Masturbation Monday: Ring My Bell – Part Three

Well boys, I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! This is the end of Ring My Bell. Have fun!

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Ring My Bell Part Three
All three of you are going through this torment of edging pleasure. When will you be allowed to come?

“Sounds like someone is super desperate to come.” The baby girl voice taunts you. You want to grab her by the head and fuck her mouth until you explode into sweet bliss, but your hands are tied. Your ankles, also bound. Struggling does you no good at all.

“I’m sure we can make him beg harder. Maybe what he really wants is a rough rubdown.” Two hands roughly massage your torso, your upper arms, applying pressure and kneading away at your tension. Or, at least some of your tension. Currently, it all resides in the super sensitive head of your cock. Jizz drips down the side to pool at the base, drip ioto your balls, and is then lapped up by an eager tongue.

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“Or maybe he wants light caresses instead.” Feather-light touches follow the baby girl voice. Up and down your calves, along your thighs. Fingertips twitch and tap against your heated flesh.

It’s all you can do to not scream out in need.

Giggling from the one girl ensues, and then cackling from the other. You’re blind-folded and have no idea what might be making them giddy with this kind of excitement. A drawer opens and closes. A buzzing sound appears next to your left ear. There must have been a vibrator of some kind in the drawer. You hadn’t checked things out that thoroughly before. A moan is ripped from your lungs when it touches your flesh. Vibrations against your nipples, both at the same time. Both girl has their own toy to tease you with.

“Where do you think we can use these sexy things?” The baby girl runs the toy along your inner thigh. The buzzing gets louder as she speeds up the toy. You can’t spread yourself open the way you want to, so she goes back down along the back of your knee instead.

A little touch is all you need. A little buzz of joy and you’ll come screaming. You hope and pray they decide to finish you off. The other woman uses her toy to taunt one nipple while she pinches and twists the other. She switches off and on to keep you guessing and writhing against the sheets.

“I wish I could ride him. I’d ride him until he burst.” The husky voice comes closer to your ear as she speaks and then nips your ear lobe. Thoughts of how happy you are that this place exists run through your mind and then vanish as pleasure forces your thoughts elsewhere.

There’s a vibe against your balls on a very low, intermittent setting. Buzz Buzz Buzzzzz. Then it stops. Buzz Buzz Buzzzz what seems like an eternity later. And then, a trickle of fear runs through you when you hear the tinkling of a bell. The masturbation bell.

The buzzing against your balls continues, but the women stop their torture. You can hear them moaning again, fingers making their pussies wet and slick while they move them in and out. A hand firmly grabs your cock and works it, but not very well, they’re too focused on themselves. All three of you are going through this torment of edging pleasure.

When will you be allowed to come?

Within moments, within a handful of strokes, the ringing stops. All three of you are panting. The smell of sex fills the bedroom even more now. It takes a few deep breaths and some light laughter as the ladies regain their composure.

“Do you think they’ll let us ride him? I need a good fucking. I can’t keep my orgasm from happening much longer.” Light caresses run up and down your sternum, to your belly button, then back again. You’re not sure which lady is doing it, but it feels so good. Exactly what you need after being teased with an awkward hand job.

“I hope so. We’ll take turns. Should we flip a coin?” Giggling again. You can’t help but lick your lips and take the touching and whatever else they come up with this time. The Buzz Buzz Buzzzz continues against your balls and sweat breaks out on your upper lip. It’s enough to keep you hard. Did they forget about it? Wiggling your hips makes it worse. Now the vibe is under your balls, pressing against your ass. The vibrations snake in between your cheeks to delight the nerves in your backside.

Buzz Buzz Buzzzz.

You keep shifting and moving trying to get the attention of the women as they play and touch, but they simply keep pinching and licking you. Gasping for air, you know you’re about to explode. You can’t hold it back any longer. The sound of a gong reverberates through the speakers in the room. The ladies cheer and bounce on the bed. The vibrator keeps buzzing against your ass. Something rustles and hands are on your hard shaft again. Something is rolling down the length – a condom you think. Does it mean you’ll be allowed to come?

“Me, first,” the woman with the husky voice says. She sounds like she might take the other woman down if she tries to mount you first. The woman straddles you and presses her bare chest against you. Hot breath against your ear again, and then she speaks. “Do you want to fuck me, big boy?”

You’re incapable of speaking all of a sudden, so you nod your head like a bobble. The vibrator keeps buzzing against your cheeks, and even though it has been more than a few minutes, the intensity has not lessened. It’s insistent, unforgiving. Buzz Buzz Buzzzz.

You feel warmth and hear the woman above you moan as she impales herself upon your shaft. Inch by slow inch, it’s more fucking torture than just being played with. You’re afraid of shooting your load too soon, so you think about anything other than this. Stats come to mind, boring stats, not sports or anything exciting.

Something to dull your need to spew your load.

It only works for a few moments, though, and then she’s off to the races, riding you like a racehorse. Quick, sharp bounces against your pelvis, you hear the sound of your skin slapping together, the smell of sex intensifies.

“Girl, why don’t you let him taste you? Maybe we can come at the same time?” The woman riding you is breathless with pleasure. Your nipples get rubbed, back and forth, like wipers, slow but steady. It only fuels your edge like the tides. Pulling back and then pushing forth, you are so close, yet it keeps getting further away.

“Okay! Do you want to tongue-fuck my pussy, guy?” Again, no words appear so you nod enthusiastically. Before you know it, there are thighs straddling your face, the fresh scent of wet pussy in your nose. “Open up and say ahh!”

You open your mouth and taste her sweetness. Your cheeks become wet with her juices and you wiggle your tongue back and forth along her opening. She moves against you. The entire bed starts moving against the wall. Bang Bang Bang to match the Buzz Buzz Buzzzz.

“Oh girl, you look so good riding his face like that. Can I stick some fingers in your pussy?” You know the other woman squealed yes somewhere in her moans of pleasure, because you feel the fingers enter and begin fucking her hole while you suck on her clit.

For a split second, you’re afraid you might suffocate between the smooth, fit thighs holding your head hostage. But then everything flies out of your mind when a pussy starts clenching down on your cock. Moans start gaining in volume from the woman riding you. Your shift your hips up and down, trying to slam into her harder like she’s begging you to, but the vibrator continues to allude your movements. Buzz Buzz Buzzzz.

“Pinch his nipples, lady! Pinch his nipples!” Your moans are muffled by the woman’s thighs as she rides your tongue. But the woman riding you listens and pinches your nipples. It was a special request you included on the notes when you checked in. Something you’d forgotten on the original paperwork. An addendum you had filled out when you arrived to check-in.

And then she was pinching your nipples, pussy clenching your cock. One set of fingers on your nipples were slippery from the woman’s pussy juices that ran down your chin and along your jawline. Jets of semen shoot out of your cock and fill the condom. Both women drench you in stickiness. You finally settle down, awaiting your freedom, the vibrator stuck to your ass. Buzz Buzz Buzzzz.

Slowly the women dismount your body and you take a break, filling your lungs to capacity. The ladies take a moment to situate themselves from the sound of clothing. There’s a sliver of light now at the bottom of the blindfold.

It went askew as the woman rode your face.

“Leave the blindfold on, sir. We will unbind you and then leave the room. Even though you saw a bunch of people come in, we would appreciate if you respect who was left behind.” Slowly, they unbind your wrists and ankles, then rub them like professionals, bringing feeling back into the numbed parts. With light kisses, one on each cheek from each woman, they quietly exit the room. When you hear the outer door close and a loud click of a lock engage, you pull off the blindfold and lay there contemplating everything.

After a hot bath with jets and bubbles galore, you sleep like the dead and check out the next morning. When you’re given a website to fill out a satisfaction form, you already have ideas on what you’re going to say about your stay. And you now know where you’ll be coming when you plan a real vacation from work and everyday life.

I truly hope you had a good time!

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