Sizzling Nibbles: Rough Day

Spring is trying quite hard to come around, but the frost and cold still have a hold on my area. That’s okay, because I think this story will heat you up as much as it heated me up while writing it. Enjoy!

Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty

Hey hon, I just got out of a rough meeting. Any chance you get give me a little taste to get me through the day?

While I wait for a response, I check email and start responding to the oldest unread message of the day. And then the next. I continue working while in the back of my mind I’m wondering what my lovely partner is doing that is preventing her from sending me something naughty.

By the time I come up for air, I’ve finished two cups of coffee, all of my emails, started working on a report and decided it was time for a restroom break and perhaps a punishment assignment to my pet. Without looking at my phone, I slide it into my pocket and head for the most private restroom in the building.

Once I’m locked in, I pull my phone out and see one text with a link from Brooke. And I realize I still have do not disturb turned on. I unlock the phone and open my message app, then her message. There’s no preview for the link. She didn’t text a reply either. I’m a little confused. I turn the wifi off on my phone and click the link.

What I find is hotter than hell. She set cameras up in the bedroom. Thigh highs grace her long legs. Her hair is laid out to one side. I watch as she teases her nipples, bright red nail polish stands out against her pale skin. Her legs are demurely crossed, hiding what I really want to see. Brooke looks directly into the camera and licks her lips.

Balancing the phone against the backsplash is a pain at first, but I get it to stay and unzip my pants. I ache in my balls right now and adjust them, which just flares up my need to plunge into the silken depths between her sexy thighs.

I watch as she lifts her knees to her chest and gives me a glimpse of pussy lips before hiding her sex with her feet. Feet encased in nylon. I love the feel of her tights against my skin when I ride her and wish I had been able to stay home today.

I stroke myself, waiting to see what she has in store for me next. Dom appears and joins her on the bed, his cock is full and long and hard. My mouth waters. Brooke knows just how much I enjoy the three of us having fun together. They shift on the bed and I can see her suck on his sack, leaving bright red lipstick stains behind.

Unsure of how long I have left hiding in the bathroom, I pray for her to hurry a little faster. Suck his cock, suck it down, suck it hard. And finally, she does. She drags her tongue up the length and wraps her lips around the head. Inch by inch, she swallows him down. Dom moans and grabs her hair to make sure I have an excellent line of sight while she works on him.

I brace myself against the counter and while Brooke hums and plays with Dom’s balls, I stroke my cock faster. I’m so close to shooting my load and then Brooke rises up off his cock, saliva coating his hardness. Taking hold of his cock in both hands, she strokes him and I mirror her. The sound of her hands stroking him, watching his hips lift to fuck her hands, gets me revved.

I can feel my balls shift and as I watch Dom squirt his load over Brooke’s face, I empty myself into the sink. I hadn’t planned on ejaculating but the headrush felt good. I breathe deep and slow, hoping no one had been around to hear my muffled groan. Clenching my jaw wasn’t much help, but the vent running may have helped hide the sound.

Washing up only takes a few more moments and I feel relaxed. Grabbing my phone, I text her to ask Dom to stay over for dinner tonight. I want to watch him come all over my face when I get home.

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