Masturbation Monday: Secret Santa

I know it’s the day after Christmas, but I thought I’d grace Masturbation Monday with another Holiday-related special!

I looked over at Grayson just as he looked at me, a sexy smirk on his too pretty face as he turned the key in his fingers.
I looked over at Grayson just as he looked at me, a sexy smirk on his too pretty face as he turned the key in his fingers.

The feel of Grayson’s lips against mine, the way his tongue caressed mine, drove my mind to buzzing like a beehive.

I sat up in bed and scrubbed the thoughts from my mind as I scrubbed sleep from my face. Grayson? I can’t stand that metrosexual, charming, silver platter bastard. Grumbling, I turned off the alarm and got ready for work. When I got there, I sat at my desk, staring at the square piece of paper with Grayson’s name on it. Since I had picked his name from the Secret Santa hat, he’d infiltrated my personal life as well as my work life.

“Hey, Logan, the boss sent an email that we’re all to head to the party now.” I glanced up at Grayson, who I’d been trying to keep away from all day. I still hadn’t figured out the gift for the exchange. Grayson was wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. We’d been allowed to dress down for the holiday season and he looked… I shook my head and cleared my throat.

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll be on my way shortly.” With a nod, he turned to leave. I glanced up to check out his tight ass in denim. I wanted to sink my teeth into his flesh. I continued up his body and found his eyes meeting mine, along with an appreciation for me checking him out. My cock ached and I looked away. No one knew I was gay. At least, they hadn’t. Everyone figured I was completely into my job.


Once he left, I printed out directions and details to my family’s cabin. I could get a copy of the key made on the way to the party. I would give Grayson the option to use the cabin for a weekend. And, if I got lucky, he’d be interested in having some company.

I watched Grayson across the room as I sipped on an imported beer. The party was a huge hit, which wasn’t a surprise. The company numbers were up and the boss liked treating us well when that happened. Presents were being handed out and I looked at the box. We had too many employees to do a proper Secret Santa, so the person had to indicate that they were the gift giver.

My box looked like it would contain a tie. I opened it. It wasn’t a tie, but two tickets to a ski resort near my family’s cabin. I smiled and wondered who could’ve given such a good gift. And then I saw the name on the inside of the lid. Perhaps we can have a weekend getaway? -Grayson

I looked over at Grayson just as he looked at me, a sexy smirk on his too pretty face as he turned the key in his fingers. A slight nod from each of us, and the holiday was set.


After a day of skiing, dinner cooked by Grayson, and a couple bottles of wine, I finally got what I wanted. We kissed, the fire blazing before us. The halls were decked and stockings hung on the mantle. I slid my hands behind his neck and pulled him in closer. When his hand wrapped around my length, I couldn’t help but moan into his kiss.

It wasn’t long before we took turns licking and sucking our way to a deep, hard session of fucking. Watching him above me as he rode my cock, as we stroked each other, made me explode so hard, I thought I broke something. I wasn’t prepared when Grayson slid off me, shifted my legs, and started sliding into me.

“Oh, fuck.” Grayson smiled at me and then kissed me. I slid my hands down his body and moved with him. I had needed a good fucking for months. I just hadn’t expected it would come from someone I mostly disliked. Pitiful reasons for why I disliked him, but those feelings weren’t going away anytime soon.


The weekend was over and it was time to go back to our normal, everyday lives. We were drinking coffee and reading the paper. “Logan?”

“Hm?” I didn’t bother looking away from the paper, until Grayson said my name again. I sipped my coffee and stared into blue-green eyes. I couldn’t help but smile. He had this look on his face that just made me want to smile.

“Any chance we can do this again in the future?” Grayson sipped his coffee and ruffled his section of the paper. Neither of us were interested in an actual relationship, but a tryst now and then wasn’t a relationship. I could handle that.

“I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t.” I lifted my paper back up and continued reading. I may not like the guy, but I had no problem having a coworkers with benefits arrangement.

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  1. And if there was ever a way someone could convince me to work in an office again, this might be it. A coworker with benefit arrangement? Hell, I don’t even need it for myself, I just want to watch these two go at it. 😉

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