MasturbationMonday: Sweet Awakening

Oh. My. God. I had so much fun writing this. I literally just finished it moments ago. I had started writing it Saturday morning. I had to run some errands and do some yard work, but the story stuck with me, thank goodness, because it is one smoking hot read. I could definitely use this kind of wake up.

Sweet Awakening Quote
Reaching out with the tip of my tongue, I licked the nipple closest to me.

Another sleepless night. Brooke slept next to me deep and peaceful, on her side with her back to me. Her long black hair appeared like a shadow on the white pillowcase. Her ability to sleep so sound kindled a little bit of jealousy in me. For some unknown reason I’d been waking up three or four times a night. The sheet was only covering her hip and I watched Brooke’s form as it shifted a little with every breath. For a few moments I tried mimicking her breathing, but to no avail. I knew what I’d have to do in order to fall back to sleep.

The night was cool enough to have the air off but warm enough to open a window. The ceiling fan quietly turned above me on low. I removed the sheet covering my groin and ran my hands along my body. I was already somewhat hard, but as I touched myself, thinking of Brooke’s hands on my body, my cock grew more solid by the moment.

Brooke shifted onto her back, causing me to pause in what I was doing. As she settled, her breasts, round and full, shifted with her breathing. Watching her flooded my cock and I was rock hard in seconds, ready to explode at any moment. I shifted on my side and wondered just how deep in sleep she was.

After watching her for a count of ten, I grabbed the sheet and pulled it off of her as well. Reaching out with the tip of my tongue, I licked the nipple closest to me. Watching her face to gauge her reaction, I smiled, then went a little further and sucked it into my mouth. I watched as her soft lips parted and smiled when a small moan escaped. I trailed my fingertips down from her collarbone to her navel.

When she shifted, I paused and waited until she settled again. This time, she’d shifted her legs into a figure four, one foot placed against the knee of the other. Moving slow, I shifted up onto my knees. With my cock in one hand, and the other to steady me on the bed, I ran my tongue down the path my fingers had taken earlier. I couldn’t help myself. Brooke’s skin reflected the little bit of street light that glowed through the open window.

I still didn’t know how I had ended up with such a beautiful woman, both inside and out. She laughed at my stupid jokes and had a sassy mouth that I loved to kiss. Brooke never pushed me away when I wanted to hold her or fuck her and understood when I needed some time alone. I loved her more than she knew. And I knew she’d wake up shortly, screaming my name, if I did this right. Bringing her fantasy to life would make me just as happy.

I sucked her clit and reached up to grasp one of her round, succulent breasts in my hand

Lifting her leg might be a bit of a challenge, but she appeared to be sound asleep. I shifted her knee up first, then moved so that I was kneeling between them. I shifted further down the bed, lowering my face between her well-muscled thighs. All the dancing and running had given her a strong, fit form.

The scent of her right in front of my face hardened me even more. I was uncomfortable and adjusted myself as best I could. Using my thumbs, I separated her outer lips and licked from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit. She writhed in her sleep, another soft moan leaving her lips. Her left hand lifted and she laid it on her chest, fingers splayed as if she were holding in a laugh.

Watching her urged me on even more. I delved deeper with my tongue, licking and sucking along the edge of her. Spreading her completely open, I exposed my favorite spot. I started slow, flicking my tongue up and down over the sensitive spot. Brooke shifted again, but this time it was in my favor. Her knees pulled up and apart, giving me better access.

I sucked her clit and reached up to grasp one of her round, succulent breasts in my hand. It fit perfectly in my hand as I squeezed, first with a light touch and increasing the pressure with each new squeeze. Now she wriggled beneath me and her eyes flew open, meeting mine between her thighs.

“Oh fuck, Jimmy!” Within moments, her hands grabbed me by my hair, shoving my face deeper into her slickness. I pinched her nipple and sucked on her clit until she soaked my face in her delicious juices. I smiled as she panted beneath me and kissed the inside of her thighs. More often than not, I’d lick her pussy clean, but instead she was pulling me up by my hair. I trailed kisses, licks, and nibbles up her body, making her fight for every single inch she pulled me. It hurt a little, but I had no issue with a little pain.

The head of my cock grazed against her slit as I moved further up and I almost shot my load just from that. She reached between us, and did the hottest thing ever: grabbed my cock and started shoving it inside her. Brooke’s hot little hand on my cock felt so good, soft and smooth, but rough with how tightly she held me.

I slid into her so easily that she squeaked with a little surprise and I smothered her lips with a deep kiss. I hadn’t meant to hurt her, but I needed her so fucking bad. Most times I’d just whack off and hope it would put me back to sleep, but when I saw her roll over on her back, I knew tonight was the night to make her fantasy come true.

I growled low against her throat and nuzzled her, the stubble on my cheeks causing another moan to emerge from her gorgeous throat.

“Please, Jimmy,” Brooke dug her nails into my back, dragged them down to my ass and dug them in a little further. I loved it when she begged, so I forced myself to wait. Teasing her with kisses and nibbles everywhere I could reach with my mouth, gliding my fingertips along her soft skin wherever I could reach. She was squirming and panting beneath me and my buried cock twitched. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Thank you, baby. That was the best wakeup call I’ve ever had.”

Shifting a little, I lifted her hips a bit and started a short, fast rhythm that would bring us both quick and hard. Nails dug into my biceps as Brooke held on tight. A moan left her lungs and kept coming, rising in volume. I pulled out further with every stroke and pounded in harder.

Sweat coated my skin and still I forced myself to hold off. I needed to see her lose it beneath me again. Soon, I was pulling all the way to the tip and drilling back in. I used one hand to hold her face with a gentle touch. I wanted her eyes open and looking at me when she reached the edge.

I saw the moment Brooke reached it. Her eyes widened, her mouth opened and at first it was a soundless scream of pleasure on her face. Her voice caught up with her body and Brooke screamed out her pleasure long and loud. Muscles clenched around my length, increasing in strength as her orgasm swept through her body. I let go of my metaphorical leash to follow her over the edge and came so hard my entire body clenched with pleasure. When my cock stopped shooting into her, I laid gently on top of her, coating her in my sweat and scent.

Brooke’s arms wrapped around me and she kissed me wherever she could reach. “Thank you, baby. That was the best wakeup call I’ve ever had.” I grunted softly into her neck and closed my eyes. I knew I couldn’t fall asleep on top of her, but I could lay here for a few moments, covered in her love.

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