Masturbation Monday: Crash and Spark

It’s been awhile since our last good thunderstorm. I thought how sexy it can be to be a little bold and have sex outside during a thunderstorm in your backyard. Especially if your neighbors might get a peek.

Crash and Spark Quote
“And what do I get now that I caught you,” his breathy whisper in my ear sent a different kind of chill down my spine.

“Fuck it’s hot.”

I glanced over at Jason through the tint of my sunglasses. Sweat drenched his dark grey shirt, beaded his brow, and I felt a little bad for him.

“I’m loving every second of it.” I raised my hands in the air, as if worshiping the sun, thrilled to finally be warm. It had been a hot, muggy, day with clouds scudding overhead.

“You don’t spend your days slaving in the muggy heat all day, babe.” Jason wiped his forehead, not that it did any good for more than a few moments. He had asked to walk down to the corner ice cream stand and I couldn’t resist. The ice cream chilled my insides and I shivered as we sat at a table, sweltering under a giant umbrella that didn’t do much to cool us off. Talking while keeping the soft serve from melting into soup wasn’t possible.

The walk home was a bit more difficult because there really wasn’t anything at the end of the goal. I hated air conditioning and so we used it sparingly. Jason loved me enough to give me that. Working in a freezing cold office all day long, without being able to move around much, made me dislike the processed air even more. It would only be a few degrees cooler in the house than out here. The ceiling fans helped quite a bit though.

I reached up and tweaked his ear lobe gently between my fingertips. “Catch me if you can,” I stuck my tongue out at him and took off at a jog, then pushed into a run when I heard his clomping pick up speed behind me. I made it to the front door and he caught me at the waist before I could open it to escape inside.

“And what do I get now that I caught you,” his breathy whisper in my ear sent a different kind of chill down my spine.

Actually, it was more like touching your tongue to a nine-volt battery to see if it still had a charge. Clouds had been building throughout the day and thunderstorms were due any moment now. I heard a rumble of thunder but it could have just been the blood pounding through my veins. Jason did that sort of thing to me.

“What do you have in mind, lover?” The fact that Jason’s arms were around my body, holding me tightly, when he was scorched from the muggy day inside and out told me how much he loved me. Unexpectedly, Jason nipped the back of my neck and then backed away to open the door. It was then I noticed neighbors walking along the road. I quickly followed him inside before they realized we were within their line of sight.

My back finished closing the door as he grabbed me and pushed me back against it. His lips caressed mine slowly, then his tongue slipped inside to tease me with gentle strokes. The taste of his lips included the salt from sweat along with the mint and chocolate of his ice cream cone. I felt him start to pull away and when I tried to bring him back, he resisted.

Thunder crashed loud overhead and caused us both to jump, then giggle as we teased each other about jumping. A downpour of rain followed and I bit my lower lip. Jason grabbed my hand and led me further into the house.

“How about a shower, babe,” Jason continued to lead me, but didn’t head for the bathroom. I kept quiet because I knew I’d probably like whatever he had planned. Passing through the kitchen, he opened the sliding door out onto the patio. I laughed as rain poured down over me, warm and smelling like thunder.

I pushed my hair out of my face and held my head back as the rain washed down over my body. Jason took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes, tossing everything back into the house. Reaching for me, he pulled me close, kissed me and then pulled my tank top out of my shorts.

“Jason,” I tried to stop him from stripping my clothes off, “the neighbors.”

His soft, full lips were all over me again, kissing me on my mouth, my cheek, the tip of my nose.

“The neighbors can’t see us.” It was technically true. The patio, while open to the sky above, was blocked from view by trellises covered in foliage that went out several feet passed the steps going down into the yard. We didn’t have any neighbors behind us, just lots of trees and our gardens.

A smile blossomed on my lips and we helped each other strip. The thunder crashed as the sky continued to darken. We threw our discarded clothing into the house. The rug would soak up any water so it wouldn’t do any permanent damage to the floor. We stood there naked, touching and kissing as the rain washed the sweat of the hot day away.

I grabbed Jason by his almost too long hair and pulled him to me hard. I wanted to feel the entire length of his body against mine. Being only a couple of inches shorter than him, it wasn’t hard to pull off. Jason’s cock bobbed against my skin until I pulled him to me. Now it was tight against my belly, throbbing and hot.

Picking me up, Jason helped me wrap my legs around his waist. It had been a while since we’d had sex standing up, but he hadn’t lost a beat. Within a few moments every hard inch was embedded deep inside me. I let out a long, moan against the skin of his neck. He smelled like the fresh rain and the clean sweat from our walk earlier. I nibbled on his ear and heard the rumble of a groan, which was overwhelmed with rolling thunder above.

Our teasing and playing had started out fun and slow, flirting through the day via text and our lunch break phone call, the ice cream date, and the gentle touches on the walk home despite the heat. Lightning lit up the sky and I cried out as the flash gave me the sight of Jason’s face as he held me to him tightly, pounding our way to bliss. Jason joined me moments after I soaked him in a way the rain couldn’t with a hot creaminess that quickly washed away. Heat filled me in spurts and he held me tighter as I kissed him all over his beautiful face.

“This was a great idea, baby,” I said between soft kisses as the rain slowly moved on.

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