Masturbation Monday: The Devil

Technically, this is the Devil Part Three. These characters are so much fun to write. I just giggle at the naughty and crazy things happening. I hope you do, too.

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I wonder if I did something wrong at first, but the way she’s laughing and panting tells me I did everything right.

The spitfire’s legs tremble. She tightens one hand in my hair while the other digs nails into my shoulder. I slurp and suck while humming against her sticky lips until she yanks me off. I wonder if I did something wrong at first but the way she’s laughing and panting tells me I did everything right.

The pain her nails cause in my shoulder makes me want to grab her and mount her. I want to fuck her brains out. Instead, she takes me by surprise, pushing me flat to the bed of the truck and straddling my face. While she rides my face round and round like a bull rider at the rodeo, I grab onto her creamy thighs and hold on for dear life.

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Lines appear in my flesh and work their way down my arms. A glow beneath my skin starts to break through. The fires of hell grow within me. With a growl and the strength imbued from the flames, I push her back. “You’re such a tasty tart.” I lick my lips, but the effect of my forked tongue is lost on her as clouds move in and block the starlight.

“Your skin is so hot, it burns.” She grabs my hair and shoves my face back between her legs. I swish my tongue around, lashing her pussy back and forth, using the forks to titillate her back door. She twitches and moans when I do it, so I do it again. And then again. Until she gushes onto my mouth and chin, climaxes screaming her pleasure to the heaves. I twitch a little at the ‘Oh my GOD’ but it just fuels the fire within.

She slides her body down mine leaving a slick trail of glistening juices. Reaching behind her, she unclasps her bra and tosses it away. It’s wicked and messing with my head the way she continues to move down my body. It’s almost as if she contorts herself while shifting. I shake off the effect and then it’s overridden as she slides her warm mouth down my cock.

“You’re such a tasty tart.”

I almost explode from the hard suck she gives me right off the bat. Holding back takes everything I have. I grab her by the hair as my eyes roll around in my head. Thunder rumbles in the distance. Something about it is causing an itch in the back of my mind, but it’s not clicking and I’m too busy trying to get my rocks off to figure it out. I lift my hips as she sucks me down and we both moan. I want to shoot a hot load down her throat, but I do my damnedest to restrain myself.

Watching her flick her tongue against me sets me on edge. I grind my teeth. My eyes feel like they’ve changed. Somehow this woman is bringing my beast out and that cannot happen. Bad things happen when I’m unleashed. Drops of rain start to fall. When they hit my skin, they steam off with a sizzle.

“What the hell… where did the storm come from?” It’s not much, just a sprinkle really. A flash of lightning brightens the night to almost daylight. I start to sit up, but she shoves me back down and straddles my hips.

“Afraid of a little rain? Think you might melt?” I grin and grind against her. Nothing is going to stop me, not even the rain. I have to close my eyes with the way she works me. I don’t want to freak her out with the red fiery glow.

She guides me inside and I flinch. Her pussy, warm and inviting to my mouth, is now cold against my hellfire skin. Almost frigid. Trying to shake off the chill, I focus and meet every downward shift of her body. I can’t hold back the growl that erupts out of me. Now my wings attempting to make an appearance and I can feel as though my back is about to split open. Whatever it is about this woman bringing the devil out in me… she’s stronger than I’ve ever experienced in the past.

Another rumble of thunder, the rain increases. Clouds of steam surround us as it hits my flesh. Our soaked bodies slap together faster and harder. I can feel her pussy clenching, trying to suck the life right out of me. A streak of lightning so big and bright flashes that for a moment, I am blind. I grab hold of the temptress above me and drill up into her. Something is coming and I want to get off before it arrives.

“Good luck, sweetheart. I’m not that easy to kill.”

Nails dig hard into my chest, hard enough that she could draw blood, but instead, flames lick the deep gouges closed. I can barely hear her moan above the storm. I know I can’t hold back any longer. The way she digs her nails into a new spot on my chest, only to be burned again gets me off. I erupt within her, holding her hips to mine as I come.

Collapsing against the bed of the truck, my eyes close. Sated, the fires start to die down a little. I know my eyes are still glowing, I can feel it. I take a deep breath and start to move her off of me. Instead, I find a knife at my throat.

“Good luck, sweetheart. I’m not that easy to kill.” The gruff laugh I make doesn’t phase her. I go to push it away. She slices me open instead.

“Who said I wanted to kill you?” Lowering her mouth to my neck, she drinks my essence until it’s almost depleted. “Thanks for the feast. So sorry to leave you here to die.”

I hold the wound as she stands, clothing forming on her being. Her hair changes in color, her features change as well. My eyes widen and I cough and sputter when I try to speak. She simply smirks and blackened wings appear behind her. She vanishes into the night. The amount of rain falling doubles.

“That fuc—” Two people appear in the bed of the truck. I cough and hold my throat. Butch and the Angel who’s name I never bother to remember stand there looking at me. The angel grabs me by the collar and yanks me to my feet, his eyes squinting as though he has a headache.

“Where is she? Where’s Lilith!?” Too weak to answer, I greet the darkness again, blacking out to heal.

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