Masturbation Monday: Distracted

I love it when a good story pops into my head. No idea where this one came from… the original story I worked on earlier today for MM was about ass worship, but this one overrode the idea and hey, who am I to tell my muse no?

Story Quote: Masturbation Monday: Distracted
Focus, Leo. I require you to focus on your work, not on what happened last week.

Thud thud thud.

With every smack of the wooden ruler against his palm, I shivered.

“Leo, are you listening?” Grayson slapped the ruler against the table this time. His jaw tightened but only for a moment. “I see you’re distracted. Perhaps it’s time for a break.”

Grayson had taken over my tutoring when I’d been put on academic warning. The past few months had not only raised my grades, but had raised interesting questions about myself as well.

“Take off your shirt and get on your knees.” He moved from across the table. Ruler in his strong grip.

A flush came over me. It was late, but we were in the library. There were pockets of study groups all over the building. Our floor appeared relatively empty and no one was in our direct line of sight, but still, chances were we could be caught.


“No stalling. Take it off.”

Swallowing, after a quick glance around, I removed my shirt and fell to my knees before him. “Yes, Sir. Please forgive me. I keep thinking about….” My mind flashed back to our last session and every muscle in my body tightened. I closed my eyes, wanting to revel in the memories.

Grayson flicked the ruler against my chest, focusing on my nipples. With every smack I flinched. “Focus, Leo. I require you to focus on the work, not on what happened last week.”

Smack Smack Smack.

The pain cleared my mind and helped center my thoughts. As I expected another smack from the ruler, it didn’t come. Instead, something more delectable took my attention. Warm and hard and pressed against my lips. At first, I thought I had to be wrong, lost in a fantasy. But no, when I opened my eyes, there it was, Grayson’s stiffness against my lips.

“Hurry up, Leo. You don’t want us to get caught, right?” Grayson’s voice was low with a little taunting buried deep.

I went to reply, but ended up with a mouthful of cock instead.

I grabbed his hips as he wrapped his hands around my head. My hair was too short to grab, so he wrapped his long fingers around my head as if it were a ball. As Grayson pushed me forward, I pulled him to me. I couldn’t take my time and enjoy the feel of his meat against my tongue, the taste of him on my lips. After using every little trick I learned from reading and porn, I found myself swallowing down every drop.

Through the entire thing, Grayson had been stone silent and unmovable. Quickly he hid himself and handed my shirt to me. I flinched a little when the tenderness of my nipples against the shirt kicked in. Grayson snickered a little, then reached over and pinched one.

“C’mon. Let’s get out of here. I have a feeling you’ll pay better attention if I take care of this first.” He patted the raised portion of my loose jeans and then started packing up our things.

“Yes, Sir.” I couldn’t wait to find out what he had in store for us back at his place.

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