Masturbation Monday: Flipping the Switch – Part Four

Here you go my lovelies! Part Four of Flipping the Switch. Will Grant be able to please his Kitten without using his hands? Let’s find out.

I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.
I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.

I shimmied up his body, leaving a trail along his abs and chest. I pulled myself up using the headboard and shoved glistening goodness into his face. “I think you need to put that mouth of yours to better use.”

Grant didn’t hesitate. He loved the taste of me and would go down on me until I begged over and over again for him to take me. Sometimes he would and other times he would leave me wanting. This time, he’d make me reach climax or suffer the consequences.

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As he stabbed at me with his tongue, trying to get deeper with each thrust, I reached below me and tightened one of the nipple clamps. They were such a nice set, easily adjusted. Once I had the right one tightened, I switched hands and did the left. The way he moaned and grunted into me told me he noticed.

I wanted his cock in my mouth so much, but I refused to allow myself to turn over and take it. It would only be a way of giving in and I thought about leaving him hard and needy all night long. He changed what he was doing and started flicking and licking my little pearl of pleasure. I had been waiting so long to climax, it wouldn’t be long now. My eyes rolled back into my head and I held tight to the headboard so I wouldn’t accidentally smother my lover.

Cream covered his face and my skin glowed.

I moved off of him and took a few moments to gather my wits about me. I kneeled beside him and grabbed the bottom of my dress. I shimmied out of it and dropped it onto the floor, followed by my best bra. Leaning down I kissed Grant again, tasting my juices on his lips, his tongue. I licked along his chin and jaw.

I enjoyed how his chest rose and fell as he struggled to keep control. I wanted to take away even that little bit of alpha maleness. I dragged my nails down his chest, leaving a trail of pinkish red marks to his hips. The sounds that came out of his mouth, the way his body arched into my nails, spurred me on even more.

“Good God, woman. Why haven’t we done this before? Do you always feel this way when I torment you?” Grant’s words were breathy, raspy from the groaning and crying out earlier.

“Usually. Sometimes. Once the pain turns into pleasure I feel free and wild. Is that how you feel?” I tightened the clamps just a little more and he writhed against the bed, his eyes widened again and he breathed hard to get through it.

“That’s the tightest they go, my love. The same setting you start me out on more often than not.” I stroked his cock again, covered in my cream and strawberry lube. His eyes closed and he ground against me.

I moved to kneel between his legs and licked his balls.

The mingling of my juices, the strawberry lube, and his own maleness engulfed my tongue. I sighed in pleasure which caused Grant to shiver and pull away. I sunk nails into his thighs and sucked his ball into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it like a lollipop.

As he squirmed beneath me, I looked up at him. His eyes met mine and I enjoyed watching the way his eyes rolled, closed, and then opened to meet mine again. I sucked a little harder, brushed my teeth against the sensitive skin and moaned against the flesh. Hot drops of pre-ejaculate drizzled onto his belly. His stomach clenched, tightening the abdominal muscles I loved running my tongue along. I switched to his other nut and repeated my previous performance. Grant’s skin glistened with sweat and I could see that he was truly enjoying being my slave boy.

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      1. I’m reading front ways this time. It is an arousing story and the graphic caught my eye, as I love to have that done to me by a woman who knows how to caress just right, and of course do it to myself.

        When I read backwards, I was concentrating on what was making me horny as I masturbated and not paying attention to the plot. This time I’m paying attention to the story as well. I love to read stories this sexual aloud while being stroked and sucked.

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