Masturbation Monday: Spontaneous Combustion – Part Two

I hope you enjoyed Part One of Spontaneous Combustion. If you missed it, please go read it first. Otherwise, enjoy part two!

I leaned forward and bit his lower lip, slid my tongue along his teeth when he groaned.
I leaned forward and bit his lower lip, slid my tongue along his teeth when he groaned.

After paying the bartender, Ian headed back to the table. A crazy idea emerged and he decided to ask the guys what to do. He passed out the drinks and sat down. “Guys, can I get some advice? Val…” He sighed and had second thoughts.

“Go on man, it’s cool. It won’t go anywhere,” the others guys nodded, agreeing with David.

“How do I spice up our sex life? We used to be much more adventurous and now it’s almost like clockwork.” Ian felt heat enter his face. He’d never talked to anyone about his and Val’s sex life. He was in love with her and she was everything to him.

Val froze and shushed her girlfriends. They’d purposefully sat next to the guys. The booth’s walls were high and topped with fake foliage, giving them even more privacy. She was sure she heard Ian say her name and something about sex. Worry coursed through her veins, causing her heart to pound and a little sweat gathered in delicate areas.

David’s wife Wendy wanted to know what the guys talked about when they were out. She dragged Valerie and two other friends to make it look like they weren’t spying if caught. It was loud and they could hardly hear. When Ian spoke about spicing up their love life, everything had gotten quiet for a few moments in the entire place.

“Ladies, I need your help.” After telling them what she’d overheard, they spoke up about suggestions and most she immediately shot down. She didn’t want to pursue other people, at least, not yet. Then the idea of the winery came up.

“Get tipsy on tasting and then you find a quiet corner to show him just what a naughty minx you can be.” Diana, Wendy’s friend from work looked a little scared when Val’s eyes pierced her.

“Tell me more.” Val leaned forward, wanting to hear everything that Diana could tell her about this idea. She even pulled up local winery information about tasting events and told her where she could sneak off for some naughty time with Ian.


Ian grabbed me, passion flaring in his eyes. I hadn’t seen him this worked up in years. He picked me up by the waist and sat me on the table in the little deserted office we’d found. As he lifted my legs, he pulled my ass just passed the edge and shoved my skirt above my hips.

I couldn’t catch my breath. I didn’t want to catch my breath. I didn’t want this moment to end. Ian slid his hand between my legs to find me completely bare. No panties; sans hair. With a groan and a thrust of fingers, Ian had me mewling within moments. The way he wiggled them just so, in the exact spot I needed it, brought me so fast, I thought I was going to pass out.

“Please,” I begged. My fingers dug into his shirt, wrinkling it. Finally, he was plunging into me, his fingers sunk into my ass as he thrust hard, over and over. Ian’s eyes looked into my own and, for a moment, I felt as though I may drown.

Pressing his forehead against mine, Ian groaned and I knew he was close. I shifted and slipped my tongue into his mouth. Ian took control of the kiss and sent me over the edge again. I worked my lower muscles around him, coaxing him to join me.

Ian held me tight, so tight I knew there’d be marks on my soft skin. I didn’t care, I was proud of those marks. I loved the fact that I made him lose his steadfast control.

Soft kisses and caresses followed. “Damn, Val. I didn’t think you were into this sort of thing anymore.” Ian held me tight and close, whispering.

“Why are you whispering?” I whispered, too, just to tease him a little.

“I don’t want us to get caught… that would be awkward.” He chuckled and I laughed softly.

He helped me up and I did my best to straighten his shirt while he fixed his pants and belt. When we looked at each other again, smiles engulfed our faces, laughter leaked out. I was definitely going to have to plan another outing. Soon.

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