My muse is wide awake again…

When you start bundling stories, sometimes a wonderful thing happens. Another story taps you on the shoulder and says, “oh hey there!”

This is what happened to me with the Fix-It Fast Series. Story 10 popped out and Brooklyn said, “hey, tell my story.” At first I was like… ”you’re a little late.” But she told me it was worth the time. Therefore, I am taking the time to write another 4,000 words for the Fix-It Series as a Bonus Story in the Bundle – which will not contain Hailey and Her Dirty Secret due to Amazon blocking the story in the first place. It will remain available on Smashwords and occasionally be free. (The entire series is now located on Medium.)

So, once again I apologize for pushing back the bundle. Brooklyn and The Rebel will be included along with another bonus story featuring characters you already know and love in the series.

I’m also putting together (writing) a bundle about public sex and cheating. Not all will be both. Porked at the Park will be included full-length. That’s right, the story on the blog is missing all the controversy and background. I cut it out to shorten it to Sizzling Nibbles length.

I’m also thinking of including Wicked Game as well but from a different point of view. I’ll let that simmer right there in your mind. I’m sure if you enjoyed Wicked Game you’ll love what I’m plotting.

And of course, part three of Flipping the Switch will be out by Monday so you have that to look forward to. Did you know that you can get instant notifications when I create a new post? Sign up with your email address and you’ll receive an email each time I publish something new on the blog. You can also follow me through the WordPress Reader, but for instant access, email is the best option.

What are your thoughts on a newsletter? I can start one, but it would basically be like the blog for when I have new things to share – excerpts and links to the retailers for the full-length story, what I’m working on, what you can look forward to in the next newsletter, other authors, that sort of thing. Which is the same thing I do here. Yes, a newsletter is cheaper than a website, but I won’t get the connection with you through the newsletter that I can here.

Here you’re able to leave comments and interact with me, other authors, and other readers. You’ll be able to find other authors to read and I wouldn’t give up the website, so it would be an added cost onto everything else. Share your thoughts in the comments. I know most newsletters I receive I simply delete and eventually unsubscribe – but that’s ME and not YOU and I want to know about YOU.

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  1. I’m behind my blog reading. I have a dozen stories that I want to write. Some might never happen, some I can’t wait to get to and I can only do so much with my day! y’know.

    Anyway, I use my newsletter to prompt people to visit my blog and remind them on new releases. Not everyone reads blogs or subscribes to them, or checks my social media frequently. Also I found out I cannot share my smuttier blogs to Facebook, someone freaking reported me yesterday for it. 🙁

    1. Yeah.. Facebook you have to be careful or you’ll end up blocked or banned.
      I’m looking into the cost of a Post Office box and debating on whether or not it’ll be worth it.

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