Wicked Wednesday: Strangers on a Train

Once again I’m diving into Wicked Wednesday! A short, steamy story about Strangers on a Train.

Story Quote Wicked Wednesday Strangers on a Train
I felt as though they were able to caress my skin under my clothing with their eyes.

I huffed as I sat down in my seat. The week had been wicked and I was finally done with this trip. My boss agreed that I could use the refund from the airline when they booted me off my flight to buy a train ticket. It had been a while since I’d ridden on a train, but a little staring out the window at scenery felt like a thing I needed right this moment.

I felt eyes on me when we started moving. The person looking at me was intense, I felt as though they were able to caress my skin under my clothing with their eyes. There weren’t many people on board. It wasn’t difficult for me to find the man looking at me like I was dessert.

The man eye-fucking me had to be at least twenty years older than me if the lines around his eyes when he smiled told me anything. There were a few grays in his hair, too. I wondered how far off on his age I might be, but didn’t for long. I became distracted when he licked his lips and rubbed his neck with his hand like he was having to hold himself in check.

A blush worked its way up my flesh, pausing long enough in my core to almost set my panties on fire. I wasn’t uncomfortable with the attention he gave me. Quite the opposite. I was flattered. And now I wanted to do something to repay him for making me feel womanly again.

Spreading my knees, I slid the hem of my skirt back. When I did this, his eyes widened in surprise and his full lips slid into a smile. He sat back in his seat, face resting on his hand, to watch what else I might be willing to show.

Feeling emboldened by his blazing gaze, I spread my legs farther apart and touched my pussy through satin fabric. I was so wet and I could smell my desire wafting from between my thighs.

He lowered his lids, his gaze becoming a little sleepy-looking, as if I might be boring him. I didn’t want to bore him, so I pushed aside the fabric and spread my slickness around to show him how he made me feel. Instantly, his eyes became alert. The lines of his body were tense and I saw him look around the car.

Once he had his fill of looking everywhere else but at me, he moved carefully to my seating area. I had a feeling he was trying not to attract too much attention from the other people in the car.

“Oh fuck, you smell delicious. Can I taste you?” He ran his fingers along my forearm, grasped my wrist with a gentle embrace and pulled my fingers from my snatch. Before I could say one way or the other, he was sucking each of them clean.

The sounds he made while his tongue worked to clean every finger sounded as though he was holding back. It made me wonder if he was loud in bed. I squirmed in my seat, sure I was going to leave a puddle behind or have wet spots on my skirt.

I wiggled my toes and he ground himself against me.

The bulge in his suit pants told me how much he enjoyed licking my fingers. I wondered if he would be interested in licking me right here and now on the train. Could I be that bold? To let a man tongue-fuck me while all these strangers were around us, hoping not to get caught? Just the idea of trying it made my pussy spasm.

“Can I touch you?”

The man had finished with my fingers and I was brought back to reality, away from the fantasies of us getting it on, hot and heavy. In one scenario that had popped into my mind, people caught us, but instead of being angry, they were turned on. They were cheering us on to go farther and naughtier, touching themselves and each other.

“Yes, please.” My voice was barely there. I spread my legs again and reached down to slide my satin bikini panties to the side. If he hadn’t heard me, then I was sure this would make my answer clear as day.

He seized my leg by the ankle and lifted it, then deftly removed my sandal. The stranger placed my foot against his shaft. I wiggled my toes and he ground himself against me. I’d never done this sort of thing before either. I was so outside my normal sexual comfort zone, but I didn’t want to stop. I wanted this. I wanted him.

His fingers grazed me gently at first, then probed inside. I slid my ass to the edge of the seat, causing his fingers to sink as deep as he could reach. It had been so long since I’d been with someone sexually and I felt almost desperate for him.

Clamping my jaws together with one hand, I muffled the sounds of pleasure escaping from me. The smirk on his face told me he enjoyed fingering me, enjoyed causing me to writhe against the vinyl seat, the sound of my skin ripping away from the vinyl made him chuckle while the pain gave me another pleasurable sensation.

“Fuck, you’re amazing.” The laugh lines crinkled around his eyes when he smiled and I rubbed him with my foot, trying to keep a decent rhythm. It was difficult with his fingers and smile and those laugh lines distracting me.

When the conductor came over the speaker to announce the upcoming stop, we both froze. I sat up straight and tucked my skirt back in place. The stranger followed suit. “I didn’t know this train made a stop so soon.”

“Neither did I. Um, I don’t want to stop. Would you be interested in going back to my place?” The pads of his fingers brushed my knee and I could feel the callouses there. It made me wonder what he did with his hands that put them there when he wore such an expensive looking suit.

“Yes. I’d like that very much.”

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