Masturbation Monday: Lola

This post is not only brought to you by Masturbation Monday, but also by Lola Montez by Volbeat. Enjoy!

Lola Story Quote
“More, faster, hard. Please,” she begged, her voice almost a whine. 

I tried to be discreet when adjusting my junk, but with everyone’s eyes staring up at the stripper, I was sure no one noticed. Others were probably doing the same thing, thinking the same thing. She swung herself up and around the pole like it was an extension of herself. Her long, platinum blonde hair flew out as she spun.

She wore silver spiked heels and I could imagine how they’d feel digging in my backside as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I held up a five, waiting patiently for her to slide across the stage in front of me, her pussy so close to my face that I could almost lick it. And then there she was, on her knees, spread before me, leaning back. The way her hands caressed her body made my cock ache. I wanted it to be my hands touching her.

I slid the bill into her g-string and she leaned forward, her face right there, our noses so close to touching. A flash of white light passed over and I saw those beautiful teal eyes. Like eyes I had never seen before. I felt as if I were falling into a tropical paradise when I looked into them. She smiled, her crimson-glittered lips looking psychedelic in the neon lights. Then the tip of her tongue peeked out from between them, and she slowly flicked it back and forth at me like a snake testing the air for prey.

A groan I couldn’t prevent slipped through my parted lips.

I wanted to feel her tongue against my own, on my nipples, stroking my cock. I slid a twenty into her bra strap and she reached out with her hand. Just barely, she touched my cheek, the sharpened brightly-polished nails grazed my skin. I couldn’t breathe and felt like my heart and cock would explode simultaneously.

She snapped her teeth at me and turned to grind her tight, round ass in my face. I wanted to sink my teeth into her flesh, mark her as mine, but I couldn’t. I teased along her crack with another twenty, only the bill touching her, but not my fingers. My other hand twitched, wanting to delve beyond the barely-there g-string, to feel if she was turned on and heated up like me.

She laid back on the stage, her hair hanging off the edge and ran her hands down her body, squeezing her breasts, then gliding those sharp nails down her skin. I could tell she was pressing hard enough to leave barely-there marks. They’d fade quickly. The stripper pumped her hips up off the floor, faster and higher as her hands moved down her body. Then, she was rolling and up on her feet again.

She moved around the stage, dancing for others who were sliding money into her g-string. I sat back in the chair and caught my breath, willing my heart to calm down. A waitress stepped in front of me and handed me the drink I had ordered earlier.

“Miss, what’s her name,” I gestured to the stripper on stage. I had come in just after she’d started on stage. I waited as she smiled and looked to see which dancer I meant.

“That’s Lola, sir. Would you like to have a private dance with her?” The waitress gave me a knowing smile, “In a private room, they’re allowed to be completely nude and you’re allowed to touch if she allows it.”

I almost choked on my drink, “No, that’s above my paygrade. Thank you for the name, though. I appreciate it.” I gave her my last twenty and finished the drink. I left moments later, humming the song she had been dancing to on stage. I was definitely in lust.

I made my way home a few blocks away, still humming the tune. It was stuck in my head. I was going to have to find the song. I was still flooded with desire, flashes of those teal eyes in my mind. Most guys lusted after a woman’s ass, tits, or legs. I was different. It was the eyes that attracted me. I knew she wasn’t some two-bit stripper that got all coked up to work. I had seen the intelligence in her eyes. I couldn’t place her, but I felt that I knew her from somewhere.

I unlocked the door to the building and paused when I heard heels clicking fast down the sidewalk. Turning, I smiled. “Hey, sugar, how’s it going?”

Kasey laughed and I held the door open for her. She was gorgeous. Long legs, shoulder-length blonde hair, and bright blue eyes that made me have to remember how to breathe.

“Things are good. Just got off work. How about you?” She preceded me in the door and I wasn’t sure how to tell her where I had just come from, but at least I had a reason to be there.

“I was at a bachelor party for my buddy,” I blurted it out, felt my face flush as I did. “I didn’t stay long, though. Early morning and all.” I cleared my throat trying to get the frog out of it. I didn’t want Kasey to think anything bad about me, she didn’t appear the type who would be interested in a guy that went to strip clubs.

We walked into the elevator and she smiled in a way that made my cock stand at attention. Before I realized what was happening, she had me shoved up against the wall and her hot breath was in my ear.

“How early of a morning?” Her tongue darted from between her lips and licked around the outer edge of my ear, then she was humming the same song the stripper I ogled had been dancing to. Now my cock wanted to burst out of my pants and be shoved into her tight, wet hole.

“Not that early,” I grabbed her hips and turned us, pressing her back hard against the wall. I had never expected Kasey to be a stripper, but she kept humming that damn song and I wondered what was in her bag. Her lips hovered over mine and I realized that while she had washed the makeup off, there was still glitter on her lips. I wanted glitter on my cock. The elevator stopped and the doors opened.

“Are you really interested,” I paused, the doors would stay open for a few seconds before closing again.

“Oh God yes,” she pushed me off and then grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hall to her apartment. I was so glad she’d chosen hers as my roommate was home tonight. As soon as the door shut behind me, she dropped her things onto the table. Before I could move further into the apartment, she had me up against the door and unbuckled my belt.

“Oh fuck,” I started taking off my tie, then my jacket and shirt. She pulled off my shoes and I kicked off my pants. Her lips were pressed against the front of my white jockey shorts, right where the head of my cock was. A growl left my lips and I started pushing down my shorts. As soon as my cock popped out from them, she shoved it into her mouth.

I leaned against the door, head back and eyes closed, flooded with need to fuck this girl as hard and as fast as she would let me. “I’m going to explode if you keep it up and I want to fuck you.”

Kasey didn’t stop, though and I almost shot my load into her mouth. She licked the pre-cum off my head and trailed kisses and nibbles up my stomach, to my chest. Both of my nipples were given more attention than I’d ever received in my life.

Kasey moved back and kicked off her sandals that she’d walked home in. She started humming the song again and stripped for me until she was naked. I went to grab her, but she put up a finger indicating I should wait. Grabbing her bag, bent over right in front of me with that round ass in the air, I couldn’t resist. I slapped one ass cheek and then the other as she grabbed her spike heels.

The sounds she made while I spanked her urged me on further. I kept spanking her with one hand while I held her steady with the other as she slipped into the heels. Every smack she would yip or squeal and I would smack her again. As soon as she had the shoes on, I turned her towards the back of her couch and kneeled behind her.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she drawled out as I shoved my tongue into her pussy. I tongue-fucked her until she was panting and sweating, begging me to stick my giant cock in her like a porn star. I continued to tongue-fuck her anyway. This was my treat and I was going to get creamed. It didn’t take much longer before I had her juices running down my chin and neck. I paused to catch my breath and decided to bite her on the ass to mark her as mine.

She writhed and moaned under my mouth as my teeth sunk into her flesh, but I held on long enough to leave my mark.

Once I was done, I stood and rubbed my cock back and forth over her pussy to get it lubed up. When I slid into her, I went fast enough that my balls slapped her almost as hard as my cock bumped her sweet spot.

Muffled screams of pleasure came from Kasey and I bent over to see that she had shoved her face into a throw pillow. Grinning, I pounded her like it was my last day on earth and we’d never see each other again. When she creamed my cock in this position, I slid out and turned her around to pick her up. I reached underneath her and guided my cock back into her soaked hole.

“Put your hands on the back of the couch and hold the fuck on, sugar.” I waited for her to do as told, then I positioned her legs around me so the heels dug into my flesh. I shuddered with the feel of pain and started banging her, the heels scraping with every thrust. When she started screaming again, I used one hand to grab her and kiss her.

I didn’t want to come just yet and her pussy was trying its damnedest to milk my cock.

I took a few deep breaths and then picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed, then shifted her legs so they were over my shoulders. Her eyes were a little glazed from her last two orgasms and I smacked her ass a few more times to get her attention focused on what I was about to do to make her climax yet again

“C’mon, sugar. Come for me one more time and I’ll fall over the edge with you,” She nodded, panting the only thing she was capable of doing right now. I moved slow this time, in and out. I didn’t want to hurt her and some women couldn’t take me this way. When she sunk her nails into my forearms, I thought I’d hurt her.

“More, faster, hard. Please,” she begged, her voice almost a whine. I lifted her up about half an inch and reveled in the sound of our skin slapping together in the semi-darkness. It wasn’t long before she clawed deeper into my forearms and was screaming again. I closed my eyes and nipped at her ankles. When she started squeezing the life out of my cock again, I let myself go. But not before I grabbed her by the neck and gently squeezed.

“Look at me, I want to see those eyes.” Kasey opened her eyes and stared into mine. I wanted to never forget what it looked like when she came while looking at me. We fell over the edge so hard and fast I possibly blacked out a little. I knew time was missing because her legs were down and I was sitting on the bed.

“Good fuck,” she whispered. I smiled. It was definitely a good fuck.

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  1. This was awesome, all kinds of hot and urgent. The biting and the spanking were such a hot twist, as was putting on her stripper heels first. Damned sexy Mischa – fabulous.

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