Sizzling Nibbles: Desires and Daydreams

Ever have a rough week and go out to treat yourself? What happens when you see that hot guy sitting on the other side of the bar? Does your imagination take over and feed you naughty desires?

Sizzling Nibbles

The week had been ridiculously long and full of demands from bosses and coworkers. It was a perfect excuse to spoil myself on Friday after the day ended by taking myself out to dinner and drinks. I hung my jacket on the back of the chair over my purse, then hopped up onto the barstool.

Jenny came over and smiled, “The usual?” She slapped a napkin down on the bar. Jenny was awesome. She always remembered what I drank and knew I’d most likely be ordering dinner as well. Tall, thin, with long blonde hair and bubbly personality, she was the best bartender. At my nod, she started mixing my drink.

Once she set down the sickeningly sweet but utterly delicious concoction before me, I took a long pull off the straw. The honey-flavored Jack slid down my throat along with the rest of the mix and I sighed. It would do the job of releasing all the tension built up over the past week. “Better?”

“Much, thank you. Can you put in an order for the Bruschetta chicken for me with a baked potato and broccoli?” Jenny set down a glass of water and silverware. Once everything was set, she headed for the kitchen to put in my order. I felt eyes watching me and spotted someone across the bar.

If I hadn’t been sitting, I would’ve fallen over. The guy watching me was model-perfect from what I could see. He had that slightly too long hair and it was dark brown or black. I couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from this far, but his arms… well, let’s just say they passed my inspection. Being a sucker for wide shoulders and muscular arms, I couldn’t help but see just how tight his shirt was across his chest.

I wanted to see more and my imagination kept sparking little tidbits. How his abs would look as sweat glistened while he fucked me. The way his fingertips would feel gliding against my skin. I looked away as I could feel a wave of desire overwhelm me. I took another long drink off my straw and swirled it with the straw, listening to the ice clink against the glass. Before I knew it, the drink was gone.

Warmth from the honey Jack suffused my insides. Finally, the stress of the week fell away. Jenny appeared and smiled. She didn’t bother asking if I wanted a refill, she simply made it. When she came back over, I couldn’t help myself and I motioned to the guy at the other end of the bar, “Who’s he? Any idea?”

Not bothering to look, she knew who was sitting there. “Hot, right? According to his card, his name is Alex. No ring or indication of a missing ring. No mention of a girlfriend, but you never know these days. This is the third time I’ve seen him.” Jenny, a fountain of information. Customers talked to her about everything, even me. She finished wiping down the bar and the server from the kitchen appeared with my order. I could feel my stomach growl in anticipation of digging in.

Knowing his name didn’t help matters at all. I kept imagining being bent over by him as he coaxed me into screaming his name. I concentrated on separating my meal into two portions. One half I’d eat now, the other would be my second dinner or lunch the next day. I felt Alex’s eyes on me again as I ate. As I swallowed, I picked up my fresh drink and took a long swallow off the straw. As I drank, I met his eyes and winked at him. If that didn’t give him the go ahead nothing would.

I saw a smile appear slowly on his full, sexy lips. On some women they’d be referred to as ‘cock-sucking lips’. I had ideas of what his lips could do to my tits as they sucked them into his mouth, expanding those lips around them. I wondered if he would get up and move over to the empty seat next to me for a moment, but if not, I could definitely fantasize that he did later on when I was home all alone.

I finished eating, and while the dish was delicious, I hadn’t really tasted it. I wiggled in my seat, my panties soaked through as thoughts of Alex grabbing me gently by the neck and kissing me as he fucked me against the wall. “Everything good?”

Jenny interrupted my salacious thoughts, which was probably a good thing. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk out of here without jumping the poor guy. “Excellent, as always. Can I get a box?” I picked up my glass and gave it a shake, then took another long drink. I couldn’t get enough of the drink, regardless of the overly sweet flavor.

Jenny brought over a box and I packed up the leftovers. “So, are you going to take a chance and chat up the hottie?” The smile on her face was huge. I felt the blush rise up my face, but shook my head.

“I don’t think so. I’ve tried chatting up guys before, it just never seems to pan out.” I shrugged and finished the last of my drink. “Can you cash me out?” I slid my card across the bar but Jenny didn’t take it.

“You’ve already been taken care of by the nice gentleman at the end of the bar.” She nodded her head towards Alex, even though I already knew who she was talking about. If I were turned on any hotter, I’d leave a puddle behind.

“Wow. That’s never happened before.” I thought about scribbling my name and number down on a napkin, but I wanted to thank him in person instead. I grabbed my purse and coat, then walked over to him. When I got there he turned towards me with a sultry smile on his gorgeous lips. Maybe I would get to live out the fantasy that had been teasing me for the past hour.

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