Masturbation Monday: Spontaneous Combustion – Part One

I leaned forward and bit his lower lip, slid my tongue along his teeth when he groaned.
I leaned forward and bit his lower lip, slid my tongue along his teeth when he groaned.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I hope today finds you happy and horny. If you’re lacking either, the story below might light some fire and cause a little… combustion.

I shoved Ian up against the wall and giggled. Going straight for his belt, I leaned forward and shoved my tongue into his ear as a distraction. We were both a little buzzed from the wine tasting and I hoped that no one would notice we’d decided to give ourselves a little tour of the facilities.

“Valerie, what’s gotten into you?” His hands were firmly planted around my waist. The way he held me, the way his hands trembled, made me think he was unsure of himself. Ian had never been unsure of himself. Not in the fifteen years we’d been married, not during the year he chased me with passionate abandon.

We’d gotten married young, too young our parents said.

It was a fun, low key event. So many people were surprised that we had jumped into such a serious relationship so quickly. Questions about how we’d be able to stay together, being so different.

“I just had this urge to taste you instead of another drop of wine.” I grabbed his hands and moved them to my ass for the moment. Ian held on, still looking like a deer caught in high beams on a back country road. His green eyes, wide and questioning. His lips slightly parted, unsure of what to say.

I slid my fingers into his boxers and wrapped my hand around what I wanted. Ian was hard and ready, sticky droplets showing his uncertainty was only on the surface. I leaned forward and bit his lower lip, slid my tongue along his teeth when he groaned.

Before he could hike up my dress, I slid down his body and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. The salty taste of him hit my tastebuds. After all the wine we’d tasted today, he was a rare vintage. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I’d gone down on him. It was probably a good thing I’d accidentally overheard him with his buddies.

Ian’s hands reached down and pulled the pins from my hair, then sunk his hands into the curls as it cascaded down my back. He wrapped it around his fist like a leash and rolled his hips up to meet my mouth, tongue, and teeth.

Swallowing him down hadn’t been as difficult as I thought it would after all this time.

He went down like a smooth malted liquor. I caressed the underside of his cock the best I could with my tongue. He held my lips to the base of him and I worked my throat around his length, slipping fingers inside the leg of his boxes, I slid one finger to caress that little spot between his balls and ass. Ian twitched like a live wire and I felt his cock thicken.

He pulled me off the length of him with a pop and a string of sticky saliva between my lips and his head. “Please, wait.” He panted like he was running for his life. His face was flushed and eyes dark with desire. I could see the pulse pounding in his neck and the restraint he’d put on himself not to shoot down my throat.

If you’ve enjoyed this part, please read Part Two!

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