Sizzling Nibbles: Fit to be Yule-Tied

How will Maxine and Josephine deal with an intruder in their remote cabin? Read on to find out just what kind of punishment they’ll hand down. How will Liam handle these two feisty witches?

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Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty

“Are you sure about this? I think it’s going a bit too far.” Maxine eyed Liam as he struggled against the bonds. Liam’s back was up against a pole, his wrists bound behind it. We’d made him spread his legs and tied his ankles to stakes. There was no way he’d be getting free.

“I’m sure. After a night of this, he’ll learn his lesson.” Josephine had a wicked smile on her face. The sliver of moonlight lit up her eyes, giving them a bit of an evil glint. Without another thought, she turned and headed back to the cabin half a mile west of where we’d bound the intruder. “The Goddess will take care of him and we’ll grab our camping gear. We’ll keep a bonfire going and that way he won’t freeze to death. Okay?”

Still unsure, Maxine reluctantly nodded her head.

Liam was a big man, half a foot taller than Maxine, broad-shouldered, with hard muscles. Tattoos covered his arms, chest, and back. Prison tattoos Josephine had said. He looked hard when he had broken into the cabin – but now he looked desperate. Almost scared. The cool wind blew his long hair in his face and he tossed his head like a horse does when a fly is being a pest.

Maxine followed Josephine back to the cabin to gather things she knew they’d need that Jo wouldn’t think to get. They both returned a half an hour later to setup camp. Maxine dug a little hole in the sand for the bonfire while Josephine setup their cots and then gathered firewood and kindling.

Once camp was settled and the bonfire flickered hotly in the dark, Josephine pulled out her craft tools. Maxine watched on, a wrinkle in her forehead showing a slight amount of distress that had wormed its way inside. She tried to push away the fear, but it latched on like a leech. Most people who practiced the Old Religions were hacks, but Josephine had some kind of spark.

She could make things happen and when Maxine was there, it only got stronger and weirder.

Josephine chanted quietly under her breath as she went through the motions of drawing the circle, calling on the elements. Liam struggled even harder and looked like an animal caught in a trap. When he started howling and screeching like a wild animal, Maxine sat on her cot and pulled her knees to her chest. She couldn’t take her eyes off Liam. She watched the way the firelight glistened off his skin and the way it glowed showed he was sweating bullets. The fact that he was naked had nothing to do with why Maxine couldn’t stop looking at him, but the warmth growing inside had nothing to do with the bonfire.

Maxine held herself tight, then tighter. Her heart pounded in her chest and felt like it was going to burst out at any moment. Finally, Josephine closed the circle and the feeling of insects crawling on Maxine’s skin vanished. Even Liam calmed, hanging a bit from his ropes, trying to catch his breath. His eyes still rolled wildly. Anytime they looked at Josephine he flinched.

“It is done. I’m strangely exhausted. I’m going to sleep. Maxine, please keep watch.” Josephine curled up on her cot, carefully drew the blanket over her and was out cold within moments. It was the one thing that Maxine was jealous of when it came to her friend, her sister-witch. Maxine always had trouble sleeping, the dreams and nightmares that plagued her kept her tossing and turning.

She was determined to see the night through.

Liam ached everywhere. His wrists felt like they’d never recover from the rope burns. His legs felt abused and weak. Breaking into the lone cabin in the middle of the desert was looking to be the most stupid move he’d ever made. All he’d wanted was some food and water, but when he’d been caught, he got violent and now he was trussed up like an animal.

The woman that was forcing this slept peacefully. He glared at her. He had to get free. Looking over at Maxine, he wondered if he could convince her that he wouldn’t ever do this again. Instead, the woman’s eyes were closed. Growling out of anger, he struggled again, but then she was there, in front of him, her nose almost touching his.

“Be calm.”

Instantly, his body went limp. Maxine stood there, but her eyes were closed and her mouth hadn’t moved. There was a glow about her and he had no idea what to think. Inside, he was panicking, but outside, nothing about his body would respond.

Maxine, but not Maxine, caressed his face, his neck, down his sweaty chest. The women had tied him here, naked. Like an animal. Maxine’s hand continued down his body, following the lines of his abdominal muscles. The only movement he could make was to breathe. “You are a gift from my daughters. You’re to be my Stag. I’m not sure if you’re worthy after you attacked them the way you did. But you are strong and I sense a loyalty within your soul. I shall have you.”

Liam groaned in pleasure, the way she ran her hands along his arms, massaging and healing the aches and pains of his recent torment. But the healing went deeper the longer she touched him. He felt things inside resolving themselves, his soul felt less broken and battered. His mind cleared from the past abuses he’d suffered. It was as if he were being remade.

Laughter filled his ears and Liam couldn’t believe that it was coming out of his mouth, it was his voice. Cheer filled him and he felt uplifted in a way he hadn’t felt since he was a child.

Whatever was inhabiting Maxine had somehow fixed him.

“Much better, yes?” The voice Liam heard was inside his skull and it freaked him the fuck out, but he felt as if he’d been exalted somehow. He nodded to whatever being inhabited Maxine’s form. When she stepped back, the smile went away. She didn’t go far, though. Using Maxine’s hands, she undressed the body she’d taken over.

His eyes roamed over Maxine’s flesh. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been with a woman and now, in this weird fucked up way, he might be about to get laid. With a snap of fingers, Liam’s bonds vanished and he felt to the sandy ground. “Come lay with me, my Stag.”

Fear enveloped him but didn’t stop his cock from becoming engorged. He felt as if she might have something to do with just how hard and ready to spurt he was. Maxine stepped to the center of the circle. Clover sprouted from beneath her feet to form a soft bed.

As she knelt, she spread her legs wide.

“Come lay with me, now.” Something flickered and Liam felt something inside push him towards the woman. He didn’t need the prod, he was more than willing to plunge himself into her as much and as hard as she desired. Liam fell to his knees before this Goddess and she pushed him onto his back.

As she mounted him, a trickle of fear niggled in the back of his mind. Maxine, with the glowing skin and closed eyes, slid down his shaft until their hips met. Liam groaned and began pumping up into her, bouncing her up and down on top of his rugged body. Her hands grabbed his shoulders and he grabbed her hips.

The Goddess pulled him up with strength he wouldn’t believe and he sucked one pert nipple into his mouth. Pleasure engulfed him, moans of the Goddess filled his mind, driving him mad with both desire and insanity. Her hands fisted in his hair and he sucked harder on her breast.

As they rocked and bounced their way to bliss, the glow around Maxine grew in brightness.

Liam had to close his eyes but that wasn’t enough. He used one hand to cover them, a scream leaving his open mouth as he exploded deep within her body.

Maxine awoke, the sun breaking over the ridge. She rubbed her eyes and stretched, soreness in places there shouldn’t be any made her pause. She was cold and realized why when she saw her clothing scattered on the ground. Liam was gone. Maxine looked up, some movement drawing her eyes to the top of a ridge where a huge White Stag stood proud. Fear trickled through her as she felt his eyes on her. The stag dipped his head as if he were acknowledging her, then headed down the other side.

Attempting to breathe, Maxine looked over to Josephine, but she wasn’t there either. Her cot and sleeping bag lay empty. Swallowing hard, she stood and gathered her clothing and whatever else she could carry.

I hope you enjoyed this Sizzling Nibble for the holiday.

Blessed be and do no harm.

You can listen to “Fit to be Yule-Tied” on DirtyBitPodcast!

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