Adventures in Writing: Time Moves Fast

Where Did It All Go?

Adventures in Writing

It seems like time is just flying by. Sometimes, I wonder if the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy is sucking in the time that I feel I’m missing. I want to move a little closer to it, just a smidge mind you, so that time can slow down just a wee bit.

(Yes, ‘just a wee bit’ seems to be my favorite phrase lately. It’s crazy.)

Vacation time first appeared to be forever-away, never to be truly gained. And then, BAM! Here it was and let me tell you, I was packing right up to the moment we left. And I even told them “I’m going to keep putting clothing in this bag until you tell me to stop and drag me out of the house.” I meant it, too.

And things slowed down. Literally. Everything was 2 minutes slower thanks to those silly clocks all being slower. Life felt relaxed and calm. I couldn’t sleep in to save my life, but I didn’t mind. It gave me some quiet time to think and drink my coffee and try to write down my thoughts.

Now, I’m back to work. Things aren’t crazy, but they are going to be getting crazy. Next week we have people coming into the office and there will be meetings. Surprisingly, I’m only in one. Which is also excellent. I hate meetings. These meetings have an actual purpose, so I don’t have issues with it. I hate meetings that are created to waste time.

Broken Promises

I think I am making too many promises to myself and others. I have an excellent story for Masturbation Monday that I want to write. The idea is itching my brain. My muse is giving me dirty looks because I haven’t written it yet. I can’t figure out which way I should write it. It’s going to be a little like Obey. It’ll also be more geared towards men. I’ve had some interest in an Obey-type story specifically for men, so they will have it. I wanted it to be done and up by now. And yet, I have to write it first.

I don’t want to break that promise to my readers or myself. I’m going to reread over Obey and the comments I received. I know many people enjoyed it, the aspect of being told what to do, of a contract signed, of the potential to either continue following orders or safe word.

(Obviously the safe word for a story would be to click the X on the website, or return home and find something else to read.)

So, please, just give me a little more time. I want to rock your world. I want you to touch yourself without even realizing what you’re doing. I want it to feel so natural and right. That means getting the words down and making them work not just for me, but also for you. I won’t break my promise. The story is coming.

What are you working on? How are things going in your life? Remember to stop and breathe, to drink water, to eat, and to take care of yourself. If you don’t, you’ll not be able to take care of your loved ones as well. Stay Tuned – there’s always more to come.

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