Masturbation Monday: Known Stranger

Wow, this quickie did not want to end. I had so much fun writing it. I planned on breaking it into two parts, but realized it was 3 minutes to the cut-off time, so here it is, in its complete glory. What would you do if you went out for an anonymous one-night stand and it ended up not being so anonymous?

Story Quote Known Stranger
I waited for the next whoosh to indicate a smack, but it didn’t come. I was so tense that my muscles vibrated as my pulse sang with pleasure.

“Is it true? The things that I’ve heard about you,” the man pressed against me as the music flowed over our bodies, in time with the beating of our hearts. His voice was gruff, the timbre caused an ache I hadn’t felt since I’d ended things with my long-time partner. The arms that wrapped around me were well-muscled. He had to be half a foot taller than I, even in the heels I wore.

I pressed myself against the hardness of his body, unsure what to say. I didn’t know what he had heard about me and I really wasn’t interested in finding out. It was apparent that he liked what he’d heard, I could feel obvious stiffness in his pants against my backside.

One strong hand slid up my belly to my breast and then to my neck, where he squeezed just enough to make my eyes flutter shut. I let my head fall back against the hardness of his chest and allowed my lips to part, the gasp lost in the thumping of the tantric sounds.

Lips pressed against my ear, and wet warmth slid around the outside as he traced it with his tongue. Thoughts fled as desire zinged down from my ear causing other places to throb and my hips thrust back, pressing my ass against his erection.

Unable to wait much longer, I turned in his arms and slid a room key into his shirt pocket.

“Room 1131. Thirty minutes,” turning away caused my skirt to flare and flap against his hard length, I walked out of the club to the bank of elevators around the corner. It was nice having a nightclub inside a hotel. Very convenient for me to fulfill my deepest, most naughty desires. I rode to the 11th floor and headed for the room.

I hoped that he would show up. Sometimes they didn’t and that disappointed me, but I understood. Some people weren’t made for a one-night stand. Tonight had been the second time I’d been in the club because the first person I’d tried to tempt with my swaying hips didn’t show up. It was nearly closing time now and I had to head back home first thing in the morning.

I showered and freshened my makeup. The club was dim with flashing lights. The only area with proper lighting was near the bar and after one strong drink, I didn’t go near it the rest of my visit. I enjoyed the anonymity the club gave me for my liaisons. While I waited for him to make his decision, I lotioned my skin and put on a plain mask to hide my face.

The room had a queen-sized bed and a small sitting area with a television. There was an ottoman in front of the chair and I moved it to the center of the open space. Right in front of the door. Other than my high heels, fishnets, and the mask, I was naked. I pushed the chair to the far wall and left it there. Just as he swiped the card and the lock clicked open, I was positioning myself over the ottoman so that the first thing he’d see was my ass in the air, my drenched lips and thighs ready for the taking.

I heard the intake of his breath. I had forgotten the music that I normally turned on for these little trysts and, just for a moment, I had regretted that. It didn’t matter now, it was too late, so I let it go. Little sounds indicated he was removing his shoes, a belt buckle, then the sliding sound as he pulled it through the loops, but I didn’t hear it hit the floor. Instead, the leather slid along my raised ass, down my spine, then back again. He traced my thigh, then the whoosh before it struck my flesh.

I flinched, a whimper exiting my lips, a gasp as I was smacked again.

“Is this what you’re looking for,” another smack, then another. My ass would be layered in red welts. Beautiful red welts. I wanted more, so I decided it would be best to speak up.

“Yes, Sir,” the words were low and lost among my cries as he struck me again and again.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you,” another smack, then another. Now my thighs were feeling the heat from the belt.

“More, Sir! Please, use me as you want. However, you want,” my ragged breathing still made it hard to speak, but I did my best. Another smack. I longed to feel his hand spanking me as well, but for now the belt would do.

I wondered if this man, whose face I barely glimpsed in the dim light of the club, was enjoying himself. I wanted to be used. My desire flooded between my thighs as he continued to glide the leather along my skin between smacks. I lay across the ottoman, trembling. I waited for the next whoosh to indicate a smack, but it didn’t come. I was so tense that my muscles vibrated as my pulse sang with pleasure.

Another sound and the belt landed on the floor. I thought he might use it to restrain me, but it wasn’t a requirement. Next, soft sounds of clothing were being removed and I still didn’t dare to turn my head to look at this stranger.

A moan escaped my lips, long and drawn out, as he ran his tongue from my pussy lips to the nape of my neck. I’d never been licked like that before, from one end to the other, and my nerves flared up with such glorious attention.

Back arching, ass raising itself to him, I waited for him to enter me, but that was not what happened.

He slid a hand around my neck and squeezed with the same gentle attention he had before. I stretched, allowing his entire hand to encompass the length of flesh. Teeth bit down on my shoulder, but not hard enough to leave a mark. Just enough to make me thrash a little underneath his weight.

The smell of whiskey and sex filled my nose and I wiggled my hips against him, hoping he would shove his cock into me. Instead, he backed away and spanked me several times on my sore ass.

“You’re in too much of a hurry,” his gruff voice gave away his desire and I smiled, even though he couldn’t see it. Hands spread my ass cheeks as far apart as they would go, squeezing them hard. I writhed beneath his rough touch of my sensitive cheeks. While difficult to keep myself in place, I wanted to please him, this stranger who had chosen to come to my room tonight. He was exactly what I needed tonight.

Fingers delved into my wetness and lifted my ass up high again to give him better access. I received another smack on my ass, this one feeling more playful than punishing. His fingers were so long and caressed the bundle of nerves hidden away. I rocked my hips in time with the movement of his fingers, only to receive another smack.

“Stay still unless I say otherwise, Slut.” Fingers continued to pump into me, over and over and I hadn’t been given permission to climax, not yet. I held myself stiffly, cries and whimpers slipping through my lips as I pressed them together tight. I sank my nails into the soft outer shell of the ottoman, trying to keep myself from sliding over the edge.

“Good girl.” His fingers left me and I felt empty. I could tell he stood and I wasn’t sure what would be next. Then he kneeled in front of my face and spread his thighs open. Long and thick, hard length with a purple head and glistening pre-cum sliding down the shaft appeared before my lips.

Before I could use my hands to take control of this monster cock, he grabbed me by the wrists. I reached out with my tongue, the tip of it barely brushed against him, but I tasted salty tang. I wanted more. My stranger adjusted me once he released my wrists so that I could slide his cock into my mouth, followed by my throat. Once I had every inch inside me, I started humming a random tune. I felt his entire body start to vibrate as he struggled for control.

I didn’t get to suck him for very long, he grabbed my hair and pulled himself free.

Quick and quiet, he stood on shaky legs. With a few steps he was behind me. I had a trail of saliva that sprung back and smacked my chin when he had pulled away. Now, glistening strings hung from my nose and chin. I had enjoyed the taste of him, the smell of his skin pressed against my face. I wondered if he’d let me suck him off after he fucked me.

That giant purple-headed cock started pushing its way into me and I tried so hard not to struggle, but he was so big and it had been a little while since I’d taken such girth. His hand came down on my ass hard and I held still, trembling between ecstasy and fear. Sweat had broken out along my forehead, my breath ragged. I still wanted him.

“Please,” I begged, my voice shaky from losing control moments before. I waited to see if he would continue or abandon my needs.

Another smack to my ass, harder this time, “Please what?”

“Sir, please, fuck me. Fuck me now,” I pushed my hips and ass back against him, hoping he would take me now. I didn’t care if it hurt, I just needed that length inside me, pummeling me until starbursts exploded behind my eyes.

Grabbing my ass, he spread me wide open as before and pushed himself forcibly inside. I screamed out, my claws scarring the soft fabric of the ottoman as I sank them into it. I was grateful it was the footstool and not his flesh, unless he enjoyed having sharp nails sunk into him. I suppose I would never know.

Instead of pulling out to slam into me, without waiting for me to be comfortable with his thick length, he started grinding against me, moving his hips in circles. I cried out from the pain and pleasure. The feel of every inch of his cock rubbing every nerve-ending along my inner walls caused sparks to jump from one nerve to the next. I struggled to stay still beneath his masterful hand, but I couldn’t. I struggled and writhed against him.

I felt him shifting behind me and my cheek hit the carpet. He’d lifted me up and over the ottoman. I used my hands to stabilize myself as best I could, but then he was pounding into me with such force that I thought I may end up with rug burn on my cheek.

“Yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” The long, drawn out words ended in a jumbled heap of sound that I had lost control of. The way his cock pummeled my pussy was too much. Too much pleasure. Too much pain. Blurring the line between the two was something I thrived on.

I would be sore longer than a week after this, but I didn’t care.

The cock inside me pulled all the way out, then my weight was lifted off the floor altogether. My back hit the bed and before I could move, this man, this wonderfully giant-cocked man, was pushing inside my widened wet hole all over again. He yanked my legs up over his shoulders and grabbed hold of my hips hard.

“Look at me as I fuck you,” the command in his voice was hard to deny. I looked at him, my eyes widened in shock as I recognized him. It didn’t matter because he started pounding into me before I could think. Moans tore themselves from my lungs, out of my mouth to bounce off the walls and echo in the room. He rode me hard, like a cowboy in the rodeo chasing down a calf.

I sunk my nails into his arms and he groaned with pleasure, so I dug them in even further. I knew he would like it. I couldn’t believe it was him. I didn’t remember him being this huge, but then I’d been fucking him all the time and didn’t have much of a chance to tighten any of my vaginal muscles then.

Orgasm after orgasm exploded inside me, first just a little one, that was covered up by a higher, frothier wave, which was swallowed by a tsunami. I never knew how he could bring me like that, wave after wave. I had missed it and him.

He grabbed tighter at my hips and lifted my ass off the bed to pound deeper into my tight snatch. The wild bucking of his hips gave me the knowledge that he was about to succumb. Within seconds I felt hot, thick streams of semen shoot into my depths and tightened my cunt muscles as much as possible. I wanted every single drop. He cried out at my actions and pounded harder. And then he leaned against my legs, watching my eyes, for what was to come.

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