Masturbation Monday: Naughty Hottie for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a Naughty Hottie, so I thought I’d share a super hot story with you to give you a little taste. Enjoy this Masturbation Monday short story.

Before I flicked my thumbs over his nipples, his lips were on mine and our tongues danced.
Before I flicked my thumbs over his nipples, his lips were on mine and our tongues danced.

I turned to head for a table far from the bar, only to almost crash into the hottie I had lusted over every time I saw him the past few months. He was a new coworker and younger, by at least ten years, than me. Every time I saw him, my eyes wandered. There was no stopping it, so I didn’t. I let them linger. I traced his cheekbones, the muscles I knew were hidden beneath the thick sweater, all the way down his long legs.

When I looked up, pausing on the full lips that quirked up into a smile, I finally finished and met his stormy eyes. They were an icy gray with flecks in them that made them appear like shattered glass. The effect of his eyes could mesmerize me if I weren’t careful. I didn’t want to be careful.

“My apologies.” I tucked my crappy light beer into the crook of my arm, the same way I would if this were a busy bar or dance floor. “I didn’t splash on you, did I?”

“No, we’re good.” He took a sip of his own crappy light beer. I wanted to put my hand on his chest and feel if his sweater was as soft as it looked. He cleaned up so well. I was used to seeing him in ripped up jeans or sweats, tank tops or thick hoodies. It all depended on the time of year. I wanted to see him naked. Just the thought made me lick my lips.

“Well, Merry Christmas,” I took off towards the table I’d staked out with other coworkers. Ben elbowed me as soon as I sat down. I wouldn’t be cold the rest of the time I spent at the party because there was now a fire lit inside me.

Embarrassed, I hid behind Ben once I sat at the table.

“What was that about? Should I be jealous?” He looked me over. I saw the eyebrow raise and the concerned lines form.

“No…” I sighed. I had rules, stupid rules, about coworkers. No dating, no sex, hell it was rare to go out for a casual drink with coworkers. I took a long drink from my beer and then the table was called to get food.

When I came back with my plate, hottie was sitting in the empty seat next to me. I glared at Ben with squinty-eyes, sure this was his doing.

Ben shrugged, shook his head, proclaiming his innocence. I had no idea what to think. I closed my eyes for a long moment and then dug into the food on my plate. Ben came back. The people around our table were all joking and chattering away. Sarcasm and gossip flew between us. We all laughed and sometimes got really loud.

The waiter cleared plates, empty beer bottles, and glasses. I sat back, comfortable with the people around me. The hottie, too. He was quiet, but funny. I could feel his eyes on me now and again. I didn’t expect to feel his thigh press against mine, but it was there.

It wasn’t long until we were the only ones left at the table. Others went to chat and mingle some more, to look at the gifts they’d won and to make trades. Hottie, whose name was actually Drew, leaned over to speak in my ear. There wasn’t any way I’d hear a whisper with the band playing ridiculously loud. “Any chance you want to get out of here?”

The thrill that went through my center speared me in such a way I thought when I got up there’d be a puddle on the chair. I nodded. I finished my beer, then stood and we walked the perimeter of the room to make it look like we were heading back towards the bar. Walking right by it, we headed for the coat room.

Before I could grab my coat and put it on, he had the door shut and blocked with a high table. He pulled me into his strong arms and smiled down at me. I slipped my fingers underneath his sweater to find soft, supple muscles. Before I flicked my thumbs over his nipples, his lips were on mine and our tongues danced. The feeling of his facial hair against my face ramped up my desire.

For the first time ever, I was glad I had dressed up for the party.

I never wore dresses or skirts, but tonight, I’d chosen a skirt. Drew pressed me up against the outside wall and he slid my thong out of the way. Within moments he was sliding his way inside.

“Fuck, your tight,” he whispered against my neck. He nibbled me there and I bit my lip to keep from giving us away by moaning. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and shifted myself slightly, helping him slide all the way inside.

We both groaned as if everything were right in every way that very moment. Drew kissed me again and we bounced together, flesh slapping as we clamored to reach the high we both craved. As his fingers dug into my thighs, I leaned my head back, craving the feel of stubble and lips against my neck. He obliged, easily guessing what I wanted.

It didn’t take much longer before we were bouncing harder, panting with a loss of breath, skin dampening with desire. My eyes slid closed and fireworks cracked behind my lids as I exploded inside. My lips, pressed against his shoulder, were muffled as I moaned my pleasure into his muscles. Drew grunted as my muscles spasmed around him, squeezing tighter, faster around his length.

Another orgasm rocked me and then I felt him join me. Drew was so hard, his fingers dug so deep I knew there’d be finger-sized bruises in my skin. He pushed inside harder, sped his rhythm up as he lost control.

Pressed against the wall, I held on tight with arms and legs wrapped around him. It took a few moments for us to catch our breath. He lowered me down gently and I straightened my skirt. His eyes stared into mine, all soft and warm while he zipped his pants up. “That was fun. Wanna come home with me?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about rules… sometimes they’re meant to be broken.

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