Sizzling Nibbles: Forbidden Strokes

This is a very quick, short hot story about male masturbation. Obviously NSFW or Kids.

The meeting finally ended. I waited a few extra moments while everyone exited the conference room. Watching Leasa conduct the meeting had ramped up my need and my cock was harder than steel. There was no way for me to stand up and walk out without others seeing the evidence of my arousal. I looked over my notes as the others exited the room.

After I was sure everyone had returned to their offices, I stood. My cock was still hard, but not as noticeable now. I couldn’t help but touch myself, to adjust my cock. I had been denying myself pleasure for over a week now. I needed to get back to my office before anyone else made their way to the conference room.

Just as I stepped out carrying my folders and legal pad, Leasa came back. I slipped passed her with a nod and hurried to my office. I tried not to glance back, but I couldn’t help it and caught her bending over the conference room table as she shut down the computer. Once I got there, I closed and locked the door.

My cock strained against my pants. I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed release. I had a little while before anyone would bother me. I leaned back in my chair. After I unbuckled my belt, I unbuttoned, then unzipped my pants. Pulling my cock out felt so damn good. I grabbed some generic unscented lotion and shot a little in my hand.

I wondered if I had a shot at Leasa. My cock was throbbing at the thought of coming up behind her, lifting up her tight skirt and pulling down her panties. I stroked slowly, imagining the wetness of her desire coating the bulbous head of my cock. It wasn’t long until the head of my cock dripped precum. I let it sit there and gather until it slid down the side to join the lotion already there.

I tightened my hand a little, fantasizing about shoving it inch by inch into Leasa as she begged me to fuck her hard. I could see her spread open before me, her thighs drenched. I’d push my cock in slow as she thrust her hips back at me to get me to move faster.

Clenching my teeth tight, I swallowed a moan and tightened my hand on my cock, stroking faster. In my mind I was thrusting deep and hard into Leasa, with one hand on her hip to hold her steady, as the other spanked her bare tanned ass. The sounds coming out of her mouth would be loud enough to attract attention but I kept banging away. In my mind, we’d never be caught.

My cock was soaked with her juices as she enjoyed being pounded from behind. I stroked my hand up over the head and back down the entire length. Increasing my speed and letting my hand go a little loose, I really jerked it. Faster in my fantasy, I banged Leasa and she begged, pleaded, and wiggled beneath me. Her tight, soaked hole started clenching down on my cock and once again, it was drenched with her juices. My cock twitched and jerked as I shot my load, coating the top of my cleared desk in pearlescent white streaks.

I relaxed into the back of my chair, my eyes still closed. Mistress Leasa was going to make me pay for taking matters into my own hands later, but it was worth every forbidden stroke.

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