Masturbation Monday: Flipping the Switch – Part Three

Here’s Part Three of Flipping the Switch. If you haven’t read Part One, please start there. Now that Grant has accepted that he’s on bottom, how will his kitten take advantage?

I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.
I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.

Grant started getting into it, writhing against my caresses and I paused. I pinched his nipples hard and he cried out in pain, tears welled up in his eyes. I remembered when he had done that to me when I was enjoying his touch too much. Payback was a bitch and tonight I was getting mine. I wondered what other fun things he hid in the toy chest from me.

I found nipple clamps and thought about putting them elsewhere. I looked at him, holding them in my hands, testing their strength between my fingers as I eyed his balls.

“No, that’ll fucking hurt.” I almost, almost, did it because he didn’t use a safe word. I walked over to rub his balls and his head fell back against the pillow, his eyes closed. Bending over, I flicked, licked, and sucked his nipples until they were standing at attention again and clamped them.

“Oh, fuck,” Grant was struggling against the cuffs now, his eyes looking at the clamps. I had put them on the lightest setting. Which was a helluva lot lighter than what he’d ever used on my nipples.

“Really? I have them on the lightest setting sweetheart. You use them way harder on me.” I ran my fingers along his thigh and climbed up onto the bed. I’d gone out tonight without panties on even though I hadn’t planned on cheating.

I just wanted my thighs to be sticky when I climbed on top of Grant tonight.

As I straddled my whimpering man, I pulled my skirt up over my hips. I shifted and placed my lower lips along his lubed up shaft and moved back and forth along his length. He continued having issues with the clamps and I paused to lean over and kiss him. I kissed him hard, pushing my tongue between his teeth to get his attention off the pain. It was the same he’d do for me.

Grant responded to the kiss, sucking on my tongue and twining his with mine. His hips bucked against my wetness and I sighed into the kiss. I wanted so bad to have him inside me, on top of me, holding me down and by the hair as he gave me every thick inch. I felt the ridge of the head of his cock rubbing against my clit and increased my speed. I pinched my own nipples to increase the sensation in my hot little nub below. I nuzzled his neck, he smelled so good and clean.

His soap and his scent mixed together with the smell of sex and I moaned into his ear.

Grunts replaced the whimpers from Grant and I shuddered above him as I continued to ramp up my own desire. I knew he was having fun, too, but this was for me. As he bucked his hips, back and forth rubbing against me, I coated him in cream.

“Oh, yes, that’s it, that’s a good boy,” I felt the little rapture run through my body, zinging my nerves and lighting things up. Sweat coated Grant and I knew he wanted to bury himself inside me, but I kept teasing him, gliding along his length, because I wanted to hear him beg.

“Babe, please,” he panted, his chest heaved. I paused and looked down at him. I slapped him across the face just hard enough to get his attention.

“Mistress, please.” A new light shone in Grant’s eyes as he accepted the correction. Tonight I was in charge and he was my sex slave. I decided the best way to keep him from trying to get his way would be to keep his mouth busy.

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  1. She’s a better woman than I am. I would have given into the urge to resume the normal roles, however, this is absolutely delicious. She’s a devious thing, isn’t she? 😉

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