Sizzling Nibbles: Banging the Contractor

What happens when you think you’re alone reading erotica on your lunch, but you’re not.

Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty

It was a blissful, peaceful time in the office. Sales people were out selling; higher-ups were out for a convention. I hid away on my lunch to read. A full hour of uninterrupted quiet time. I set an alarm, I didn’t want to go into a reading coma and forget that I was at work.

Despite my efforts I did end up in a reading coma within a few short minutes. The story was scorching hot and I couldn’t help myself. There was no one around, so I slid my hand into my top, into my bra and squeezed my breast. I tightened my grip until I squirmed in the seat and then flicked my thumb over my nipple. That’s what was happening in the book and I had to touch myself.

As the man’s hand slid down the woman’s body, I followed suit. Popping open the clasps on my pants and sliding my hand inside revealed just how truly turned on I’d become from the story. I quickly found my hot button to push and tease. The woman in the story moaned and I pressed my lips together. It may be quiet and deserted but I didn’t want to accidentally alert anyone to what I was doing.

My eyes slid closed as I imagined that I was the woman receiving gratification from the man. I soaked my fingers by sliding them inside, sitting low in the chair with my legs open wide. A hand slid into my top, into my bra and squeezed my breast. I couldn’t help myself and a low moan escaped.

The hand inside my bra pinched and flicked my nipple, then went back to squeezing and kneading my breast. It was then I realized I had one hand on my phone, one hand on my clit, and another hand inside my bra. I opened my eyes, shock widening them, as I stared up at the man who had his hand down my top.

He had military short blondish-brown hair. His features were sharp, his mouth looked kissable in the dim light. The muscles on his arm tensed with the movements of his hand as he continued to massage my breast. I wasn’t expecting anyone to find me up here, my lips formed an ‘o’ as I took a breath to speak. Instead, the only thing that came out was a sound of longing. It had been a while since someone had touched me in such a personal way.

A small smile spread across his face. He pinched my nipple harder as I worked my fingers fiercely against my nub. My hips thrust as the little explosion rocked me. That was when I remembered he was a contractor working on a renovated office that shared the wall with the conference room I was in.

The next thing I knew, he was undoing his pants and then the length of his hardened flesh filled my vision. Without speaking, I tentatively licked the head of his cock. I tasted the salt of him and pulled my drenched hand out of my pants. Taking a hold of him, I slid my mouth further down his shaft, using my tongue on the underside. I looked up at him. His head was tilted back, eyes closed as he enjoyed my teasing. And then he pulled me off gently.

Standing, I dropped my pants and bent over the table. I didn’t know what had gotten into me, but I did know what I wanted buried inside me. He stepped up behind me and I heard his pants drop to the floor. Strong hands grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks open. I felt the warmth, wetness of his tongue against my folds and bent flat against the table. Covering my mouth with my hand I tried to muffle the sounds coming from inside me.

His tongue went away and I felt his hands slide to the front of my hips. I looked over at him and he was sitting in the chair I had abandoned. Guiding me carefully, he placed the head of his shaft against my opening. I didn’t have a chance to warn him that I was probably tighter than a virgin on prom night and almost screamed when he pulled me down hard onto his length.

I felt his face press hard against my shoulder. Moans as he lifted my hips and pulled me back down vibrated the muscle. I threw my hands over my mouth and did my best to clamp my teeth tightly. The last thing I needed was getting caught banging the contractor at the office.

I made out some of what was coming out of his mouth about God and how tight I was and how good it felt fucking such a tight pussy. I released my mouth and looked over at him, “Talk dirty to me. Say those naughty things in my ear so I can understand you better.”

He paused and smiled at me again. He reached up and pushed my hair to slide over my shoulder. Nibbling on my ear lobe, he started banging me again. “You’re so fucking drenched. I feel like I could fuck you for eternity and never get bored. Clench that tight pussy around my hard cock, baby.”

I did as he asked and clenched, the heat of his breath on my ear drove me mad and I bounced up and down on his cock, my hands firmly back in place over my mouth to muffle the squeals of pleasure.

“Oh that’s it.” Strong fingers pressed harder into my flesh. He picked me up and bent me over the table. Rearing back, he slammed his cock home over and over into my willing soaked hole. I gave in to the overwhelming pleasure and clamped my eyes tightly shut as I creamed all over his cock.

“Fuck, yeah baby.” As my pussy clenched the length of his cock wildly, it felt like a flood filled me from his cock. He leaned over me and kissed me lightly on the neck. “Will I see you here again tomorrow?”

I nodded and he pulled up his pants to go back to work in the office next door.

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