah. I am so sorry. I would never violate someone’s privacy like this but you were so fucking sexy standing there like that and I just had to take it. I’ll delete it if you want. Please don’t hate me.” I babble faster by the word until even I couldn’t understand. No one knew what I really did for a living. I lied to my family. I lied to my friends. I lied to so many people and now he knew. He knew!

Panic tightened my chest and I couldn’t breathe. Blood rushed through my ears while my heart pounded. There’s a chance I may be having a heart attack. My phone slips from my hand, but he catches it and sets it on the vanity. Gripping my shoulders beneath his strong manly hands, the same ones now that I knew who he was, that gripped the cock in the shower photo from earlier.

“It’s okay. We didn’t know, but … but now we do. Just breathe. It’s okay.” His voice reassured me and brought me out of the fear-state. I could feel myself breathing deeper. Our eyes met. Eyes that I normally saw through a mask when I required him to wear one.

“How could we not realize? I need coffee. You need a towel. Or clothes.” I remember to breathe again and walk out of the bathroom to the kitchen. Looking back in my mind at all of our interactions, I can’t believe I didn’t realize he was a submissive in some ways.

Anything I asked, he was fairly quick to do. A few times, I didn’t even realize he was suffering from illness when I would ask him to do something. And when I did, I’d scoff at him about taking care of himself. It lined up with the times my slave said he wasn’t feeling well and would need a small break from playtime. I’m always so focused on my work, that I don’t always see what’s going on around me. But now, thinking about it, all the telltale signs jump out in my mind like the coyote holding his signs.

My mind starts running scenarios as I automatically run through the coffee routine. There were so many potential avenues I could take. That we could take. All I needed to know is if he was interested in entering a physical phase or not.

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