Masturbation Monday: Friday the 13th

I wanted to post this on Friday, but I’m sure it was worth the wait. Enjoy!

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Friday the 13th
A little rumble of pleasure escaped me and I grabbed him by his shoulders and kissed him quick on the lips.

Rolling my eyes as my coffee companion tossed a pinch of salt over his shoulder before cleaning up the mess, I continued our chat. “So yeah, you still haven’t answered my question.” I stirred my coffee, even though it had nothing in it. I used to add cream and sugar and flavoring, but then the cost of having coffee out became ridiculously expensive once I did the math. I’d rather have my own place than pay that much for extras in my caffeine fix.

“Look, I’m not boycotting. Do what you feel is right, I’ll do what I feel is necessary. I get you want to support people in their rights to be heard, but I have no idea how boycotting social media for a day is going to mean you’ll be heard. Instead, it’s going to mean there’s a new way to shut you down. You’re giving them a new weapon.” Rick couldn’t meet my eyes, but I understood his position.

“Tell me more.” I lifted the cup and sipped. Pink gloss stained the mug, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t giving up my pretty in pink gloss for anything. “And then we’re going to talk about your superstition issues.” Rick snickered at that one. It didn’t surprise me, though.

“Look, women want to be heard. I don’t understand how boycotting a social media site, or all of them, for 24 hours, is going to make them feel heard. I think what they truly need to do is to come forward. Tell their truths. Tell the things that have happened to them. Become bold and courageous and be heard.” Rick slumped into the booth. He looked exhausted. “None of this ‘wives/daughters/sisters stuff, either. All women have a right to use their voice.”

The waitress came over and I put my hand over my mug. The last thing I wanted was even more of their burnt black soulless coffee. Today’s was especially dark, like my emotions as of late. Every time I turned around, I was saying the wrong thing, doing the thing, supporting the wrong cause.

Luckily, I had someone like Rick to turn me around.

He looked especially sexy today. His hair was mussed and he hadn’t shaved in quite awhile. The sweater he wore was dark and hugged him the way I wanted to wrap myself around him. I sighed and he touched my hand, which made me smile. Rick thought I was sighing about all this insanity with the world going on, but in truth, I was sighing happily about naughty thoughts of us naked together. Thoughts of rubbing my face against his hairy chest, his treasure trail, his thighs.

“Here you go.” The waitress found our check after I turned down the coffee and slid it on the table, next to my hand. She winked at me and I felt the flush creep up my skin. For fuck’s sake. I’m a gay man wearing lip gloss and eye liner and the women still hit on me. I’m always shocked they don’t go for Rick who looks uber-straight, alpha male, and has smooth charm exuding from his very being.

Rick took the check after she walked away. I was too busy looking at her in utter confusion to get it first. “Oh-ho… lookie here. You got her number. You going to call her, Steph?” I saw the glimmer in Rick’s eye as he teased me a little. We’d been talking and meeting up for a few weeks now. But only for coffee and maybe a slice of pie. I hadn’t had the nerve to ask him over and I had no idea if he were interested in me enough to show me his place.

“My name is Stephen.” I stuck my tongue out at him and flipped my hair over my shoulder. I really needed to get it cut, but life had been pretty busy lately. Between night classes and trying to earn my way up the ladder properly at the local paper, this was my current social life right now, other than social media and forums.

“Okay, how about we do something different. Instead of boycotting, we link to positive blogs and posts supporting women and women who have opened up to share their stories about sexual harassment and abuse that has happened in their lives. We can help give them a little oomph, get them to a bigger audience.” I pushed away the mug and sat back in the booth.

Rick was no longer slumped, it appeared his energy had popped right back up to full force.

“Okay, we should include sex-positive articles as well. It is Kink Month, after all.” When I felt Rick’s hand touch mine again, a little zap of electricity went through me and straight to my cock. “Why don’t we get out of here? I have the afternoon off. There’s a little fall festival in the park down the street.”

For a moment, my heart stuttered. Was he asking me out? Would this be an official date? Swallowing, I nod. “I’m actually covering that for the paper, so it would be perfect. Yes.”

“Excellent. Let me take care of this.” Rick stood with the check and I shut my mouth. Normally, we split the check or took turns paying, depending on the reason. He’d paid last time, too and I wasn’t about to ruin what might turn out to be a good thing. Next time, we’d get pie and I’d grab the check.

Standing, I grabbed my jacket, but before I could slide into it, Rick was there, helping. He squeezed my shoulders, slid his hands down my arms and then grabbed my hand. “By the way, I told the waitress you’re all mine. I hope that was okay.”

A little rumble of pleasure escaped me and I grabbed him by his shoulders and kissed him quick on the lips. “I’m yours.” We made our way out of the busy café. The waitress glanced at the two of us, a dreamy look in her eyes that made me wonder what she was thinking about as we walked out the door.

Rick put his arm around me and pulled me in close. The leaves were changing colors and just being in the crisp air with this burly man made my entire being feel energized. Warmth seeped into me from his body and I snuggled in closer.

“Anything you want to do first?” Rick’s voices had changed a little. It was deeper, growly, and I felt his chest rumble as he spoke.

“Make out with you.” I laughed quickly after the words escaped, trying to play off that I was being funny. Rick didn’t fall for it though and the smile on his face told me he was thinking the same thing.

“How about we skip the festival and head to my place?” Leaning down, he nibbled on my ear. I stuttered as I tried to hold back the sound of bliss that tried to escape.

“Y-yes.” My dreams were coming true. I wanted to take this man and eat him up. I wanted to be devoured by his lips and tongue. To become one with him, breathe the same breath, our hearts synched in perfect time.

Couples along the sidewalk were staring at us, which wasn’t a big deal. It was a bigger deal with those who ignored us on purpose, as if we didn’t exist. It made me want to scream out that yes, we were men who liked to kiss and fuck and to deal with it, but instead, I headed to the privacy of Rick’s apartment a short walk away.

Once the door closed and locked behind us, we were stripping each other bare, leaving a trail of clothes as he guided me towards the bedroom. I stopped him before we could go that far, however. He was naked and glorious. I needed to admire his flesh up close. I drew my fingertips down the trail that led to his cock.

“Do you like what you see?” Rick’s voice sounded small, as if he had doubts about himself. I couldn’t believe it. Broad shoulders, muscled torso, arms most men couldn’t get no matter how much they went to the gym, and his cock.

“Very much so.” Licking down his chest and abs, I lowered to my knees. I needed him in my mouth. His body hair tickled my tongue. It was so fucking soft and made me a little jealous. I removed all of my body hair because nothing I did could make it fine and soft.

Swirling my tongue around the tip of Rick’s cock caused him to gasp. When he closed his eyes, I pinched him lightly on the leg and sloppily let his cock fall from my mouth. “Right here, big boy. I want you to look me in the eyes while I suck you off.”

“I’ll do my best.” Rick shifted my hair back from my forehead and I resumed tonguing his cock and balls. Looking up into his eyes made things a little difficult, but seeing him react, watching his lips twitch into that smoking hot grin made me dribble from the head of my cock.

“Please, please let me fuck you right now. I don’t think I can hold off any longer.” Tormenting him a little more, I swallowed down his length and then slowly released him from the confines of my hot mouth.

I was already bent over the bed before he made his way there, cock in one hand and a tube of lube in the other. “My original plan was to find a little secret spot at the festival and fuck you without anyone realizing it, but I decided that I wanted you all to myself instead.”

Rick came up behind me and spread enough lube over my hole to grease up an entire football team. I wasn’t complaining though, the more lube, the faster the fuck once we got settled. “Yeah, get me all oiled-up honey.”

Fingers, thick, rigid, and calloused started working on me, opening me up for proper use. “Oh, good gravy, that feels so good. Please, faster. I want you.” Rick kept working at me and bent over my body to kiss, nibble, and lick along my shoulders and down my spine.

“Not like this though, I want you on your back with your legs on my shoulders.” The fact that he wanted to fuck me face to face rushed enough adrenaline through my body I broke out into a sweat. I’d never found anyone that I wanted to do that with, but Rick, I felt drawn to him.

With regret, I pulled away from him and turned over onto my back, holding my legs behind the knee. “Sounds perfect to me, big guy. Get over here and give it to me.”

That was all he needed. Rick grabbed my ankles and put them over his shoulders. He tossed the lube onto the bed and worked his way into my tight ass. “Relax baby, I won’t hurt you.” Greasy fingers pinched my nipples with a gentleness I’d never experienced before. He caressed my skin as he worked himself inch by inch into me.

“I’m going fuck you so good.” The way Rick drew the words out made me want to rush him. Shifting my hips to meet him caused a happy groan to hit my ears. “Yes, keep doing that, Stephen.”

Before long, Rick was pausing to take a breath. “Hang on, I don’t want to blow my load now that I’m inside. Fuck, your ass is so damn tight.” He reached between us and played with my balls.

“Oh hell, that’s cheating.” I squirmed against his hand, enjoying the way he played with such a sensitive part of me.

And then his other hand reached for my cock.

“Maybe I can get you to relax a little if you shoot your load, baby.” While he played with my less impressive hardon, Rick groaned. My squirming was causing him issues as well and I wanted to have fun with it.

I started rolling my hips against him and he tried his damnedest to hold me still, but if he wanted to get me off, he couldn’t hold my legs, too. It didn’t take long before he gave in, grabbed my hips and short-rammed me until I exploded all over myself.

Rick removed my legs from his shoulders with a gentle touch and wrapped them around his waist. He then picked me up and crawled onto the bed with me as carefully as he could. Every jolt, every movement, pushed me even deeper into satisfaction. I never wanted it to end. I wanted him to fuck me over and over until I drenched both of us in come.

After getting us even more ramped up while getting us situated, Rick kissed me. His tongue traced along my lips and then slid inside. His hips moved ever so slow against mine, the puddle of come sticking to our skin. The smell of sex and his alpha male musk assailed me and I squeezed him tighter to me.

“Stephen, I have a confession to make.” Rick stared down into my eyes and stroked the locks of hair around my face. “I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you the first time we met up. But one we started talking, I knew you were worth waiting for and I’m glad I did.”

“Me, too Rick.” He used his teeth to graze along my jawline, to my neck, and then my collarbone. He angled himself to nibble and lick my nipples. But our hips, while barely moving, were synched as we rocked into one another.

“Now… now, I’m going to fuck you.” Rick’s eyes went a little wild and I shuddered, wondering, waiting to see what he would do next. As he grabbed my wrists and forced them above my head, I tightened my legs around his waist.

One hand held my wrists, while the other lifted my hips just so. “Yes, right there, hard and fast.” I lifted my hips to meet him and then he held me fast.

“Don’t move.” Rick dug himself into the mattress and used the springs to bounce into me, hard and fast. Jolts went to all of my senses. I wanted to close my eyes and dig my head into the pillow, but his voice brought me back. “I want you to look at me while I come inside you, baby.”

So, I did my best. I watched his face and stared into his beautiful warm, loving eyes as he filled my ass to overflowing. Kisses rained down upon my face once Rick regained his senses. He licked his lips and slid down off of me, licking up the mess I’d made earlier.

“This is the best Friday the 13th ever.”

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  1. You had me on all kinds of levels. I didn’t realize Stephen’s gender at first (very cool). I loved the conversation about boycotting social media (totally with you there). And THEN you gave us M/M sex and orgasms?! It’s not even my birthday yet, but HBD to me! 🙂

    1. I actually felt bad because it was so long, but I wanted to write something with current happenings in the world and smutty goodness. I couldn’t help myself.. and yes I purposefully hide Stephen’s gender. I enjoy that naughty twist. XoXo

  2. Not only did this have a hotness level off the charts but it packed a good message in it as well. You combined the two well. You had me guessing there in the beginning as to the nature of Ricks companion. The nature of their conversation endeared to them both and was happy to see them together with so much passion.

  3. Not only hot, but socially aware and into loving intimacy. The kind of lovely sexy guys i wish were straight or bi and fancied me! A great read, and that’s a gorgeous photo too…

  4. Well you really sucked me into this one, Mischa. Not my genre, but by the time I saw she was a he and most likely to have sex with Rick, I was intrigued and read on out of curiosity. You did your job, this is a sexy read and I soon found myself masturbating as I read. Definitely a first for me. Well, it is Monday.

  5. I know I’m late to the party by a year and a half, but dammit Mischa this was amazing. Just the right balance between character and sheer mind blowing sex. I love the description of the boys as they do the deed, the little details like Rick playing with Stephen’s balls just make it come alive.

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