Smutty Thought of the Day: Pearl Necklace

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Today’s Smutty Thought of the Day is all about the elegance of a pearl necklace.

My coworkers aren’t giving me as much Smutty Thought fodder as they were before I came up with this idea. I think it’s time to crack the whip.
However, when this one came up, it was never-ending laughter. Why? Because someone asked another if they wanted a pearl necklace. She said, ‘sure, when are we going shopping?’

Definition Number Four is my favorite over at Urban Dictionary:

The passionate result of a man wanking onto his lover’s upper chest, neck and shoulders. Also the most wonderfully affectionate (and affordable) gift for a husband to bestow upon his wife on their wedding night.

Benny and Betty weren’t rich by any means, but Benny loved to spoil his wife by giving her a pearl necklace whenever he could. Betty was generally appreciative, although not when Benny unexpectedly misfires and shoots her in the eye instead.

by Reginald Barrington July 28, 2004

PS: I’m hating this website because they don’t have a proper embed feature. If anyone knows of a better way to share this, please let me know in the comments.

The funny part of the story is looking at the text group seeing someone ask “do you know what a pearl necklace is?” Several of us replied yes.

We didn’t realize that they were asking what it meant, not asking if we knew. Once we realized many jokes were made and much snickering was happening.

How often does someone ask you if you know something in text and you answer ‘yes’ instead of telling them what it is?

Have you been given or given someone a pearl necklace? What did you like/dislike about the experience?

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