Masturbation Monday: Bound to be Teased: Part Two

If you haven’t read Part One, please do so. Feel free to touch yourself while you read since this poor little subbie can’t touch herself or others.

I couldn't figure out why they didn't want to taste me. I wondered if they had to be given permission or if were being saved for someone later.
I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t want to taste me. I wondered if they had to be given permission or if were being saved for someone later.

“Yes, of course. You have my permission,” my master’s voice was deep and gruff with need. I glanced over and found a submissive on her knees before him, his hand on her head as she looked up at him with complete innocents. How dare this woman look at my master like that. Jealousy flared inside me and just as the woman gave her permission, the cock in my mouth exploded with thick, salty goodness. I was unable to swallow properly and it leaked from my mouth to drip onto the table.

The submissive shook and cried out as he exploded. It took him a few moments to regain his composure and he needed help to leave the table. My mouth was now empty and the pain from the nipple clamps was gone and my legs were lowered back to the table only to cause me to try to lift my sore, well-paddled ass from the hard surface.

Master had moved and his fingers grazed my drenched cunt, “You are ready for me, my pretty little girl?” I nodded. Speaking was beyond me.

His fingers, thick and calloused delved inside me.

“You’re so tight, little girl.” I lifted my hips to him, wanting him to take me with something thicker, longer and able to fill me with hot slick saltiness. His fingers left me and untied me from the table. My master, the big brute, lifted me and took me to our bedroom. I hadn’t thought he would fuck me in front of the party guests, but I didn’t think he’d abandon them either.

He dropped me onto the bed and followed me once his belt was undone. His huge cock was finally free and as he shoved the head into my tight snatch, he removed the nipple clamps. I screamed as feeling entered my nipples after what felt like a lifetime. I drenched his cock before he had fully entered me.

“That’s a good girl. Now let’s do it again,” he lifted my hips and shoved a pillow underneath them. He shoved all the way into me and I moaned as he bumped my cervix. It was too much and I sunk my nails into his hairy chest. Master swiveled his hips in circles, grinding against my most sensitive flesh and worked the flat of his thumb back and forth over my clit.

I saw stars as I screamed out my pleasure, drenching the pillow beneath me with a flood of fresh juices. Master’s face was right there in front of mine when my eyes refocused. They were so beautiful Clear blue with bushy black eyebrows and thick eyelashes, surrounded by smile lines that showed a little of his age.

I loved his eyes.

Fingers teased my sore nipples and master kissed me. His tongue flicked back and forth inside my mouth, twining with my own tongue as I gave into him all over again. He slow-fucked me until he couldn’t any longer. Once he reached a certain point he let his animalistic nature take over and he pounded me until I was raking my nails over his body, screaming in pleasure and that edge of pain.

He cried out, grabbing my hips and thrust into me with his entire length, slamming me into the bed with powerful strength. My pussy filled with his thick creamy seed and he laid his head on my shoulder, panting and covered in sweat.

I waited just a few moments and then wrapped my arms around him, petting him, kissing his shoulder. When he came back to himself he removed his cock from me and checked me over for marks. When he saw the fingerprints embedded into the flesh of my hips I could see the guilt kick in.

“No, master. I asked for this and wanted you to do this to me. I wanted you to lose control and be fully sated. Please, please don’t feel guilty over such a glorious experience. I want to do this again and again,” I petted him and ran my fingertips over the scratches I had left while I climaxed.

A small smile appeared on his full lips and he kissed me softly, “Go wash up. I’ll close down the party and we’ll get some sleep. You did good tonight, my little girl.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Warmth suffused my limbs from the approval of my master. Once he left the room, I slipped off the bed and into the bathroom. I was sure he’d be happy to share a bubble bath with me when everyone was gone.

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