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One of my issues I find around the internet, and I’m sure you’ve seen them as well, are the trolls. The people who have to be rude for kicks and giggles. People should remember that the best way to avoid being offended by what others post is to click the X or stop following that person. If you follow an erotica author, know that they write about sex and sexual situations, which means they are going to post sexy images as well. It goes along with the whole sexual arousal…. It’s kind of silly to complain about someone sharing sexual-related material when you should know they write sex. Okay – Mischa Out. Check out Nicci’s post below. XoXo

Not everyone wants to see pictures of cats, or lesbians kissing, or black people, or Donald Trump. That doesn’t mean it’s reasonable for those people to ask that nobody makes posts of those things.

via Freedom of Tweets? — Nicci Haydon

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