Masturbation Monday: Real Men Do Dishes – Part Three

Here we go, lovelies. Hang on to your pants… uh, better yet, take them off.

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Real Men Do Dishes Part Three
I want her to plunge her tongue into me but, I wait. It’ll come, and so will we.

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I’m still catching my breath when I watch her pick up the handful of dice. She shakes them between her hands, letting them rattle against each other, then lets them loose in the box. “Oh, that’s nice. On the bed hostess.”

I crawl up onto the bed and position a pillow to lift my hips and settle against the rest of the pile. Grabbing my thighs, I spread myself wide open, ready to receive. She crawls onto the bed after me, brushing her cheek along my leg.

She reaches my knee and plants a kiss, then uses her tongue to tease the twitching nerves in my thigh. Her eyes meet mine when her lips kiss my wet outer folds. I want her to plunge her tongue into me but, I wait.

It’ll come, and so will we.

He groans as he watches us, her ass swaying in the air waiting for his cock. “Fuck this is going to be so good.” He sets the timer and joins us on the bed, careful not to jostle us. It doesn’t work, though. The bed wiggles and she face-plants right into my pussy. I groan and dig my nails into a pillow.

While she teases me with her tongue, lapping up my juices from earlier, her husband slides into her. I know when he reaches deep because she mewls into my folds. The vibrations drive me mad. It’s easier on me when I have something to focus on, like when we were eating each other out.

I watch his face as he grinds into her, thick fingers holding her in place. Her moans are muffled in my mound and I feel the edge of a climax forming. My hips move on their own, out of my control, up into her mouth.

My breath whooshes out and I take another breath, deeper, all the way down. And then the timer goes off. Two minutes can be the longest or shortest time ever and tonight, I felt like both. I almost reached bliss this time, but I was sure I’d get there the next time.

I hope that all three of us will.

I shove my hair over my shoulder. It always ends up in my face and I never understand how. He grabs the dice in his shaky hands. We all smell like sex and we all look like we’re starving for a fix of some drug. In a way, we are. We want that wonderful feel of orgasmic bliss snaking up our nerves, clenching our muscles, and turning our blood thick like honey.

He tosses the dice and I squeal in joy. One of my favorite positions. He would get to choose who would be in the middle, but we would get to choose the toys involved. “Vibrating butt plug for him.” I’m not going to hesitate. The amount of come that shot out of him last time was incredible.

“Yes, and you can be in the middle this time.” We head for the toy chest. I pick a deep purple plug and lube it up. It’ll send pulsing vibrations right up her husband’s ass while he fucks me and she eats me out some more.

“What should we fill you with, love?” He peruses the selection and pulls out vibrating panties.

“These. Wear these. I want the controller.”

While she puts on the panties, I plug her husband’s tight ass. Slow enough so as not to hurt, but quickly enough that he is moaning and squirming on the bed. “He’s such a good boy. Let’s reward him.” When I’m done, he stands and gets onto the bed. Moving the pillow I used earlier, he settles himself against the headboard.

“Climb on, sugar.” Hopping up onto the bed, I mount him in reverse. “Ready?” The way his cock slides right into me attests to just how ready I am to explode. The way he gnashes his teeth tells me he’s having a difficult time not filling me up.

She finally joins us on the bed and slides between our legs. “I’m going to lick both of you while you fuck, so do a good job and give me access.” She squeaks when he turns the panties on that she’s wearing. “Oh, that’s so good, thank you.”

He grabs the back of my knees, opening my hips wider, then lifts and lowers me on his cock. It feels so good, I just lay my head back against his shoulder. I know I can’t stay like that, he’ll get tired. But for the moment, I can’t help the overwhelming need pulsing in my pussy.

After a few strokes, I’m capable of helping and we work together, riding faster. Her tongue slurps along his thighs and sucks his balls into her mouth. Seeing it gets me closer to the edge.

Then she reaches forward and turns on the toy in his ass.

“Oh, fuck.” He grinds his teeth and squeezes me tighter. His hips thrust up into me, over and over. The button for the remote on her panties is right there. I reach over and push it twice, rocketing them into high. Then she starts moaning with one of his balls in her mouth. Her nipples are right there, boobs dangling down to brush against us. I grab a nipple and pinch in time with his thrusts as best I can.

I can’t help it and grab onto his arms. “Now, I’m coming now.” The last now ends up being drawn out of me in a scream. I take another deep breath and the climax just keeps trucking right along my body. Every nerve, every muscle. When I’m through, he gently deposits me on the pile of pillows, grabs his wife and turns her ass towards him.

He pulls the panties aside, still vibrating wildly, and slides into her. I watch languidly as he pounds her, faster still, the sound of skin slapping wetly in the air. Until she claws the comforter and cries out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

We lay there, panting, sated, and unable to speak for several moments. And then he says, “I can’t wait until your husband can join us again.”

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