Smutty Thought of the Day: Fuck Buddies

Our Smutty Thought of the Day this time is about Fuck Buddies! Or, as I saw elsewhere (possibly typo’d), fuckbodies.

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Some of the best sex of my life happened with fuck buddies. Showing up, stripping down, and getting busy is a favorite pastime of mine. The great thing about having someone to booty call when you need a little stress-relief is that you don’t have to talk about bills or kids or work afterwards. You get up, dress, then walk out the door and go about your day.

The third definition of ‘fuck buddy’ at Urban Dictionary is my favorite:

A person with whom one has occasional casual sex in a friendly relationship unburdened by any romantic interest or love.
I see Jane once in a while for a booty call when we are both free. I consider her a fuck buddy.
#casuallover #bootycaller #studmuffin #loverboy #fornicator #adulterer”
I don’t care for the adulterer hashtag on it though. Why is that even there? Sure, your fuck buddy could be the person you’re cheating on a partner with or you could be the other person, but damn. #HarshedMyMellow.
Here are some ‘fuck buddy’ type stories I’ve written for Masturbation Monday or Wicked Wednesday:
About a lovely woman throwing a party who gets caught hiding in her bedroom when he bursts in to hide as well.
About a guy watching a stripper… who ends up being someone he knows and well… it leads from there.
This one toes the taboo line between a woman in charge of a man on parole.
Two guys who get together and reminisce in the backseat of an old car they used to fuck around in.

What kind of naughty fuck buddy stories have you written? If you don’t, has this inspired you to write one?

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