Masturbation Monday: Exquisite Torture – Part Three

I really wanted to skip this and write a story based on this month’s inspiration, however, I didn’t want to disappoint my readers. Here is the final part of Vaughn’s night in the dungeon. We’ve seen him beg. Let’s see what happens now.

Being trapped an blind was the worst thing to happen, and yet I trusted Sebastian. From the Archives: Exquisite Torture
Being trapped an blind was the worst thing to happen, and yet I trusted Sebastian.

Sebastian stroked me, slow and loose, with his meaty hand. My hips shuddered, thrusting up and back, up and back, trying to coax him into squeezing tighter, moving faster. Knowing Sebastian wouldn’t give in didn’t stop me from trying.

“Tell me what you want, slave.” Sebastian pulled my head back by the hated blindfold. I still couldn’t see anything, no matter how often he used it as a way of controlling me. “I want to climax.” There. I said it.

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Sebastian laughed and kissed me full on the mouth, his tongue darting to snake its way in between my lips. “Better. How do you want to climax? In my hand?”

I shook my head back and forth regardless of his strong hand holding my head in place. There hadn’t been much movement. I knew I had to speak. “No, Sir.”

“Tell me what you want Vaughn and I might consider it.” Sebastian’s voice had gained the growl I loved, ached to hear. I wondered for a moment if I would break him before he could break me. Lips wrapped around the head of my cock for a split second.

“Do you want to climax down my throat?” After whispering harsh into my ear, he ran his tongue along the outer edge. He breathed heavily, matching my own deep panting breaths.

Shooting my load down your throat would feel fucking amazing.

I wanted to be given permission to mount my Master. To plunge my molten length into him and fill him with a flood of lava. I wanted to pound him until he begged me to let him orgasm. I could see in my mind, him bent over in front of me as I took his ass mercilessly. It was also a lie.

“I want you to fuck me.” I felt something inside me shatter. Walls crashed in my mind, dust blowing in the wind as they vanished. Time ticked as I waited for him to respond.

Movement to my left of a drawer opening, then closing. I knew which drawer he’d gotten into. Lube. My heart pitter-pattered like a school girl seeing her crush smile in her direction. I groaned when my cock swelled even more with the anticipation.

“Easy, boy.” Sebastian unlocked the cuffs from the table, but only long enough to turn me and relock them. He slid the kneeling bench in front of me and I took the cue. Once I had settled, he cuffed my ankles.

Sebastian pulled back and then railed into me like an automatic nail gun with a broken trigger.

A squeeze and a click. The sound of hands rubbing together to warm up the lube. Sebastian leaned over and nipped the back of my ear. Fingers probed me, slow and gentle. I rocked back and forth with his movements, helping him ease inside.

When his fingers widened, and then stroked me, I broke out in a sweat. “Fuck me.” I spat the words out, need and anger seared me inside. I rocked my ass harder against his fingers and then they were gone. It didn’t take long for him to replace them with what I wanted. His cock.

The bulbous head took time to breach me and I had to breathe. Sebastian had always been gentle with me, at least in the beginning. He would make me beg again very soon. One, two, three long slow strokes and then his hand reached around the front of me to grab my cock.

“Yes, please.” Moaning only got you so far with Sebastian, begging would get you where you wanted. I hated to beg. He broke me down each and every time in a different way. He found new and exciting ways to breach not just me, but my emotional and mental walls built carefully from all the crazy I’d lived through.

Hot breath on the back of my neck gave me indication of Sebastian’s needs. I knew he wanted to pound into me, to ravage me, but couldn’t. “Now. Now, Sir,” I braced my arms against the table I was cuffed to.

Sebastian pulled back and then railed into me like an automatic nail gun with a broken trigger. It said a lot about his skill as he kept his hand wrapped securely around my cock while he took my ass and owned it. I cried out, getting louder the longer he fucked me. Grunts and growls assailed my ears as he got closer to shooting me full of his semen.

“Oh, fuck, fuck fuck,” I cried. The hand wrapped around my cock tightened and loosened as it slid back and forth following his punishing rhythm. I covered his hand and whatever else the head of my cock was aimed at in thick, white ropes.

Sebastian reared back with a roar, bucking his hips wildly as he emptied himself into me. I gasped, unable to catch my breath. And then I was empty as he sat back. Sebastian left the room after a few moments of gathering himself.

When he came back, he uncuffed my ankles, then my wrists. The blindfold fell away and he helped me up from the kneeling bench. While he was gone, I’d started the new foundation of my walls. Ones that he would break down all over again. He helped me to the bathroom and lowered me into the tub of hot water.

Sebastian petted and kissed me, whispering nothings about how brave and strong I was, how he would help me and take care of me until I was whole again.

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  1. I don’t know if I should have read this so early in my day. I’m not going to get a damn thing done because the picture of Sebastian fucking him is imprinted on my brain right now. UNF!

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