Masturbation Monday: The Angel

Good evening, lovelies. I hope this story has been fun for you. I leave you with a little bit of a cliffhanger because… well I can. This is where the story stopped for me, so I’m a little stumped, too. But don’t worry, there’s always another time it might be answered.

I can’t help licking my lips. The taste of him embedded on my tongue. With a happy grunt, I squeeze the lube bottle harder. The slick liquid goes everywhere. “I wish I had more time to play with you, but we have a devil to find.”

Wingnut’s eyes widen as I stroke myself, hands covered and dripping in the lubricant. “Are you willing to keep going?” Leaning over, I suck one pert nipple into my mouth. The angel groans and twitches beneath my ministrations.

“Yes, keep going.” I couldn’t figure out how he still sounded so calm and collected. Perhaps the flesh of the man wrapped around the essence of an angel was the one responding physically while the angel experienced the act. I didn’t want to ask, but now the thought’s trapped in my brain and I can’t stop myself.

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“Is uh… the body you’re wearing… is the soul…” I look away, unable to face him. I can’t continue speaking and I lose my desire.

“He passed a while ago. It’s just me in here. Please, Butch. I’ve wanted you ever since I laid eyes on you and I’ve been watching you for quite some time.” Wingnut shifted beneath me, widening the spread of his legs. I groan as his cock hardens and tries to stand.

My face gets hot. I feel like I’m glowing bright enough to light the darkest night. I can’t help but smile, though. “You’ve been watching me in the shower, haven’t you?” I stroke myself again, snickering and then laughing outright.

“Mmhmm. Even made sure you had to bend over for the soap now and again. It was funny when you put a salt line across the floor in front of the bathtub.” He chuckled a little and I flick his nipples.

“You cheeky bastard.” My cock is hard and dripping and all I want to do is bury it inside him. I slide up on the bed and grab his legs, then lift. His ass is glossy with the excess of lube I dumped on us earlier. Sticky and slippery.

“Take me now. We need to… rescue the damned devil.” The way his eyes rolled makes me laugh. I push my way inside. And then the way his eyelids flutter as I plow into him make me moan. I didn’t think my dick could get any harder, but as I push into him, slow enough not to hurt, but fast enough to make us both pant, it feels like I have a steel fucking post between my legs.

Wingnut’s caught in between a moan and begging. Listening to him try to make sense right now is adorable. And then I realize that he is making sense, he’s been speaking hot and dirty requests in his own language.

Kinky fucker.

“Oh fuck, that’s sexy as hell. Keep going, angel.” I do everything he wants. I pump faster into him, grinding at a certain angle. I wonder if I’m his first male lover or his millionth. I put the thought out of my mind as he clenches onto me like a vise. It’s not like I’m innocent or anything myself.

“Now, do it now.” I slide a hand up his stomach, gliding my fingers between his pecs, and then grab him by the throat. I’m a little unsure, but I watch him, right in the eyes. We stare into each other. I squeeze. His face is turning red. He keeps looking me right in the eyes.

I say a word and the cuffs open, freeing him from the bonds. I pull Wingnut up and wrap my arm around his waist. Squeezing and forcing myself a little deeper inside, he shoots a heavy load all over our bellies. Pumping harder into him, we keep staring. Before he passes out, I cream his ass good. With a grunt, I lower him back down to the bed and let go of his throat.

His eyes close and I watch his chest move as he breathes again. Laying down next to him, I pull him close and stroke his hair. “Kinky fucker.” Pressing a kiss to his sweaty forehead, we lay there for a few moments letting the rush of fucking and getting off wash over us.

I almost fall asleep, but he sits up, hand to his ear. “I know where the devil went. We have to hurry.” Dressing as slowly as a low human, it seems as if an eternity passed. As soon as I tie my left boot, Wingnut grabs me and we teleport.

Puking is not an option is the mantra in my head when we appear in the back of a pickup truck. I’m soaked in seconds from the rain pouring down from the sky. Groaning a bit, I tilt my head so the water caught by my cowboy hat slaps the devil lying on the bed of the truck at my feet. He’s mostly naked. He was just sliding his arms into the sleeves of his shirt and now he took his damn good time buttoning it up.

Wingnut doesn’t give him a chance to finish though. He grabs him by the shirt collar and gives him a good shake. “Where is she? Where’s Lilith?” Instead of getting an answer, the devil passes out cold. We won’t be getting any answers at this rate.

“C’mon. Let’s take him now and get him locked up before he wakes.” I put my hand on Wingnut’s shoulder. “I’ll look for keys.” Before I can move, we teleport again. When we reappear I hold my stomach, once again willing myself not to puke.

“Ugh, you need to warn me from now on you bastard.” Once I regained control of my stomach, we locked the devil up and tossed a blanket over him. We’d figure out what to do with him in the morning, but for right now, I wanted a hot soapy shower with my feathered friend.

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