Sizzling Nibbles: Swinging in the Park

I had a random idea and this is what came of it. Please enjoy Swinging in the Park featuring Leah and the Officer.

Sizzling Nibbles
Sizzling Nibbles

I sat on the swing. I wasn’t supposed to be here in the park after sunset but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to be outside and it felt naughty breaking the rules. I don’t know why I didn’t just sit in my backyard or even on the front steps. It was a beautiful fucking night out and I wanted to be in the park. The fresh air and the scent of fresh-cut grass filled me. A smile made its way onto my lips and I pushed off, starting the back and forth motion to send me sailing into the air.

I wasn’t doing anything bad or wrong, but it was embarrassing. You see, I’ve always been a little pudgy around my middle and I hate that stupid little muffin-top. It didn’t matter for some reason how many crunches or side lunges or jack knives I did. I drank water. I avoided foods that caused bloating in case that was the issue – and yet the fucking thing remained.

One night, lamenting this flabby part of me, thinking I’ll never get rid of it, I entered the park.

I had just left a dinner party where I’d munched on crackers and avoided alcohol while making miserably boring small talk. Walking through the park was a shortcut home and I just wanted to go home. The swings were drifting lazily in the breeze and looked as if some young kids had just jumped off. I grabbed the chain and sat down. At first, I just sat there, moving my feet back and forth, watching the trees wave their branches. The moon was full and the sky was mostly clear. I glanced around and decided to swing. I’m still not sure what had changed my mind about going straight home.

The next morning I’d woken up sore as hell in my abdominal area. It felt like I’d done a hundred crunches. I decided to go back the next night and the night after that to see if perhaps the secret to getting rid of that damn muffin top was the swing.

Tonight was no exception.

The night was gorgeous and warm with a breeze. I could smell the fresh mulch they’d used around the bushes and the fresh dirt on the baseball fields. Still having a hard time believing, I kept swinging. I knew somewhere deep down that I’d come to realize eventually that it wasn’t working, that I had fooled myself again and that this stupid muffin top was going to follow me to the grave, but for now, I rode the swing.

One night, a car drove by slow and I could tell the windows were down because they didn’t reflect the street lights and an arm was hanging out adjusting something by the mirror. A spotlight. The bright light shone in my direction and I almost lost my balance when I put my hand up to cover my eyes. It was then I saw ‘Sherriff’ painted on the side of the vehicle and I froze. I wondered if this was just a coincidence or if someone had called the cops because some lunatic was swinging in the park.

He didn’t put the red and blue lights to flashing, but he did turn off the spot light and pulled over to the side of the road. After a few moments, he got out and walked over, flash light in hand. When I got a look at him, my chest froze and I couldn’t breathe. The man was breathtaking. The sleeves of his uniform barely contained the bulges of muscles. For a moment, I wondered if he could give me tips on how to get a flat belly. Then I was able to breathe again.


The young officer was unsure what to make of me and the embarrassment flooded through me like a desert heat wave at high noon. “You know there’s no one allowed in the park after sunset, right?” It sounded to me like he was giving me an out and the look on his face, slightly flawed by the bump on his nose, indicated just that by the way he cocked his eyebrow.

“Actually, Officer, I do know. It’s just that…” what the heck was I supposed to say? “It’s really embarrassing but for some reason I just have this urge to swing.” I hadn’t meant to put so much emphasis on the word swing, but the emotions running through me right now were all jumbled into a massive heap like the blob.

A smirk slowly appeared on the Officer’s face, “How about I help you swing?” The next thing I knew he was in between my legs, pushing me back until I could wrap my thighs around his hips. I forgot I’d been wearing a skirt until then. His lips engulfed mine and I opened to taste his essence. He tasted like mint and citrus. He smelled like a fresh ocean breeze plus something I couldn’t name, something naughty and desirable.

“Oh, Officer,” I moaned against his mouth.

He pulled back a little and kissed my nose. I giggled, feeling like I was ten years’ younger which would’ve been nice because then I wouldn’t feel like such a cougar. Not that there was anything wrong with being a cougar, it was something I hadn’t ever aspired to myself.

“Would you like to continue, Ma’am?” I nodded and he unzipped his pants, pulling out the bulge I felt against my core just moments before. He shifted me on the swing and slid his hands between my thighs to find me drenched. When the officer slid his fingers inside and pressed his thumb against my button, then wiggled them all at the same time, I saw stars explode behind my eyelids that I hadn’t seen in ages. I was writhing and holding onto the chains for dear life as I thrashed against his hand.

As I caught my breath, he was licking my climax off his fingers. Once they were cleaned off really well, he kissed me and slid inside me so fast I almost cried out from the shock and flood of passion that engulfed me.

“Oh, Officer,” I cried against his uniform as he used the swing to match the movement of his hips, back and forth, back and forth, our lower extremities met and parted only to be brought together again and again until I clawed into those biceps too tight for his sleeves. When I did that he ground himself against my hot wet core and shifted his hips in circles.

I felt like he touched every part of me from that one spot.

Now we were both panting and drenched in more things than sweat—stickier, sweeter tasting things. He kissed me again and extricated himself from my body. After he put away his extraordinary length, he tipped his hat at me and said, “Ma’am, if I catch you in this park again, we’re going to go another round, you and me.” The glint in his eyes and the smirk on his face told me everything I needed to know.

I would be returning to the park again tomorrow night.

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