Masturbation Monday: Real Men Do Dishes – Part Two

Well, this hot story is brought to you by a very special friend that played sex position randomizer for me. Stay tuned for part three to feature the other two positions chosen. Did you miss part one?

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Real Men Do Dishes Part Two
I want him to pinch them, but he denies me that and moves his hands along my torso, tracing my ribs, down my sides.


As I pull the roast out of the oven, I catch the time on the stove. He’s not going to make it. Whatever had him running out the door without his phone or coat must be huge. I can’t really make a big deal out of it either. He works his ass off to provide everything we want and need. The couple we’re hosting tonight comes through the front door, laughing and chatting. I peek out the door of the kitchen and smile.

“I’ll be right out.” She’s carrying a side dish and he’s carrying the wine. I’m grateful to have good friends who enjoy having dinner, playing games, getting kinky. I slice the roast for the serving platter, then carry it out. The salad and dressings are already waiting for us.

“No hubby tonight?” I see her face fall and I put on a smile as best I can. We serve ourselves and I take a sip of wine. I don’t know what it is, but it’s exactly what I need right this moment.

“Some kind of emergency. He left without his coat or phone. I’m sorry.” A slight shrug from her and we dig into the meal. The side dish she brought is full of flavor and melts on my tongue.

I want her to melt on my tongue.

“If you don’t want to stay for games, I’ll understand.” I stuff a piece of whatever the hell it is she whipped up with magic and relax a little more. I won’t even ask for the recipe because it’ll never be this good if I make it. I don’t even know what it is, but it’s fucking to die for delicious.

“Oh honey, we still want to be kinky with you.” The breathy way she spoke causes my heart to hitch and I take another sip of wine. It wasn’t the first time we’d done this, but it was still new to all of us.

I nod and finish the little bit of food left on my plate. “I’m ready whenever you two are. I’ve been looking forward to this since last time.” I refill our wine glasses and linger over a slice of strawberry cheesecake. It isn’t long before the three of us are ready to play.

As we clear the dining room table and take everything to the kitchen, the only thing I take time to do is to pack up the leftovers. “Leave the dishes. Let’s fuck.” The former guest room is down the hall. Now it’s full of kink-centric tools and a bed made for bondage.

“Won’t you get punished for leaving the dishes?” Her voice sounds a little shocked that I would tempt my husband to punish me. Sometimes, I like the punishment, but I always have a plan.

“He missed our kinky dinner date night, so he’ll be expecting some form of misbehavior from me. This is the one that will get the most attention.” I feel the grin on my face and try to stifle it.

Instead, she steps closer and kisses me.

“That is so sexy. Let’s fuck.” They each take a hand and lead me to the play room down the hall. I set everything up earlier. Candles and mood lighting, music with lots of sexy sounds, implements of pleasure laid out neatly and ready for the games.

Her husband kisses me as she unzips my dress from behind. Soft lips and tongue trace my spine. I’m so wet and I’ve been squirming all night thinking about this very moment. Soon, the dress is off and all I have on now are thigh highs and stilettos.

My nipples are hard and when his thumbs brush against them, I press into him. I want him to pinch them, but he denies me that and moves his hands along my torso, tracing my ribs, down my sides. The callouses on his hands make me shiver when they hit my sensitive spots.

She’s on her knees behind me, easing my legs apart. Her nails dig a little when she pulls my cheeks apart to shove her tongue wherever it can reach. With my husband not here, instead of switching partners, now we’ll all play together.

He pulls away from our kiss. “Strip me.” Following orders, I help him off with his long-sleeve shirt, then unbuckle his belt. I kiss and lick and nibble while I unbutton and unzip his jeans. Everything gets folded neatly and placed on the side table.

“Good girl. Both of you suck my cock.” We kneel together in front of him and take turns licking and sucking his cock. When she’s sucking the head, I pull his balls forward to lick and squeeze. The groans coming out of him ignite the naughty spark inside me.

She is next to me wearing thigh highs and heels as well. Hers are white and mine are black. It’s almost like we’re good and evil sitting next to each other. She joins me in sucking his balls, our tongues mingling as we slurp his delicate bits.

“Oh fuck. Let’s play the game.” I grab the dice sitting on the side table and roll them. We had to get a couple of different sets for when there were more than just the two of us, but we figured out ways that work for everyone involved.

“Hmm, that’s hot. You two sixty-nine and I’ll fuck whoever gets top.” The way he smiles, slow, enticing sends a shiver down my spine.

“Ladies, on the bed.”

We get on the bed and square off a little, but not to wrestle for the top spot, not exactly. We kiss and pet and touch. Lips pressed together, tongues slipping out to play, and breasts pressed against each other. “Ladies.”

The bold command in his voice pushes us to decide who’s on top. We roll around, side to side, hips thrusting until I pin her to the bed. “Mine.” I kiss my way down her body and, aware of the spikes on my feet, shift so that we can lick and suck and tongue-fuck each other.

“Good girls.” He climbs onto the huge bed and straddles her head and my backend. I can feel the heat coming off his body and engulfing mine. “Alright baby, I’m going to sink my cock into you inch by inch.”

I whimper into her wet pussy and shift to sucking on her clit, knowing the vibrations will get her slicked up to the max. And he does just what he promises, inches his cock into my pussy. Hands slip along our bodies, gliding and prodding sensitive areas, while his cock is buried in me.

He starts moving in me, slow and steady with short strokes at first. The head of his cock keeps hitting me in just the right way. I moan louder into her pussy and can’t get enough. I want to be fucked. I want to feel him fill me.

And then the timer goes off. With groans of both pleasure and disappointment, we slowly detangle our sweaty bodies.

Did you enjoy Part Two of Real Men Do Dishes? Part Three is Available!

Please take a moment to visit the lovely Molly Moore who is this week’s inspiration.

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