Masturbation Monday: Bound

Originally, I submitted this to an anthology and it was not accepted. No harm, no foul! Here it is for your pleasure!

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Bound
My panties were soaked and sticky from both being tied up and groped.

The serial killer stalked toward me; blood-covered machete clenched in his right fist. I didn’t move, barely trembled. My shoulders ached a little from being hung by my wrists. The rope gauntlets that had been tied were too pretty, too perfect, and covered almost to my elbows. Why would a serial killer take the time to make pretty rope binding if he planned to murder me? The questions rolling through my mind were the only thing keeping me from free-falling into subspace. 

“Cut,” Damon hollered.  The staff grumbled and sighed. I trembled as if the bellow of his voice had touched me the way an earthquake shakes the ground. This was the second time I’d screwed up. An additional sound of frustration came from the crew as they started the reset. 

Damon walked up to me and slapped my cheek with a light, playful tap. I cleared my throat to hide the surge of desire that rushed through me. “Hey. When the serial killer enters, you’re supposed to scream and cry, thrash and kick, not stare at him like he’s the dreamiest guy you’ve ever met. Fear for your life.” I looked up into his dark eyes. They almost matched his skin, which glistened with sweat under the hot lights. Little flecks of lighter brown and some gold shimmered. He didn’t know my little secret, and I wasn’t ready to tell him, or anyone else. Being bound made me feel more free than any other experience.  

“I’m sorry. I’ll get it right, I promise. Just a little stage fright.” He nodded and checked my bindings. I wondered where the man who’d bound me learned the binding pattern or if he’d just made it up as he went along. Damon hadn’t been the one to tie me up, and I hadn’t seen the guy who did since. 

“Are these okay? They’re not too tight? Are you going numb?” Damon fired questions at me that I was incapable of answering. I concentrated on the feel of his fingers as his hands wrapped around my upper arms and massaged their way up to the rope. “Maya?” 

“Yes. No, I mean. I’m good. No numbness. Thank you, Damon.”

When Damon had landed a job directing an independent horror film, he asked if I would be interested in being an extra. The pay was little but it included lunch. I had nothing else going on, so I took it. When the girl originally tapped to play my role freaked about being tied up, I got bumped up into her part. I was the first to die.. 

Damon yelled for everyone to get back on their marks. He squeezed my arms and mouthed “Fear for your life,” before walking away. I thought of every horrible thing I could to keep myself from relaxing into the subspace I craved. 

The serial killer entered, the machete in his right hand, but this time, he swung it, as if he were testing its weight and balance. I bit my inner cheek and my eyes filled with big, fat tears. I took a sharp gasp of air and shook my head, trying to back away, but unable to do so. “No,” poured out of my mouth, longer, sometimes followed by please until I ran out of air. 

The killer grabbed me by the throat, and I tried to kick his shins, but he wouldn’t stop squeezing my throat. He was squeezing my throat. I struggled harder against him. My kicks hit the special padding hidden in his clothing protecting him from feeling much of my effort. Subspace crept in around the edges, but I pushed it away. No matter how alluring, I needed to focus. 

In his green eyes  I saw something there, a spark or fire lit within. I continued to struggle for all I was worth, and then pretended to pass out. The killer stroked my cheek, petted my hair, and ran his hand down my body. He used the machete to slice open my crop top. I had to keep my breathing as shallow as possible. It wasn’t hard; I simply turned to the place in my mind that was as calm and empty as the void of space. 

Sensations took over. My nipples tingled and hardened.

My panties were soaked and sticky from both being tied up and groped. Between the water spritzing and hot lights, my skin glistened. I wanted him to touch me again. I wanted him to run his hands down my skin and between my thighs. 

“You’re mine.” The machete stabbed into me. and I came awake, gasping for air. My mouth gaped open like a fish out of water. My eyes rolled wildly, and it felt as though everyone around watching held their breath. The machete ripped out of me, then stabbed again. I writhed back and forth and then hung limp. I went into subspace but it appeared I was unconscious and slowly dying. 

“Cut,” the director yelled. People started cheering, and I had to pull myself out of that private space. The serial killer removed his mask. He had tied me up earlier. Now he stood there with a certain glint in his eyes. The way his lips curved up slightly sent a shiver down my spine causing all the little hairs to stand up on the back of my neck. 

“I’m Gavin. Would you be interested in chatting privately?” He ran his hand through his hair. It highlighted the mess of the dark brown spikes from wearing the mask. “You can say no if you want. I won’t hold it against you.” 

I shook my head, “I’d like that.” My words were so soft that I wasn’t sure he would be able to hear. However, the smile on his lips told me he had heard every word. 

“I’m going to lift you now.” Gavin wrapped his arms around me. He presses his body closer and tighter to me than needed, then removed my wrists from the hook. My entire body lit up like firecrackers tossed into a bonfire. 

Gavin’s breathing accelerated and he slid me down his body. I brought my wrists down between us, and he proceeded to free me from the bindings. My breath hitched, my heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t ready to be unbound just yet. 

“No worries, Maya. I promise we’ll be doing this again soon if you’re inclined.” I nodded, watching with fascination as he coiled the rope while he unwrapped my forearms. The color was a beautiful crimson. The soft marks left behind made me smile. 

“I’m inclined.” I waited while Gavin rubbed my wrists and arms gently. He massaged each finger. Everyone around us was busy getting ready for another scene. I had no idea what this movie was about, but I was so glad I took Damon up on his offer.

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  1. This was a fun sexy story. You had some pretty funny lines and I got a noir vibe the way that Maya was narrating. I loved lit up like firecrackers tossed into a bonfire and I had no idea what this movie was about. I think one of the things that makes a story like this good, is that the reader starts trying to imagine what Gavin and Maya are doing when next they get together. I wondered.

  2. Okay, so I have to ask…was this the story you were researching in the bondage story you told during Gio’s podcast? Because if so, DAMN woman, you’re a quick study indeed. 🙂

  3. This is really well written, I loved how even though it was a slasher movie she let herself fall into her natural feel of the rope even to the point of having to fight to stop from falling into sub-space.
    What really struck me about this is the feel of the story and the connection she made with the “serial killer”
    I had a good friend who was an actor many years ago and I had the pleasure of attending a number of his performances and even rehearsals. The connections made between the actors and actresses made for some interesting couplings.

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